ObamaCare’s Fake Enrollment Glitch

Sebelius Obamacare Rollout SC

The Obama administration has gleefully touted a recent spike in online enrollments through the deeply flawed Healthcare.gov website. With about 100,000 new signups during November, enrollment is still far behind projects; however, leftists are capitalizing on any uptick in activity as they desperately try to salvage the unpopular law.

As has become common, the mere hint of success regarding ObamaCare was swiftly met with another major setback. In addition to recent reports that the site now has more security threats than ever, the administration admitted this week that many users who believed they enrolled in a plan are not actually signed up at all.

After trying in vain for weeks to register on the site, these Americans trying to cooperate with an unjust government healthcare takeover are now learning they might have to start the process all over.

On such user, Georgia resident Bob Shlora, expressed his joy publicly when his application was accepted after multiple failed attempts. During a feature on ABC a few days ago, he explained he received confirmation through the site that he was enrolled in a medical plan through Humana.

The same network reported Tuesday, however, that Shlora had since found out the insurance provider had no record of his transaction despite his receipt of a policy identification number through Healthcare.gov.

He said that he feels his application “was put on a conveyor belt and it’s still going around; and it’s never going to leave the building.”

Experts indicate that a technical issue is preventing the site from sending information to insurers in some cases, one of many remaining glitches that belie the administration’s assurance the site is ready to use.

Shlora dismissed such “false braggadocio,” noting that administration sources have “announced that they have met their goal” despite what are now obvious failures.

“They are taking applications but they aren’t going anywhere,” he said. “What kind of goal is that?”

In fact, this goal is much the same as most leftist pursuits: power. This administration is primarily concerned with forcing Americans to cede ever more control over their lives to the federal government. Creating a usable, secure website is obviously much further down the list of priorities.

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