Obamacare Will NOT Lead To Single-Payer

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Rush insists that the “problems” with Obamacare are, if not exactly planned, welcomed by Barack Obama as a way to collapse our entire medical health insurance system. His reasoning holds that Obama believes the details surrounding this disaster are unimportant as long as they lead to Americans getting on their knees to beg him to “fix” his problem.  The theory holds that when we crawl to our King, tears in our eyes, frightened half out of our minds, we won’t care what he does so long as it “makes the pain go away.”

In the general state of malaise we live in these days, it’s easy to agree with this. After all, we know that Obama hates America and would do anything to destroy our nation. Nevertheless, hating America and having the means to destroy America are two different things.

If Obamacare had the support of Americans from the beginning – say, even 53/47 in favor instead of today’s 55/45 against — this theory might stand up. This would indicate that there is a thirst for socialized medicine that could serve as a launching point for any retooled version of Obamacare the King could serve up; but this is clearly not the case.

The 53% are being proven correct every day.  At this point, even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters are backtracking. The ranks of those opposed to this monster are growing while support is waning.

Having seen firsthand what Obamacare really is, it’s very difficult to envision Americans crawling to Obama, begging him for a “new and better” government-run healthcare plan.

Another take on Obamacare is that we should aim to repeal it because it can never be de-funded. Sounds nice; but we have already tried and failed numerous times. The only way Obamacare will be repealed is by the Democrats; conservatives just don’t have enough power to get this done. Therefore, using scarce resources to only try to repeal this law doesn’t seem to be the best way to go.  The alternative to repeal is de-fund, but that approach is panned as impossible since Obama will merely raise taxes if need be to fund it.

This would be reasonable, except that we already have Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, and dozens of other programs that have to be funded; and the real unemployment rate (U6) is over 13%. Moreover, the government has just announced taking in $2.7 Trillion, and even that is not enough. Where would this new tax money come from?

What’s the answer? Keep up the pressure, and keep praying for God’s help.        

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  1. dexter massoletti sr says:

    I should think, do not submit, keep up the pressure and remember: God helps those who help thmselves resist all forms of evil.

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