ObamaCare Threatens Substitute Teachers


The political left claims that virtually all of its big government policies exist to create a brighter future for the next generation. Despite the rampant waste and fraud found within the public school system, these politicians constantly call for more education spending to provide a firm foundation for the nation’s youth.

For all their posturing on the issue, one law will have a widespread effect on the school system – likely resulting in an even less effective learning experience for students.

Among the latest evidence of this trend is found in a Bristol, Va., school district, which recently announced that ObamaCare mandates are causing them to reconsider how substitute teachers are hired and dispatched.

The city’s school board met Monday to discuss possibly reaching out to an employment agency to provide substitutes, since hiring them directly could cost substantially more when the healthcare law is fully implemented.

Superintendent Mark Lineburg described the situation as “a tough decision,” explaining that the part-time teachers will create a financial burden on the district under ObamaCare.

“Costs are going up for part-time employees with the Affordable Care Act and substitutes fall under that,” he said. “We’re trying to figure out whether it’s best to keep them or to outsource them to a company deals with substitute teachers as temporary workers.”

About 35 substitutes currently work for the district and, when the school board finally makes its decision, could soon be unemployed. Furthermore, these teachers have a unique connection to the school district that temporary employees would not be able to match.

A number of board members voiced concerns about the proposed change at Monday’s meeting, with chairman Tyrone Foster explaining that it “may be the right thing to do but I don’t personally feel comfortable voting on something where I don’t know all the answers.”

Perhaps he should consult with Nancy Pelosi, who famously advocated voting for ObamaCare despite having no clue what the law would entail. It appears that this school board cares more about the district than many on Capitol Hill care about the future of our nation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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