Obamacare Just Fleeced A Children’s Hospital

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ObamaCare Careens Off the Tracks

As October 1 approaches, Americans are getting a closer look at the cost of dysfunction on Capitol Hill. The promises about Obamacare, such as “you can keep your own doctor” and “the average family will pay less,” have all been exposed as fraud.

The cold, dark reality is that employers are dumping coverage. Networks of physicians and hospitals are scarce. And increased deductible payments are taking a chunk out of what’s left of the middle class.

As I write, it’s a beautiful fall day here in St. Louis, where I’m attending a board meeting and visiting close friends. But the newspaper is full of stories about upset parents whose Obamacare-sanctioned Blue Cross plan won’t include access to the excellent St. Louis Children’s Hospital or the highly rated Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

In St. Louis, as in most other metro areas with more than 500,000 people, the top-rated institutions have decided they don’t want the revenue cut that comes with servicing the Obamacare clientele.

Sadly, this reaffirms something D.C. insiders have known for a while: Obamacare is creating a de facto two-tiered system of healthcare. The wealthy, the government officials and the connected will be served at different facilities than the rest of us. The best doctors and the newest drugs will only be available to those outside the Obamacare exchanges.

And as time passes, the gulf between these two systems will grow. Healthcare companies that are experts at controlling costs – many of which currently administer Medicaid for the poor – are lining up to write policies in the Obamacare exchanges. On the other hand, old-line health insurance companies and other respected leaders in employer-based policies aren’t even participating in the exchanges.

Sadly, on Capitol Hill, our leaders are turning a deaf ear to complaints. They won’t even make adjustments to the bill despite millions of telephone calls asking for change. Senator Ted Cruz has become something of a folk hero for speaking for 21 hours in hopes of turning the tide. But his cynical fellow senators just laughed and ignored the people’s outrage.

The Worst is Yet to Come

When the plans kick in this January, the really disturbing revelations will come. That’s when Americans will see out-of-pocket costs soar, even after they’ve ponied up for the higher premiums. A family could have to pay as much as $12,700 before they see the annual cap on out-of-pocket costs.

For those under 65, you’ll pay more for lower-quality care. Period. And unless you’re really connected or rich, you won’t be seeing the best doctors. If you’re over 65, get ready for the cuts in Medicare to really hurt, particularly Medicare advantage plans. Doctors are moving in droves to cut the number of Medicare patients they see.

One solution to the problem is to consider concierge medicine. But if you can’t afford the concierge system, expect to wait longer and have fewer choices in the future.

Punch, Counterpunch

Do you believe, like I do, that Obamacare was built to fail? I sincerely believe that the cynical socialists who crafted the Obamacare bill wish to end health insurance and replace our system of healthcare delivery with a single-payer, government-run system.

This notion is reaffirmed by Obama’s unwillingness to delay the individual mandate for one year. This administration is hastening the Obamacare train wreck… They want this problem. Once it hits, they can implement greater controls and more government mandates.

In the meantime, I’ve recommended to the readers of Constitutional Wealth that they invest in a healthcare firm poised to make huge profits off Obamacare. This premium health insurance provider is turning its back on Obamacare exchange policies and focusing on doing a better job for those who have the money to keep themselves out of the exchanges, too. Why don’t you consider our risk-free offer to explore the next issue? We may not like the policies of the current administration, but that doesn’t mean we should fall victim to them. Just click here to find out more.

Until next time, I remain…

Your eyes on the Hill,  Floyd G. Brown

This commentary originally appeared at CapitalHillDaily.com and is re-published here with permission.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    9/28 lets try to defund it, failed, 9/30 lets try to delay it, failed, lets try to make it an opt-out option for a year, failed (Americans know Republicans are trying to negotiate their best with the most stubborn NGR lovers and a Kenyan al Qaeda member). Why not just let it pass and implode, if it fails, or falters, the entitlement state will suffer an historic loss of credibility with the American people. It will finally be vulnerable to challenge and fundamental change!!!
    Is this a fail safe trap where Obarry never wanted it to succeed, he just wanted it to cause chaos on the minds of every American? Obraggart is taking sections of it to delay, defer, alter, even ignore parts of the law, while Obackstabber is setting up Republicans as obstructionists, arsonists, and terrorists for listening to Americans who hate this illegal law. Team Obuttholes embraces crises, works for collapse, welcomes chaos, because that is always the time to change things for fundamental transformation. They want to change it into a single payer, top down, government run, universal health care which was their goal all along!
    optout.org: You are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options. REASONS OBAMACARELESSJOBKILLER OCLJK IS BAD FOR YOU:
    INEQUALITY: Signing up for OCLJK will force Millennials to pay more to cover costs for the wealthier. Rates will increase by an average of 169% for the young while older people will pay about 22% less.
    INCONSISTENCY: OCLJK is full of exceptions for those connected enough to get special favors, mostly corporate cronies, congress and their special friends. These inconsistencies contribute to businesses avoiding OCLJK by shifting to more part-time positions-hurting those looking for jobs after graduation.
    1 Don’t I have to buy into OCLJK? Isn’t it illegal to not buy OCLJK insurance? No. There is a relatively small tax (ITS NOT A TAX) associated with not buying government-approved health insurance, but you can pay that small penalty and buy a health insurance plan that meets your individual needs.
    2 Why would I turn down government assistance to buy health care? It’ll be cheaper (or free) if I get it from the government, right? No. It will be more expensive and it will certainly not be free.
    3 Isn’t healthier people covering costs for the sick how insurance works? No. Insurance is about protecting individuals against unexpected and costly events.
    4 Even if OCLJK is a generational transfer of wealth, won’t young people benefit from it in the long-run? Unfortunately, no. The Millennial generation (those of us that are currently 18-29) will not benefit from OCLJK the same way current older Americans will.
    5 I don’t like OCLJK, but I support a single payer system. What’s your position on that? We do not think that more government is the solution. But we’re glad to work with you on opposing OCLJK. This entire scheme is a huge handout to corporate interests — massive insurance companies, hospitals and drug companies. Big government propping up big business isn’t OK. Hopefully, we can convince you that a health care system based on freedom and competition will lead to more health care coverage and better quality care than a single-payer system. But let’s have that debate without lining the pockets of big business at young Americans’ expense. WORK OUT YOUR BEST HEALTH CARE SOLUTION AT OPTOUT.ORG

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Can't reply when you said it all.You put it so eloquently and I use harsh language because I get so pissed off

      • MuslimLuvChrist says:

        Thanks Ed. Well they can have another fight 10/17 over debt ceiling: If Congress does not strike a deal to raise the debt limit and avoid a default, AND the U.S. defaulted on some of its obligations, the S&P rater would automatically place the U.S. under the 'SD' or selective default rating. Once the nation caught up with its bills (US CAN NOT PAY ALL ITS BILLS), the U.S. would get a new rating, which based on previous defaults would sink somewhere between 'CCC+' and 'B.' But even in previous events, S&P noted that no nation had thus far willingly defaulted (IF OBAMA WILLINGLY DEFAULTS THEN FINALLY USE THE I-WORD IN CONGRESS) on their obligations, as would be the case if lawmakers failed to strike a deal to boost the borrowing cap.
        FUKOCLJK, and have everyone obtain their own thru the guidance of advisors like opt out.org

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