ObamaCare II: Catholic Bishops Pushing The Poison Pill Of Immigration Reform

Catholic Church interior ObamaCare II: Catholic Bishops pushing the poison pill of Immigration reform

Dear Excellencies, Reverends, Deacons, and fellow Catholics -

This morning, I read in my Bakersfield paper that a group of Catholic Bishops and priests are planning to push the current immigration bill on 60 targeted Republican lawmakers, including my Congressman Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy has been trying to hold the fort against the complete collapse of the nation’s borders and taking flak for it from people who ought to know better.

If “Obamacare II” – the draconian, poison-pilled immigration bill–is passed, all 1200 pages of it, kiss what’s left of the Republic good bye. Is Nancy Pelosi going to be here leading the “real Catholics” who seem to have no idea how a representative Constitutional Republic was designed to work? Do they understand we are in all out spiritual warfare? Ask your local jihadist!

This is a repeat of the way the Church was sucked into the Delano Grape Boycott when clergy were happily marching under the banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe and mass murderer communist Che Guevara. Only one woman saw the contrast and stood against the surge of communist chicanery. She paid the price by being kept out of discussion meetings even at Catholic churches. Her major sponsor’s Learjet crashed not long after. Has it ever been investigated?

Don’t these bishops and priests know they are playing into the hands of George Soros, who through MoveOn.org has been sponsoring UFW and anti-fracking protests and attacks against the Church from all sides? Very strange bedfellows indeed.

Don’t they read papal encyclicals like Caritas in veritate? (#58 for starters)?

The bishops have been urging the faithful to participate in the body politic. All they can come up with is more Marxist social justice and don’t yet understand the Republicans are not the enemy. The Democrat Party left the Catholic Church in the dust way before Ronald Reagan realized the party left him. Under a totalitarian President and corrupt Democrat Congressmen, the pace has hit warp speed.

Please, for the love of God and Country, pay attention to who you’re getting in cahoots with. Why not challenge Congress to come up with a comprehensive and fair bill under 100 pages long?

Not one of us knows the full context of the current legislation – or who actually wrote it!

FYI, Muslim Brotherhood supporter Neera Tanden recently bragged that she helped write the “Affordable Care Act” while on George Soros’ payroll. Ever notice Muslims are exempt per Dhimmitude on page 107 (or that in Denmark ,they constitute 4% of the population, yet draw down 40% of the welfare budget)? Thank God they hold the Blessed Virgin as “the most important woman in Islam!” Maybe she’ll come to our rescue as she did for the human-sacrificed Aztecs! Is there another Juan Diego out there?

I was almost convinced that things would change with the elevation of really great and brave new Archbishops and Cardinals. I trust they’re not behind this upcoming September 2nd protest!

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Time to tax the churches that open their mouths about giving these beanners amnesty. When the catholic clergy start working for a living then they can shoot their mouths off. They are no better then welfare people they live off the people who donate.

  2. Mexicans stay the hell out of our country or be in the middle of fire when the second american revolutions starts and you will be a foreign invader ENEMY!

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