ObamaCare Hits Just 15 Percent Of Goal

Sebelius Obamacare Rollout SC

Following weeks of abysmal error messages, system outages, and other interface problems, the ObamaCare enrollment site HealthCare.gov seems to now be working somewhat more effectively. Eager to seize on vaguely positive news, White House surrogates in the media have played up a recent surge in online enrollment.

As multiple press sources have reported this week, approximately 100,000 individuals were able to sign up for coverage via the federal exchange site during November. Naturally, the Obama administration is hailing this achievement as some sort of vindication after two months of pointed criticism by the healthcare law’s opponents.

While six-figure enrollment numbers likely strikes many unengaged consumers as a great success, the true failure of ObamaCare is illustrated when compared to the administration’s enrollment projections. The hopelessly bloated and increasingly unpopular program would have needed nearly eight times as many enrollees to meet the two month target of 800,000 signups.

As it stands, security threats related to the website and concerns regarding cost and coverage of new policies have made ObamaCare unattractive to millions of Americans. With millions of cancellation notices filling mailboxes across the U.S., this law is now being seen for the federal power grab it truly is.

In order to stem the tide of outrage, mainstream media outlets like Bloomberg are touting the recent enrollment numbers as “an encouraging trend for the administration” that “could signal that consumers are keeping an open mind about the $1.4 trillion health law….”

HealthCare.gov continues to present usability issues, though in a lower concentration. Still, there is little to comfort those worried about having their personal data stolen by hackers who are already targeting the site. Furthermore, Americans are worried about the actual product they are being forced by the federal government to purchase.

This boondoggle is falling apart on every side and the dutiful media are trying desperately to prop it up. Unfortunately for all of us, though, the worst of this law has yet to be seen.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Everyone is wise now not to believe anything Obama says liar liar liar liar nothing but lies and he can only blame himself lol what an idiot

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