ObamaCare Guarantees “personal Information” Will Cease To Be Personal

gun rights topper ObamaCare Guarantees “personal information” Will Cease to be Personal

Being a good, Democrat-run state, Minnesota has decided to build an ObamaCare exchange, turning all healthcare rights and choices of its citizens over to the tender mercies of federal death panels and untrained, IT technicians in Washington, DC.

But if anything, that’s the GOOD news for unsuspecting Minnesotans! For all information currently considered “personal” will, at the stroke of a keyboard, become known to countless bureaucracies throughout the State and federal governments.

As the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom explains it:

“Buried in the text of the Minnesota Obamacare Exchange bill (MNHIX) [is] a tiny but controversial section allowing free-flow sharing of all data the government has on you. It also grants them access to the data “other entities” have on you. There is no limit to the agencies that can share data. There is no limit to the data that can be shared. There is no limit with whom the data may be shared.” (1)

Sound comforting? Well there’s more!

Minnesota “…state agencies shall share “not public data” with the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace if the board determines that the exchange of the data is “reasonably necessary” to “carry out the functions of the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace.” The exchange is also allowed to share “not public data” with state agencies, the federal government and “other entities,” a term that is left undefined.” (1)

According to Minnesota law, “not public data” means “any government data classified by statute, federal law, or temporary classification as confidential, private, nonpublic, or protected nonpublic.” (1)

So, if the D.C. Board which runs ObamaCare decides it is “reasonably necessary” to know if you pay your taxes, are delinquent on your mortgage or own 4 pistols in order to properly “carry out the functions” of the ObamaCare exchange, that information will immediately become known throughout all “relevant” state and federal government bureaucracies!

Uh, did someone say “own 4 pistols?” Yes! In the State of Minnesota, no one may purchase a handgun until they have first obtained a handgun transferee permit from their local Chief of Police or Sheriff’s office. That permit is then taken to a gun dealer to purchase a pistol from them, or presented to a dealer in order to make legal any sale between private parties. Naturally, that permit becomes part of the purchaser’s Minnesota, gun ownership record.

So gun registration is built right into ObamaCare in the State of Minnesota. Would Barack and the rest of the far left take advantage of such a law in order to track gun owners and their purchases? What’s that saying about Popes and bears?

ObamaCare has NEVER been about healthcare and the more the American public finds out about this Marxist scheme of federal ownership and control, the more obvious it becomes.

And sooner or later, the left will engineer their long anticipated overthrow of the 2nd Amendment. In Minnesota, at least, ObamaCare may well be instrumental in the process. But be careful what you wish for, ladies and gentlemen of the left. That whirlwind you reap might just shoot back!

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    I hope Obamacare destroys the citizens of Minn first. THEN maybe there will be a lot of loud outcries made by those citizens heard all over the country. Maybe those Minn outcries will be the spark that starts the fires around the country leading to ousting of Obama and congress, to be tried, found guilty and hung

  2. BlueViolets says:

    I guess that new law will require most people to become very good liars. But then we have the prime example of lying as a art form with the president and his entire entourage. I just don't thing most of us have the money available that he has to cover everything up as thoroughly as he has.

  3. jsbrodhead says:

    Marxists are overdue to become obsolete in America.

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