ObamaCare Could Hurt Patients With Life-threatening Illnesses

Barack Obama Phone SC ObamaCare could hurt patients with life threatening illnesses

In order to balance comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums, patients with life-threatening illnesses in some states could see a hike for medications.

Opponents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act say that would mean patients with life-threatening illnesses will not be able to afford medications, and they suggest that defeats the purpose of ObamaCare.

Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons notes the intent of the Affordable Care Act was supposedly to make insurance affordable, but the premiums are supposed to go up.

“It is said this is because people with expensive conditions are flocking to buy insurance,” says Orient. “The other problem is that people who are good [health] risks are running away from insurance because they know they are being way overcharged…”

Data analysis firm Avalere Health notes that one in four cancer patients leave without medications when they see a co-pay of $500 or more.

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