Obamacare Can Still Be Overturned

Buy Obamacare Bonds Obamacare can Still be overturned

There IS a small ray of light shining up from the rubble of what is left of America. With Republican governors acting like – well, Republicans and crawling back to lick Barack Obama’s boots, it IS hard to accept; but the fight against Obamacare is still on. The feckless and traitorous John Roberts may not have destroyed us after all.

A lawsuit against the worst elements of Obamacare brought by Liberty Counsel, which has of course been ignored by the Democrat-controlled media, has been set for a rehearing by the U.S. Supreme Court. It will be reheard in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Court observers describe this move as extremely rare and believe this means the matter will almost certainly find its way back up to the Supreme Court itself.

Acting on a Supreme Court directive, Liberty Counsel, which is devoted to defending Christian civil rights, has filed a brief in defense of Liberty University. It has been green-lighted to argue not only against the contraceptive/abortifacient mandate, but the employer mandate, the abortion mandate on religious institutions, and the individual abortion mandate. Moreover, Liberty may argue against the entire Obamacare bill, which could collapse it completely based on the indisputable fact that Robert’s pronouncement of it as a tax stands in direct conflict to constitutional law demanding that all spending bills originate in the House and not the Senate, as what happened.

The Liberty case is the only one in the country challenging the entire employee mandate for all employers, not just “recognized” religious institutions. It will now be able to argue against the violation of an individual’s right to  refuse to support abortion and its related actions based on a personal moral revulsion to the murder of innocent babies.

Obama may be able to buy off the plaintiffs in other cases, but not this one. Roberts will have to explain how what he called a tax could have originated in the Senate.  There IS a small ray of hope of deliverance after all.

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  1. One other thing and thats the congress is the one that made taxes not the president and not the senate.Did the congress make it a tax?or did the senate forget a step?This is enough to shut it down.

  2. I still want to know how it even passed to begin with! Why was this not caught before and brought to the light? Another question I have about Obamacare is why have I not seen much coverage on the RFID chip? Shouldn’t I have a say on what is implanted in my body?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You have to remember that Dildo Poopaloss said you have to pass it to know what's in it and that is just what they did

  3. TexasOlTimer says:

    This was passed by a Democrat controlled House and Senate. There was no one to oppose except the American people who by that time had no way to stop it. The House can pass all the bills they want right now to stop it, defund it, or whatever else they might think of. Harry Reid will never bring any of them up to even debate as long as he's the Senate Majority Leader.

    The only way we can stop it is through lawsuits such as this (thank you, Liberty Counsel!) or by voting for every candidate that has an (R) by their name in the 2014 elections. It doesn't matter if they are a RINO or a Tea Party member or even a Libertarian running as a Republican. With a majority of Republicans elected in the Senate, we will then have control of the Senate and that can make a difference.

    It's difficult to get this point across with people that say they won't vote for a Republican unless he's very conservative or… whatever his object to the person is… they'd rather just not vote. They have to be convinced that the first thing to do is stop Obama. After that, if a RINO or otherwise unacceptable Republican had to be voted in to do this, they can be taken out in the next election.

  4. IMPEACH OBAMA AT THE WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/bring-i

  5. Go, go, go Liberty. I am fully behind you. Too bad that other people don't get in line and fight with you. This is law is one sided. Pelosi, Reid and Obammy decides what is best for the health of the USA. They aren't doctors or have any expertise in Medicene. They are corrupt politicans. May God Bless You Liberty Counsel.

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