ObamaCare: A Law That The Feds Never Intended To Implement By Themselves!

Obamacare To Die For Shipping SC ObamaCare: a law That the feds never intended to implement by themselves!

The signature power grab of the left may be the “law of the land” as conceded by ever-conciliatory House Speaker John Boehner, but getting the massively complex statute up and running will be far more difficult than getting it passed.

When Democrats rammed ObamaCare through Congress in 2010, their intent was to literally acquire the power of life and death over the American people, not create a workable healthcare plan. And this becomes increasingly apparent as the requirements of the 2700 page behemoth are gradually made known.

Those who wrote the law believed that elected officials in the 50 states would eagerly invest an untold number of taxpayer millions for the creation of ObamaCare exchanges within their borders, dramatically increase state Medicaid outlays, and permit the federal bureaucracy to legislate everything for which the state treasury would be responsible in perpetuity!

And now these fanciers of death panels and infanticide are stunned, simply stunned at the number of governors who refuse to finance an in-state testing ground for Barack Obama’s overpriced scheme of personal enslavement. For that reason, the federal government’s “…blaming of governors for not implementing ObamaCare is in hyperdrive…”

As of November 28th, 17 governors have refused to set up ObamaCare exchanges within their borders, and 10 others remain undecided. Six states have opted for a state/federal “Partnership” exchange, meaning the state has foolishly invited the HHS to set up an exchange but will not assist in any way. All in all, this will eventually put the federal government on the hook for doing all of the work–from inventing computer systems that currently do not exist to providing and training employees–for half of the states in the nation!

The creators of ObamaCare intended to rule, not work. Even the New York Times admits that “…exchanges are a centerpiece of President Obama’s health care law, and running them will be a herculean task that federal officials never expected to perform.”

And even if Kathleen Sebelius’  HHS ObamaCare exchanges were somehow up and running in the 50 states, the problems of the healthcare fiasco will have only just begun. For the federal government must decide whether certain applicants are eligible for healthcare subsidies, and the ObamaCare law “…only establishes subsidies through state-based exchanges, not the federal one[s].” This means a “constitutional fight” can begin over whether HHS can offer subsidies through its own exchanges. And that battle could be waged in over half the states in the country!

The deadline for states informing HHS of their preference on the implementation of exchanges has been moved back twice. Between now and the current date of December 14th, look for Obama’s minions piling blame on Republican governors and legislators throughout the nation for their unwillingness to provide healthcare for the deserving in their states.

After all, “…in the world of an ObamaCare supporter, all of the mistakes made in drafting the law or overestimating the ability of the federal government to implement it can be laid at the feet of Republican governors, not you know, the people who drafted the law.”

If anyone believes that all the disgraceful behavior took place during the passage of ObamaCare, stick around for what happens in getting it implemented!

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    I see nothing good coming out of this healthcare, people will die, when going to the doctor office it will be the worst service. With many millions on it at the same time and it will be filthy and disgusting. For example, if you go to the dentist, and it is crowed with many patients waiting to be serve, how many people before you sat on that same chair and these doctors have used the same tools, will they have time to clean the equipment properly?

    Have anyone notice where there is a lot of people at the same time that the bathrooms are usually filthy. Our taxes will go up higher to pay for this and this will be like a hole in the wall. For those morons who voted for this dictator, I wonder how they will like their new Forward.

  2. Tricia Anthone says:

    STOP the blind and STUPID compliance! Our idiotic compliance with the dissolution of our own Constitution – bit by bit – will DESTROY our country. Obama cannot destroy America by himself. His plan to make the Constitution of this country completely irrelevant nation requires the compliance of the masses, lulled into drooling obedience by the promise of his benevolent care. WHERE ARE THE COMPETENT, INTELLIGENT and SELF DIRECTED citizens that used to be the backbone of this country?

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    It doesn't matter if they raise taxes on those earning $250K/yr or not, our downfall WILL be the 17 highest tax hikes in history that comes with this monstrosity.
    Our economy is being attacked at too many different directions for it to withstand.
    On Jan 1st 2013, America takes on a whole different economy.
    I hope those who voted for it enjoy the perpetual poverty they have created.

  4. I don't think anything good is supposed to come out of obamacare. Check out the "Georgia Stones" !! I think the "Elites" of our Country and the World are seriously trying to get the population down to 500Million like the message on the stones say! This is down right scarey if you ask me!

  5. Throw him out of office & out of the USA!!

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