Obama Will Lose Without Race Card

Mitt Romney speech 3 SC Obama Will lose Without Race Card

Forget the rigged polls and the media happy face. Mitt Romney will win the White House in November, probably in a big way, unless he is foolish enough to repeat John McCain’s 2008 display of campaign cowardice.

The 3 ½ year reign of Barack Hussein Obama has been a disaster for taxpayers, most of the business world, and the American public in general.

He has waged war on energy producers, threatening the coal industry with destruction, shutting down the drilling of oil, and driving natural gas suppliers from the country, all the while wielding the EPA like a sword to wreak havoc on corporations and individuals alike.

He has wasted billions of tax dollars in politically motivated green energy ventures, usually for the purpose of enticing money from–or bailing out–big money contributors to the Democrat Party.

He has created virtually no jobs, except for members of public employee unions.

He has weakened the armed forces of the United States, insulted and betrayed longtime American allies, and provided our enemies with a level of support bordering on treason.

He has smuggled guns into Mexico, made deals with murderous drug cartels, and brought about the death of hundreds as a result of his criminal attempt to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

He cheered his Department of Justice as it justified the intimidation of white voters and prevented states from cleansing their voter rolls of illegals, felons, and corpses.

He has refused to enforce immigration law while encouraging the filing of lawsuits against states that have worked to protect their citizens from an endless invasion of aliens carrying disease, committing crime, and living on funds confiscated from unwilling taxpayers. The cynical claim of DOJ attorneys: enforcement of immigration law is a FEDERAL matter!

In 2008, the liberal media suckered and intimidated a gullible voting public into buying the meaningless, “hope and change” scam of a constitutionally ineligible, Manchurian Candidate. Yet it’s quite possible Obama would still be a senator from Illinois if McCain had run a campaign designed to win the election rather than applaud the media-invented genius of his opponent!

Obama will not be able to campaign on his record. “Hope and Change” were abandoned for “Forward,” a bust that has already been discarded. The public will remain solidly against ObamaCare, regardless of any ruling handed down by the Supreme Court. And as his arrogance and thuggish nature are now well known, even the concerted efforts of the media won’t allow The One to relive the glory days of the 2008 campaign.

So Obama will follow the same strategy that prompted John McCain to destroy himself—he will play the race card. Any attack by Romney will be met with the phony lament of Obama’s “blackness.” Reveal the truth about the President’s willful destruction of the economy, and it will be immediately related to a mythical study of race.  The question is, will Romney fall for it?

Democrats played the race card for months during the 2010 campaign, yet were destroyed on Election Day.  Will the Romney campaign remember the utter failure of the left to shock American voters with the fabricated, racial insensitivity of Republicans just 2 years ago?

The outcome of the election will depend on Mitt Romney’s realization that a well-played race card is Obama’s only hope of victory. If he has the guts and smarts to avoid McCain’s mistakes, he’ll be the new president.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. upaces88 says:

    As far as Obama losing? He will lose huge! As far as him no longer being in the WH is another story, I DO WANT TO BE WRONG…but I do NOT think he intends leaving the WH at all! He will pull a huge stunt to grab ALL of the power…a false flag? Something…count on it.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Something like Martial law,I expect that, myself. Like you, I very much, want to be wrong.

      • upaces88 says:

        Do you remember when he said, "I may suspend the elections to FIX the budget"?
        "You can gas us and we won't Nuke you?" (false flag);
        The most damning words from him, though, was when he was talking to Putin's man:

        Obama Speaking with Putin's Man — Open Mic-I'll Have More Flexibility after Next Election


        I don 't believe that man intends to leave the WH

      • Obama-equalizer says:

        /if Obama pulls that crap, guess who is going to be among the first to get shot…

    • bobvelon says:

      If he is stupid enough to declare Martial Law he might be looking at a military take over, a coup, and I sure hope so…. We could be looking at the beginning of a civil war or revolution… Just be ready to rock and roll……

      • upaces88 says:

        This is the bad news if HE declares it:
        Remember in the HCB, he funded HIS OWN PRIVATE MILITARY? Yes…It ain't OUR Military he woujld engage.

        No one was "realllly listening"; OR they never realized he would go this far. Through Homeland Security he has given The New Black Panther
        Party the "authority" to act under the umbrella of Federal Protection. In other words, if a citizen tries to fight back…it is Treason against the U.S. Government.
        In the 2nd video is John Wiley Price. I knew him way back when….he was/is extremely corrupt and dangerous. This is the kind of person he reaches
        out to…and I am quite sure he has also reached out to others just like him in cities like Chicago, etc.

        Remember how he slashed the Military budget? He gave that $$ to the New Black Panther Party to arm them.

        His Initial Speech of his own private army
        John Wiley Price; Dallas Commissioner's Court and New Commander of Obama's New Private Army — The New Black Panther Party.

  2. Some one PLEASE send this article to the Romney camp! To the headquarters, special delivery.
    If only it were true, and we would see him lose. I fear however, that this alternative is not going to make any of us happy. The media chose our candidate, we didn't get to select the BEST man for the job. Any idiot could tell that would have been Newt. And to choose a VP like Allen West or Christies, or even Gary Johnson would have sealed the deal.
    Take the gloves off…make him fight fair. (If he knows how.) We will get rid of O, but let's just hope the devil we know is not worse than the devil we don't.

    • upaces88 says:

      THANK YOU, JUDY!!!!!
      I was sure I was starting to sound like a Ron Paul Bot! FINALLY, SOMEONE I CAN TALK TO!
      The Media AND the RNC stabbed Newt in the back. These were Newt's poll numbers a couple of days before he was TOLD to drop out by the RNC (why the hell do they think they have the right to choose OVER us?)
      Did you notice Newt's Poll numbers?

      Poll – 10045 – Gingrich vs. Obama

      *Who would you vote for, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?*
      1. Newt Gingrich (82.9%)
      2. Barack Obama ( 10.7%)
      3. Neither ( 4.76%)
      Not Answered ( 1.45%)

      *Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation's economic
      1. Conservatives ( 83.7%)
      2. Liberal ( 6.89%)
      3. Neither ( 7.59%)
      Not Answered ( 1.77%)

      • Do you ever visit GulagBound? That is a great conservative website like this one. They are 100% convinced that romney is not the right candidate. They think as we seem to that we the people have no actual say so in who we have governing us. Why don't we get to vote for who WE want? Because we haven't had free elections in years.
        upaces88, your links are great. Now chek out gulag. You can find me on facebook, but I only check it out once a day usually. We sure need to have a plan….I feel lost without a plan…..lol….

        • upaces88 says:

          Judy, I was kicked off of Face Book 2 or 2 1/2 yrs ago for uploading articles about Obama. Then I had my daughter fix me a new one; however, I haven't been back since!
          I opened my NEW FB through my Yahoo account, okay? I use Gmail for every day business. I RECEIVED an invitation FROM my FB to invite ME to my own FB?!
          Scare the b-uzuz outta me. I haven't been back and won't go back.

        • upaces88 says:

          Just went to GulagBound…I copied and pasted the url so I can go back later to read and see what all is there. THANK YOU!

    • upaces88 says:

      Unless someone from the RNC tell me different, this is why I think they dropped Newt in favor of Romney. The first Video is of Newt "Banning Sharia Law in Our Country."
      Ban Sharia Law in the U.S. = full explanation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMvQ95ftvYI

      Yesterday, Romney came out in support of the Muslims in Our Country– with a PLAN for" Islamist Owned Charter Schools"! Again! We should be expecting them to assimilate into OUR Country NOT make Our Country Over for Them! http://www.exposeobama.com/2012/06/05/romney-push

      • Sheilarae says:

        Thanks for the link. Well I hope Romney keeps visiting that Muslim charter school! That's the only way to find out what they are teaching. Ignoring them or pretending it's just another school would be foolish. We must weed out all anti-American schools. I just wish I didn't have that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Please, tell me Mitt Romney is AWARE of the dangers.

    • upaces88 says:

      LOL…Judy! Now That! THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!

    • upaces88 says:

      Actually, we now have a TRIO going of getting this information to Romney; and even more importantly, Newt!

      I don't know if anyone knew this was going on. Newt360 was invaded by Romney people! Yes!
      After you read the below, just know that many of us were working very hard to contact Sarah Palin, and anyoen else who would step in to tell Newt what was going on in HIS SITE. We haven't received any feed back…but please read below.
      WARNING….please get this to Gingrich..PLEASE
      There is a large number of us who are conservative Republicans and who have always posted many many blogs on a large number of sites and we have always blogged for Speaker Gingrich. Lately, we are being told that we have been BANNED. Speaker Gingrich has a Romney mole in his organization who is kicking us off his site for donations and other things we can do for him. He needs to know this…ABSOLUTELY!!! We are unable to reach him and we are turning to you as you have endorsed him and his policies. Please see to it that this gets to him via any method necessary. Gingrich is a good man and he MUST be aware of this situation. We know that your staff is able to reach him so please do the conservatives in this nation a favor and see that he receives this warning.
      Thank you for your assistance. WE THE PEOPLE appreciate it.

      • tthan43 says:

        I got banned too. REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!! Never a bad word from me, only accolades, encouragement and congratulations from me. And I was banned….WTF??? Yes, definitely, I do believe there was and still is a mole on there……certainly is plausible in today's political temperament. I sent emails to Perry, the National Black Republican Association and just about every other conservative site asking them to please advise Gingrich. I believe in him and I absolutely believe that he is the only person who, in concert with all the black Republicans in this nation can defeat Obama.

    • upaces88 says:

      I just sent you an email…check your spam….

  3. Sheilarae says:

    I LOVE this column! Says it all, neat, sweet, and petite. Now will someone please forward this column to Mitt Romney?

  4. Onumnuts isn't black.. he is a half breed…..

    • bobvelon says:

      He is a mulatto… He isn't white and he isn't black and that might be why he has so much hate against the whites and he is the biggest racist ever to hit the White House…

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right he's part coon and part slutty white

  5. rocquedog says:

    Upaces you are spot on. The Illegal Alien in the Wh will probably pull a couple of stunts. Watch one hand working the race card while the hidden hand will be working out a deal with the Ruskies/Chicoms to devalue the dollar. It will cause massive inflation and millions of Americans will be hard pressed to feed their families. Many will become homeless, unable to continue living in their homes, which is why FEMA has been building camps all over the country and hiring staff/guards to man them. Americans need to prepare now! God, Guns and Groceries. And lots of ammo!!!

    • bobvelon says:

      AMEN. I am locked, loaded, and ready to rock and roll…. Comrade Obama is in for a rude awakening.. I think he will do anything to prevent the elections

    • upaces88 says:

      Gun sales now are at an all time high. I haven't checked since Christmas…but the reported a huge serge in weapons sales.

  6. Evermyrtle says:

    I hate that picture of Obam grinning like a "just caught the rat,expression" cat.

  7. Everything stated is the truth and I am glad it is here in black and white. What does stump me is how 37% of the American people can continue to support Barrack Hussein Obama? Answer me that one as I have great difficulty understanding it. Why would Americans undermine their own rights to liberty and property?

    • upaces88 says:

      Tim, this would be a LOT of math…Google how many blacks there are (and maybe?)–illegals.
      Take the population of the U.S. and …like I hate math. I am sure you can do this…but I can't.

      The Black Code has a great deal to do with it.

      What he doesn't understand is these groups are turning their backs on him now:

      Liberal Jews — he went too far AGAINST Israel…especially, when he weeps over the poor little Muslims;

      The Catholic Vote — Plus many other churches because IF he picks on them (the most powerful Church in the world…what chance do they have standing up to him?

      Votes of Women…you do NOT tell women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

      Many Black Groups are turning on him (Black Tea Party Group as well as the Black Republicans);
      And, the list goes on.

  8. tthan43 says:

    You know….in analyzing what our govt. has become, an analogy can actually be made. It is this>> If you give, let's say, twenty thousand convicts, let's say hard core drug dealers with multiple convictions in their past and who do not have the slightest intention of ever changing, all the drugs they could ever want, all the money they could ever want, all the power and immunity they could ever want and then turn them all loose with all of those things and do not in any way monitor them or oversee them or hold them accountable in any way whatsoever…..that is what you have with what our govt. has evolved into. I see no difference at all actually. It's not just an opinion….it's fact.

  9. Obama must be beat in November and put on trial for treason. He has been at war with the American people for his entire four years. The coward is the enemy from with-in.

  10. The whole World now sees what a horribly incompetent fraud this phony jerk is. He is a compulsive LIAR, care nothing at all for the American People..to him, this has been a Graduate Level Class in Theatrics, Psychology, Political Science and Sports & Travel, as in Golf and Air Force One. This evil prick is the worst enemy the United States of America has and should be imprisoned the very day he loses the Presidency, BIG TIME to Romney.

  11. upaces88 says:

    Thomas, I can't seem to find you. He is prepared for a Civil War already.
    He knows OUR Military is coming.

  12. Ronald Paddack says:

    Much to my chagrin I do not believe we can beat Obama. At least 95% of all American Blacks will vote for him, at least 90% of all Hispanics will vote for him, All union members and their spouses will vote for him. Almost all young adults and college age will vote for him. Most immigrants will vote for him. The people who work and pay taxes and have made America great do not have the votes to replace him. Regrettably I believe this is a fact.

    • jon graham says:

      you forgot all the snow hoes that love him and tiger woods

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Only a fool would vote to keep Obama or to replace him with another new world order puppet like him.

      The awakened will vote for Dr. Ron Paul, the only true patriot among them. He should win by a huge write in, if that is the only way we can vote him in. It is time to let the RNC/DNC and the new world order know that we are onto their game and their game won't work anymore.

  13. We will get rid of this scumbag this year – he’s going to prison with

    his orangutang of a wife. Believe it! Work for it! Make it happen! Stop

    the negativity and gloom & doom.

  14. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obuma knows without the dumb stupid blacks that vote for him because he's semi black he's out of a job.This is why he wants to give them everything that a person who works for a living has.As far as the spics they'll vote for him even though they're illlegal because he caters to them and that black ass Holder will not go after them.

  15. defender3 says:

    Romney is mirrowing the McCain 2008 strategy which is sure to fail if he does not take the gloves off now! You can not play nice with Obama and his minions.

  16. Disgusted says:

    what a pity that the black people are so stupid. Maybe there are some who are not so stupid, but where are they, and are there enough to do any good? I read that even Colin Powell supported this POS in 2008! I was sorely disappointed in this black man, supposedly intelligent black man!!! It almost sent me to the toilet to bow at the Throne for a good long while! Which is what brings me to the conclusion that black people are stupid. So, if there are truly, really any Intelligent Black people out there, do stand up and be counted as the Intelligent kind! Right now would be a great time to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AS ONE(S) WHO ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO STAND AGAINST THE WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO AMERICA! It will not be just the Whites of our nation to lose everything, but it will ALSO BE YOURS, THE BLACKS of America, who stand to LOSE EVERY FREEDOM AND OPPORTUNITY if this DISEASE is re-elected! He is not in it for YOU, he is in it for HIMSELF!!!! Forget your color, your race, REMEMBER THE FACT THAT YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! Drop the “african” part, YOU ARE AMERICANS! No matter the race, if you were born here, YOU ARE AMERICANS!!!! Don’t be part of the PROBLEM, BE PART OF THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM IN AMERICA! The PROBLEM IS OBAMA! He, and his minions in Washington need to be PURGED FROM OUR NATION”S CAPITOL!

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