Obama Under Pressure To Spell Out His Agenda For A Second Term

Barack Obama between flags SC Obama under pressure to spell out his agenda for a second term

President Obama is taking heat from his Republican rivals and some members of his own party for being vague about his agenda for a second term.

On Thursday, Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan told a crowd at a campaign event in Florida that Obama “is not telling you what his second-term plan would be.”

“He’s not saying that he is offering anything new,” the Wisconsin lawmaker said during a town hall. “All he is offering is four more years of the same.”

Republicans are using the critique to parry Democratic attacks against Romney’s tax-reform plan, but they aren’t the only ones questioning what Obama’s priorities would be on Day One of term two.

“What would make my heart leap is to see him offer a forward-looking speech that encompasses all the things that he’s been talking about in little bits into a big thematic package, and one, big, second-term-agenda speech,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons.

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  1. I don’t believe obama can honestly state he has any real plans. How can you expect a president who can’t field a budget that is supposed to be presented to congress anually and never has since he sat down in the big chair, to list his agenda for the next 4 years?

    His muslim indoctrination states that as long as he (obama) believes in his heart that he is behaving as a true follower of allah and mohammad, then he can lie to ‘the infiedel’ as much as he wants and can, to make them believe whatever he wants. Lies… all part of a muslims bag of tricks. As odd as it might sound, the democrats had control of the house and the senate as well as the white house and still couldn’t pass a budget. How inept do our elected officials have to get before we replace them?

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