Obama To Play Golf With Tiger Woods’ Former Coach

Tiger Woods SC Obama to play golf with Tiger Woods’ former coach

PALM CITY, Fla.— Tiger Woods’ swing coach says he’ll play and practice with President Barack Obama on Saturday.

Obama is at the Floridian resort in Palm City, Fla., for a weekend of golf with some buddies.

Woods’ coach, Butch Harmon, tells The Associated Press in a text message that he’ll be with Obama on Saturday afternoon, playing nine holes and practicing.


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By Darlene Superville

Photo Credit: John Arundel (Creative Commons)

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  1. tiger learned to play golf as a youngster . at age 50 plus the mind and body are not conducive to become an expert. a poor excuse for a middle age man

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    It beats worring about Benghazi oops that's right he isn't worried about the killings othewise he'd be looking for answers instead of golfing.Just look at the people who will have to step aside when the booboo gets on the course.

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