Obama Threatens Several Governors: “I Do Not Trust You”

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  1. MEAGAIN says:

    Bye Bye coward! May 16th and you are cooked like the pig you are. The gallows awaits for you. Communism has never worked, so why tear down a nation that is the greatest there ever was? for evil to rule? well, your time is up! LET FREEDOM RING! This is THE PEOPLES COUNTRY, NOT YOURS!

    • There is one thing everyone is forgetting, the Bible and Revelations! Believe it or not ALL of this is to occur, all of it! Yes Osama Obama is an antichrist, not THE antichrist but A antichrist! People all you have to do is read the Bible, read the book of Daniel and all this is coming true, ALL OF IT! Jesus Christ is the only way to avoid all that is too come, ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven!

      • Linda From NY says:

        Hi David,
        I believe you on everything you said is true in the book of Revelations and Daniel. We are living in the last days and Obama is an antichrist Not the Antichrist but he is preparing the way for the real Antichrist to come when all chaos breaks out all over the world

  2. Impeach or ABROGATE, meaning immediately terminate, since impeachment is usually reserved for an actual, Constitutional, legal President, and not an illegal alien, MB jihadist traitor/usurper.
    Straight to prison (Do not pass Go; do not collect $200) with his pen and his phone and MB jihadist/criminal Eric Holder, Moochelle, who may have a designer jumpsuit, but NO OTHER concessions.

  3. He doesn't trust them l???????????????????? DAH

  4. Who gives a rats a*s what the skinny little african boy thinks ? To hell with that muslim piece of sh*t !

  5. John Hahn says:

    President Obama need not be impeached. The evidence is substantive that President Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, per Sgt. Arpaio's thorough investigation, and he has admitted on recorded tape himself in interviews years prior to his Presidential run, that he was not born in the U.S., but in Kenya.

    Since he is not a "natural-born" U.S. citizen, as required by the U.S. Constitution, he can simply be expelled from office. He need not be impeached, as he is simply not eligible to be President, according to terms of the U.S. Constitution.

    John Hahn, Concerned About the Future of U.S. with Fraudulent Obama as leader

    • John Hahn , we need to get that information about what he stated. That undeniable tape of him actually saying he was born in Kenya. Then we need to plastered all over the radio and news. After this is introduced to all Americans, we need to take Obama and have him thrown into jail for Posing as an American citizen and applying for the presidency of the United States. Hanging him for treason is too good for him.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama has made Americans, our states, our Congress, and our Country divided on purpose! He has defied the law, perverted justice, and corrupted the government. He has sapped our national spirit, desecrated our laws, and divided our people. He has stoked the deadly fires of jealousy and envy in the land. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely! He doesn’t really seem interested in improving our lives in any truly sustaining or meaningful way… quite the contrary. The pseudo-commie controlling the Democrapic party is nothing if not devilishly shrewd. Truth is he doesn’t really care. He has no principles. He will do or say anything to gain power and authority. He is completely untrustworthy. He thrives on chaos and anarchy. His true plan for America is to create anarchy and poverty to justify making America a big government police/nanny state. He is the most racist, divisive, stereotypical sand monkey you’ve ever encountered. He thrives on creating division by perpetuating generalizations. He is also establishing a form of political correction so precise that we will be reluctant to even speak for fear of unauthorized, governmentally enforced, oral expression restrictions. He is the one who ignorantly claim minorities are dependent on governmental assistance, that they are unable to obtain ID to vote, and that they require their numbers controlled via easily accessible abortion/contraception on demand. He doesn’t want inclusion, dignity, or self reliance. It’s division, calamity, and anarchy he craves. Screw up society with immorality, violence, and pornography, then when the culture goes to pot, He has further justification to make his play – that a broken society requires a strong government to maintain order and civility.

  7. Hobart Teague says:

    Congress will not impeach Obama; they let him have what he wants so what can we do? The committee or who ever it was that approved Obama’s partition to run for President. They approved it after discussing the fact that he didn’t qualify by the Constitution, they approved him because he is black. Now they won’t impeach him for the same reason. If he is not removed before 2016 there probably will never be another presidential election in America.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Hobart,
      it was dirty little Harry Reid and Nancy Pelsoi the Dingbat who knew full well that Obozo was NOT eligible to be our President, these are the scumbags responsible for the mess that we are in. Between these crooks, voter fraud and the low information morons we all got screwed

  8. Linda From NY says:

    The Lying muslim in our white house doesn't trust these governors who don't agree with what this loser Obozo is doing. These governors have eyes and see what Obozo is doing to our Country and they don't like it and are not going along with it

    Thank God for people like Rick Perry who is standing up and speaking out on what this madman is doing to the Country

  9. my god I’m sick of hearing how the congress and senate won’t do anything about the circus monkey communist, African born liar! we elected the members of congress and senate. how about instead of going from top down go from the bottom up? we the people can remove all of these crooked lifelong politicians. remove all of those elected by impeaching, recalling or whatever the proper terminology is. All of them. start voting independent or libertarian do away with the two party system that has absolutely run it’s course of effectiveness, call for term limits on all elected offices. force the same healthcare and retirement plans we the people have to abide by. no more golden parachutes. when they’ve served the people to full extent of their term. they must go out and find gainful employment, health benefits and retirement plans like the rest of us. in other words when you leave office, you get a handshake and recognition and you’re done. you get nothing more. and while your in offices you get no pay raise or extras.. your salary is set. it’s a privilege to serve the people, not the other way around. we continue to elect officials to serve us based on empty promises and false hope they spout during campaigns. only to be completely hoodwinked once they arrive in Washington . start at the local, county and state levels. remove these shysters that bow to the fed and create a foundation for change from the bottom up. you don’t build a house from the top down……..Believe me it is beyond my comprehension that Obozo has not been impeached or removed from office. he is the worst president in our history. and god forbid that snake Hilarity runs in 2016…..we will absolutely be doomed!! We the people have to save our constitutional rights and reverse those that have already been taken.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Pres.Obutthole threatens all who don't agree with him.You can see that in this IRS scandal that Pignose Lerner is involved in.Don't frorget these are Obuma people.these people w3ill do anything that the Sand Monkey tells them to do, don't forget he has Holder on his side.This thin skinned coon can't take it if you go against him why do you think he had that ugly looking silverback gorilla Cmmings go after Issa.

  11. read

  12. Berenice says:

    Here's a news flash for the president. A goodly portion of the American public don't trust you.

  13. Guess what Ahole, They don't trust you either, along with most citizens of America. And, for your information most of the hardworking cheated Americans would be glad to see you thrown out of the White House, and out of our country.

  14. I hope they (the Governors) threatened him (Obama) right back and told him they DO NOT TRUST HIM EITHER, Just as most Americans do not place any trust in him (Obama) anymore. He has lied to the citizens of this country so many times, how could anyone trust him? He bought both elections, and most Americans are very aware of the illegal means he used, including the New Black Panthers, of which his Attorney General failed to do anything about. Obama's whole Presidency has been involved with illegal happenings, and he is illegal as the illegals crossing our borders. He needs to be impeached immediately, and everything he has done illegally thrown out, all of his laws and the phones and everything else he has used to buy votes. He is an illegal president!!! And, should be arrested!!!

    'SO CALLED OBOZO STATES'!! all Mr perry has to do is sign the papers and declare that WE THE REPUBLIC
    OF TEXAS are no longer a pawn in berry sotoros AKA THE FLYING MONKEYS chess game!! Go back to Kenya

  16. It is not over yet. Have you noticed on TV that lately Obama has been HISSING like the snake he is. The devil got a shot at us through this girl man…but now God will come to our rescue for a few more years of Godliness. We must close our borders and send the riff raff packing for home now.

  17. Perry and Cruz would make a great pres and vice pres.

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