Obama Tax Hikes On The Rich Would Shrink The Economy, Kill Jobs

Counting Obamas Sold On Tax Increases SC Obama Tax Hikes On The Rich Would Shrink The Economy, Kill Jobs

President Obama’s proposed tax hike on the top 2% of incomes will do next to nothing to close our chronic budget deficits, now running more than $1 trillion a year.

But it will have a major impact on one struggling part of our economy: small business.

In his Wednesday press conference, just before meeting with representatives of the nation’s largest businesses, the president again claimed his plan to reduce the deficit and avoid the fiscal cliff would mean that “97% of small businesses are not going to see their taxes go up.”

But this is, to put it politely, deceptive. By jacking up taxes on the most successful 3% of small businesses, Obama will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, shrink U.S. output and force companies to raise prices.

As usual, the data tell the story.

Read more at Investors Business Daily.

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