Obama Taunts Global Warming Skeptics In Candid Speech

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

Appearing before a friendly crowd Wednesday at the annual dinner for the League of Conservation Voters, Barack Obama mocked those in Congress who dare question his views regarding man-caused global warming.

“Hello, hello, hello! Hello!” he responded upon taking the stage. “It’s good to be back!”

After the initial applause died down, Obama quickly transitioned to his default position of mockery and derision.

“It’s pretty rare that you encounter people that say the problem of carbon pollution is not a problem,” he said. “You’ve all, you know, um, in, in, in most communities and workplaces, et cetera, when you talk to folks, they may not know how big a problem, they may not know exactly how it works, they may doubt we can do anything about it. But they generally don’t just say, ‘No. I don’t believe anything scientists say – except, where? In Congress!”

Too many, he complained, believe climate extremism is “a liberal plot.”

He went on to suggest that many Republican legislators know deep down that climate alarmists are right. According to Obama’s narrative, however, they are just afraid that admitting so would threaten their popularity with “fringe” conservatives in the party. “They say, ‘Hey, I’m not a scientist,’” Obama continued. “Which really translates into, ‘I accept that man-made climate change is real; but if I say so out loud, I’ll be run out of town by a bunch of fringe elements that think science, climate change, is a liberal plot. So I’m going to just pretend like, I don’t know, I can’t read.’”

After he finished ridiculing his political opponents by declaring they are either illiterate or liars, he moved on to a discussion of the necessary increase in consumer cost associated with battling the ostensible problem of global warming.

“People don’t like gas prices going up,” he said. “They don’t like electricity prices going up.”

Obama concluded that environmental leftists must “shape our strategies” to assuage such economic fears, concluding that “we can do that.”

Photo credit: SEIU (Flickr)

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