Obama Spends $25 Million to Prevent Illegal Immigrants’ Kids from Getting Fat

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Law-abiding politicians would deport illegal immigrants; the Obama administration spends scarce tax dollars assuring their well-being. Judicial Watch reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a ground-breaking new program to stamp out childhood obesity — among the children of illegals. (Apparently Americans aren’t the only ones who have “gotten a little soft.”) “Like all other child obesity war programs launched by the Obama Administration this one will target poor ethnic minorities,” writes Judicial Watch. But this program will serve “limited English” communities:

[T]he CDC will spend $25 million on “innovative approaches” to reach low–income and minority families in a quest to wipe out childhood obesity. This, in turn, will prevent the onset of many diseases associated with fat kids, including type two diabetes, asthma, and heart disease.

The “innovative approaches” include combining changes in medical care with “supportive changes” in schools, child care centers and community venues such as retail food stores and parks, according to the CDC’s announcement. Additionally, health workers will provide a bridge between families and community resources to better inform and educate hard-to-reach, limited English proficiency and minority communities about disease prevention, health insurance opportunities and disease management.

The money will spent in three states: California, Texas, and Massachusetts, where members of Obama’s own illegal alien family live.

Michelle Obama, the president’s bitter half, has repeatedly blamed white racism for the pandemic of overfed minority children.

Obama’s U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has already spent $2 million installing cameras in Texas school lunch rooms to document the foods minority children eat. The “very sophisticated” spy cams photograph students’ trays before and after lunch, then an associated software program calculates the total number of calories each child consumed.

This administration has been particularly solicitous to those who barely speak the language. The Labor Department, headed by Hilda Solis, spent $10.7 million to provide safety training to “low literacy or limited English proficiency.”

The program’s wording proves the Obama administration is explicitly catering to first generation immigrants, most of them poorly educated and in this country illegally. Richard Alba of the University of Albany’s Mumford Center claims limited English is….

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who gives a rats ass what these illegals eat as far as I'm concerned the illegals belong in Mexico or Perrys hunting camp where Rick can feed them.They're lucky just to mooch off the American taxpayers and our so called presidentDilly Dally Obuma and his wife the Grape Ape shouldn't cater to illegals.Bring in the drones and you will see how fast they stay in Mexico

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