Obama Spending Our Money Like A Drunken King

King Obama SC Obama spending our money like a drunken king

We’ve heard about the government spending $1.5 million to determine why most lesbians are fat and almost twice that much to discover why they are drunks, but a peek under the White House rug shows much more willful waste of our money.

Barack Obama is arming Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood so they’ll be able to defeat our ally Israel in the next Middle East war. He gives the PLO hundreds of thousands of our dollars each year as well.

King Barack has eaten through $1.4 BILLION in happy lifestyle spending on him, Mooch, and their royal highnesses.

$505,000 of our tax dollars went to “to promote specialty hair and beauty products for cats and dogs” – yes cats and dogs!

The feds are lining someone’s pockets with $1 million a year to develop a menu for space travel with no such trips even scheduled.

They have stood over a latrine and peed away $27 million of our money to teach Moroccans how to make clay pots.

What could you do with $350,000? The feds gave it to Perdue University to fund a study to help golfers putt better.  How about $10,000? Do you think you could have spent 10k better than funding “talking urinal cakes” in Michigan?

The Department of Agriculture used $300,000 in tax money to get us to eat more caviar.   Can you buy caviar with food stamps?

We don’t have to wonder how the feds came to order a $30,000 study to determine that “Gaydar” (the ability to look at a person and correctly surmise he/she is gay) really works. The answer is yes, but of course the same people would say only homosexuals and not heterosexuals have this sense – bet on that.

They spend “millions of dollars” each week training “Asian call center workers.”

Obama’s government spends million more of our dollars to develop a Pakistani version of Sesame Street – presumably, Big Bird will show young jihadists how to cleanly chop off infidel heads.

Obama has made $147,138 tax dollars disappear by funding the American Museum of Magic in that great center of culture: Marshall, Michigan.

Everyone’s favorite “head exploder” has to be Obama’s spending $ 2.6 million to get hookers in China to drink less.

There are many more of these disgusting wastes of our money, but keeping this list in mind puts the slimy stunts Obama is blaming on the sequester in perspective.

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  1. Jack the FAC says:

    Obama himself is an insult to any sane human being. He wouldn't know how to tell the truth under any condition. He is totally incapable of telling a truth.

  2. it's not his money. he doesn't care. as do his whole family. their like the jefferson's, " MOVIN' ON UP" ON THE BACKS AND WORK AND SWEAT OF THE TAXPAYERS!

  3. He has to spend in order to take down the country and make it a Muslim/Marxist Khohemeni like country to fit his agenda

  4. Mutantone says:

    And just how much did the Benghazi event cost to perpetrate, How many weapons systems and dollars were wasted on the supply line to the Muslim Brotherhood Libyan branch? How much did the US support and defense of the "Arab Spring" cost in terms of equipment and manpower as well as the funding? Better yet just how much does the "Let them Eat cake" mentality of the Obama's cost?

  5. wayne mann says:

    And still we can do nothing. We can’t get a government to do their job…. If we the people revolt we are doing exactly what Obama wants. If he can get a war started he gets all of the guns all our rights And he gets to strip all of the banks which he really wants. Then he gets to kill all of the Americans he wants in the name of national security while calling us dissidants and domestic terrorists. Its a no win situation….. And if he does get a war started he will blame it on everyone but himself. I think I would rather die fighting than just sit back and let them take me over. He only used the blacks and Mexicans to achieve his goal but he will kill indiscriminately Once he takes over. Time is very very short America.!!!

  6. Emma Karlin: It's PURDUE.

    What could you do with $350,000? The feds gave it to Perdue University to fund a study to help golfers putt better.

  7. Get him out!!!! He is not legally president. He is an Indonesian citizen and used another name and either disqualifies him to hold office. He can't be impeached as he is not legal president. The only reason for him to spend our money keeping his school records sealed is he applied as a foreign exchange student for free education and under which name we do not know. Congress will do nothing for their part in allowing him to be forced into office. They will be arrested also but they best make this right and we do not care how! They have lost the faith and respect of the American people and now we will clean house. Require them to have same medical and retirement as we the people. No lifetime salaries, one term and go back to regular job. obama is making plans to be in for the next two terms by ignoring our Constitution. He has sent our money to our enemies and guns. We have Russian and Jihad soldiers training on our soil to attack who???? Stockpiling ammo to use against who???? It is now or never if the people we pay to protect us will not step up and do their jobs then we will have to unite and take care of business before we are so overrun by our enemies that we do not have a chance. We must undo all his crazy executive orders that are illegal and no money out of country except to pay our bills. Our country ran on credit most of last year and he is still spending like a drunken sailor to weaken us so we can be overtaken by his muslim brotherhood. They have this one shot for we will be too smart to give them another chance. Unite People we are going to have to go there and set things straight. Cut money off to Washington now and let our states handle finances. We can not trust the enemy within. Where is our military??? They have no interest in us but we pay the bills. We let them get so above they are all drunk on power and spending our money.

  8. People, Listen up, Do you know that our president allowed the Chinese access to Langley Research center and Ames Research Center . They sent over twenty engineers ad scientist to these Highly top secret missle centers and they were allowed to take any information they wanted according to The F.B.I. investigation they did on the rumor they heard ,well it was no rumor they found out and took the investigation to Asistant Attorney Gary Fry ,who then took the investigation to a Grand Jury indictment hearing. A few minutes before the hearing was to start, Gary Fry was relieved of the case and another attorney named ELISE BECKER was appointed to the case and it was shut down by the White House and Attorney general Eric Holder . This is treason on the part of anyone connected to shuting down the grand Jury investigation!!

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