Obama Selling White House Access To Wealthy Donors Who Support Organizing For Action

Barack Obama speech hand 2 SC Obama selling White House access to wealthy donors who support Organizing for Action

President Obama’s reorganized campaign operation is selling access to the president in return for big donations, according to the New York Times .

The group ‘Organizing for Action’ is a reorganized version of President Obama’s ‘Organizing for America’ campaign juggernaut – now a tax-exempt “advocacy” group where federal contribution limits don’t apply.

Read More at The Washington Examiner . By Charlie Spiering.

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  1. Hmmmmm. Is this the same thing as prostitution?

  2. Only someone with severe mental health issues would think of this "plan". It is sick, very sick!!!!!!

  3. OFA claims $500K+ donors will have access to the POTUS et al a couple times a year.
    The White House claims it is not selling access to the POTUS via OFA.
    Either OFA or the White House is lying.
    Press 1 for OFA
    Press 2 for the White House


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