Obama Says Libya is Not War, It’s “Noise”

Jim Emerson, FloydReports.com

When asked about his personal war against Libya and criticism about ignoring congress in a blatant disregard of the War Powers Act the President brushed both aside as just “noise”. Obama has no intention to seek congressional approval as required by law. The President wants Americans to ignore the fact that the incursion into Libya was supposed to be a US Lead effort to establish a UN mandated “No Fly Zone” and no more.

He wants us to overlook the fact that this “kinetic military exercise” which started as a NATO air operations is now an overt effort to assassinate Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi.

Congress Strikes Back

In an effort to justify the president’s contempt for the law, legal adviser to the State Department Harold Koh stated “From the outset, we noted that the situation in Libya does not constitute a war”. Outraged, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) shot back, “When you have an operation that goes on for months, costs billions of dollars, where the United States is providing two-thirds of the troops, even under the NATO fig leaf, where they’re dropping bombs that are killing people, where you’re paying your troops offshore combat pay and there are areas of prospective escalation — something I’ve been trying to get a clear answer from with this administration for several weeks now, and that is the possibility of a ground presence in some form or another, once the Qaddafi regime expires — I would say that’s hostilities.”

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) accused the White House of “sticking a stick in the eye of Congress,” saying it had done “a great disservice to our country.”

On the other hand, Senators John Kerry ( D. Mass.) and John McCain (R. Az.) have passed a resolution supporting the president’s action while asking the House and fellow senators to forget how president Obama didn’t obey….

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  1. NO Libya is war…YOU Obama are the noise.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The public yelled at Pres. Bush that we were fighting in Iraq for oil. So would these same voices tell me what Obama is fighting for in Libya? Since neither "side" are allies, oil isn't even an option here. So WHY are we there?

  3. It’s not the dictator of Libya that should be assassinated.

  4. SEAN MURRY says:

    You will hear a lot of noise when the people yell for obummers impeachment.

  5. maybe HIS daughters shouold enlist and defend the NOISE coming from the White House. This guy is completely nuts from head to toe.

  6. There were thousands of people killed in Libya, by us, including Gadhaffi who some would say is a small loss, it is not, not to the people of Libya and the five African countries who depended on him ,Tell Gadhaffis family and the civilians that died there by our hand, that this was "just noise". All this to put his beloved Muslim Brotherhood in charge. We opened the door to a bunch of murderous thugs and set them on the poeple of Libya and the blacks that came in to Libya from Africa to work, they were the first to be killed.after Gadhaffis death. No wthey have Sharia law there and the doors ot genetically engineered food have been opened, Gaddhaffi wouldn't allow that , they ate better than we did evidently, no one protects us from Monsanto in this country. .

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