Obama Regime Will Ban Owners, Not Guns

Angry Obama SC Obama Regime will ban owners, not guns

While gun owners have been fixated on threats to ban “assault weapons” and virtually every other sort of semi-automatic rifle and pistol, Barack Obama and Regime gun confiscationists have quietly advanced a far more insidious assault on 2nd Amendment rights.

In New York State, the thoroughly unconstitutional SAFE Act is responsible for the confiscation of Pistol Owner ID Cards (one needs a state approved ID Card to own a pistol in the Empire State) along with pistols themselves. And the gun owners currently being honored with this violation of their right to keep and bear arms “…have been discovered to have been prescribed …different types of psychotropic drugs, such as those for Depression or Anxiety.”

In short, “…unknown sources have seen fit to take it upon themselves to share confidential medical records with NY State Officials without authorization, a massive HIPPA violation.” Lists of users of prescribed medications have been illegally supplied to NY officials, where they are compared with lists of New York’s holders of Pistol Owner ID Cards. Anyone on the left still want to suggest that national firearm registration by Big Brother would not really represent a danger to 2nd Amendment rights?

And how will the Regime apply such illegally acquired medical information to the violation of 2nd Amendment rights on the national stage? Last year, voters in Colorado and Washington State decided to ignore federal law by legalizing marijuana use in the 2 states. Did the Obama Department of Justice launch immediate legal action against the two states as they had against Arizona when that state chose to ENFORCE federal immigration law? Uh, no. In fact, attorneys for the Congressional Research Service made it clear that the federal government could exercise great “flexibility” in prosecuting citizens of Washington or Colorado for marijuana use.

However, these Regime attorneys were QUITE certain “…that federal firearms regulators will be aggressive about banning anyone who uses marijuana from buying – or possessing – a weapon.” Rest assured that the names of marijuana users will be collected by both states and turned over to the FBI, where they will be included in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), making it impossible for these individuals to purchase a firearm.

And will Americans insured under ObamaCare also have their personal information on drug use become part of a national database? Will the use of marijuana in 1994, recently confessed to an ObamaCare physician, eliminate an individual from consideration for the purchase of a firearm?

Make no mistake: the Obama Regime will use any means (and any excuse) to prevent American citizens from owning a gun. The criminal misuse of medical records will become a standard method of banning gun ownership.

The left realize that banning guns is far too dangerous a tack at the present time. So Regime minions have decided to aggressively ban owners.

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  1. Nobama & Cuomo BOTH need to remember exactly who employs who? They are in place to do OUR biding, not vice versa! Both these sorry excuses for "leaders" are inept, incompetent & sorely in need to be ousted from the office they hold! None of this nonsense is CONSTITUTIONAL!

  2. radman414 says:

    It's just one more insideous and unconstitutional encroachment on both the right of the states to regulate certain aspects of firearm ownership and also the Creator-endowed individual right to keep and bear arms by Obama's leftist sycophant czars and Congresspersons. If implemented, it will just transform a lot of law-abiding citizens into criminals…and sadly, increase the likelihood of some open insurection and death.

  3. How many times I got to tell you if the law is UN-(United Nations?)Constitutional it NEED NOT BE OBEYED!!!

    It can be IGNORED! Otherwise you are committing treason along with the perpetrator. By ignoring the law by first reprimanding, nullification and/or finally by recall or impeachment.

    IF that fails then setup a trial and jury and judgment. The Constitution is a self-preserving document just like you and I, “the people”, it was made for.

    Any threat to it is deemed as treasonous! Read and understand your Constitution or (what you are made of). No pun intended.

  4. wayne mann says:

    BIM BAM…. You are so right and people just aren’t listening……… Our Constitution states that any laws made by the President or the Congress that are unconstitutional are therefore not.!!!! OUR CONSTITUTION STATES THAT ANY LAWS MADE BY THE PRESIDENT OR CONGRESS THAT ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARE THEREFOR NOT LAWS.!!!! Mr Black arse can kiss my white arse.

  5. wayne mann says:

    Even if he bands owners does he really think we are going to give up our guns.??? He is as stupid as the 94 percent of other Negros who voted for him.

  6. wayne mann says:

    If the American people do not contact Washington about the Marketplace F airness Act it will be passed in to law. Here are four different congressman you can contact please call all 4 of them and tell them you oppose the marketplace Fairness Act which will TAX the Internet.

    Congressman Andy Barr…202-225-4706

    Congressman Tom Graves…202-225-5211

    Congressman Mick Mulvaney…202-225-5501

    Congressman Ron Desentis…202-225-2706

    We the American people do not need an internet tax when we already pay for Internet access.!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Wayne I call and it seems to do shit when it comes to something they really want.

      • wayne mann says:

        I feel semi helpless as to what to do but I will try anything to save America. See if you can find a county seat telephone number like we have here in Virginia. It is supposed to be the same across the United States that every congressman and Senator has a county office. I had to find out whose area I was in so I would know who my Congress to my senators were. I’m sure the congressman and senators across America hate my guts…. But I’m an American and I won’t quit

  7. wayne mann says:

    It is limited as to how much response they get some Americans…. Remember half of America either doesn’t give a shit or are in league with the dirty ones. And then and even smaller amount of those people use the internet and are corresponding with congressman and senators. But as Paul Rand said We did stop the gun grab by a small margin.

  8. wayne mann says:

    Iranian president Ahmadinejab ( I’m a nut job) Has been arrested .!!! by his own countries people and disarmed and interrogated. Lead by example

  9. These liberals will use any excuse to ban guns from law abiding citizens. One was, to take guns from veterans that had post traumatic stress symptoms from the service. This is stupid. My husband had post traumatic stress from world war ll all his life, up to his death. He had nightmares that were real to him, and our sons and I had to wake him. He had hunting rifles and a pistol, but never once did he threaten or even say he would kill anyone. He liked to hunt, and carried the pistol in case he ran into a cougar or bear. Our veterans gave so much for us, to protect our constitutional rights, and now they want to take them away from them. Senate and congress, protect our borders and keep illegal aliens out send the ones here and are against our country back where they came from, work on the economy and jobs, and KEEP OUR MILITARY STRONG. Stop telling us what to eat, what teach our children, how much we can earn, etc. and keep ;your hands OFF our constitution,. We like it the way it is, and understand it more than you do, apparently.

    • texasoltimer says:

      It's not that this administration thinks the Vets are dangerous to other citizens if they own guns, it KNOWS they are dangerous to the administration if they have them. Until Obama came to office, one could depend on 99.9% of our military and the veterans to take the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies without and within very seriously. Now our military is comprised of a number of individuals who would probably be willing to shoot civilians – obviously since Obama has used that as a litmus test to weed out those at high levels who said they wouldn't.

      Obama does not want any citizen to have a gun and will use whatever means to go after that. With as many vets as there are in this country and many who, maybe even just for a short time, take a medication for depression could then be denied even living in a home that has a weapon, he'd use that. Individuals that have been given medication for depression or anxiety at some time in the past to help them for a short time after a divorce or the death of a loved one could have that used against them.

    • wayne mann says:

      Well said Rose and we all agree with you. They do come up with some stupid stuff…. and then they use everything they “say” “do” and “are” against us.

  10. frank neuman says:

    Seams to me the 2nd amendment still speaks over Obama with the words – Shall not be Infringed – he wont win banning people – I think that Americans need to write there own law adding it to the ones that Obama is dreaming up – that clearly state any one in Government that makes any attempt to rearrange the Constitution is a criminal and we as citizens have all rights to arrest them on the spot – with a min. of life in prison – .

    • wayne mann says:

      It would be hilarious if 100 million to one hundred and fifty million people sent 1 law of their own to so call President Obama… thanks for the smile

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