Obama Receives Letters At White House That Really Let Him Have It


President Obama was speaking in Minnesota last week when he told the crowd about the tens of thousands of letters that are received at the correspondent’s office.

Every night, ten letters are selected for Obama to read. “The job of these letters is not to just puff me up,” said the president; “so it’s not like they only send me letters saying ‘Mr. President, you’re doing great.  Sometimes the letters say, ‘You are an idiot and the worst President ever.’

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  1. There is a reason, really there are many reasons why the people are getting downright angry, from his lavish life style at taxpayers expense, to Benghazi, ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the shameful waste of our tax dollars used to de-stablize the middle east to declaring America to be a muslim nation, as declared by Obama There are more, but those are enough to get even the wildest ga ga liberal a bit upset. It is equally upsetting that our legislatures for the most part has sit back & watched it transpire.

  2. He is an idiot and the worst president ever,even worse than Geo. bush Jr.

    • Also the idiots who voted for him. When anybody runs on the word left, and radical YOU BETTER LOOK OUT. NOTHIN GOOD IS GOING TO COME OF IT.

    • scholar says:

      Worse than peanut-head Carter, Nixon and both Bush's combined. He has very amply qualified for execution at dawn.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        If they made remakes of the old Amos & Andy shows Obutthole could play the KIngfish.Any time of the day would be good to execute the POS.

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