Obama Re-election Sends U.S. Down ‘Path Of Destruction,’ Says Franklin Graham

Barack Obama speech 9 SC Obama re election sends U.S. down ‘Path of destruction,’ says Franklin Graham

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On the day of his father’s 94th birthday, and the day after the country re-elected President Barack Obama president, evangelist Franklin Graham gave two-pronged advice to the American people:

Politically, it’s time for the two parties to work more closely.

Yet spiritually, Tuesday’s results sent America further down a “path of destruction.”

“Unless we’re willing to repent for our sins, we will stand in his judgment,” Graham said Wednesday, shortly after leaving a birthday party for his father, evangelist Billy Graham, in Montreat.

“I want to warn America: God is coming around. He will judge sin, and it won’t be pretty.”

In particular, Graham was referring to the re-election of Obama, a man he has accused of “waving his fist before God” by supporting abortion rights and same-sex marriage. Voters in four states Tuesday either passed laws legalizing gay unions or blocked moves to further restrict it.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Graham should get on his pulpit and tell his Evangelist why 3 million of them didn't get their dead asses out to vote for Romney.Instead thet stayed home and let a muslim back in.

    • Linda From NYC says:

      Hi Edward,
      I read the same thing, I hope it is not true and if it is, shame on them. Shame on anybody who stay home and who did not want obama for a second term. You know that half the name nation voted for mitt. I truely suspect that it was stolen, that is what dirty people do.

  2. I have read many peoples posts always praying to God to stop Obama from destroying all of us. Well, these people do not realize that God gives US the strength and power to do this for OURSELVES. STOP wanting God to do this and USE WHAT HE HAS GIVEN EACH ONE OF US, AND DO THIS FOR OURSELVES!

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