Obama Pollster To Media: Stop Reporting Polls

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When the approval rate of a Republican (i.e. George W. Bush) flounders, leftists are generally eager to accept polling results as a concrete reflection of public sentiment. On the other hand, at least one prominent administration pollster wants to conceal Barack Obama’s increasingly depressed popularity.

Joel Benenson, who has served as Obama’s lead pollster since 2008, told reporters that they should not report on public opinion polls in the coming year.

When prompted to provide a New Year’s resolution, he responded, “Go one year without reporting any public polling data.”

For someone who made a career out of doing exactly that, such a proclamation was obviously precipitated by a major event. Apparently, that shift was caused by Obama’s freefalling public approval.

With most sources showing a drop of about 10 points over the past year, the persistent drop is unquestionably newsworthy. To Benenson, however, polling results are misleading.

Tellingly, there were no similar admonitions when Obama’s approval rate was well north of 50 percent.

Offering an explanation for his advice, Benenson said that many polls are “reported on strictly a topline, horserace-type perspective that does nothing, or at best very little, to illuminate the news of the day.”

He further elaborated, noting that if his original suggestion was “too strict,” the media might report only polls that contain “in-depth analysis of the underlying dynamics that are truly shaping the data.”

Of course, such peripheral information is rarely needed to gauge the direction of public opinion.

If that news happens to be a rampant mistrust of the president, a poll supporting that evidence is quite helpful. Committed ideologues, though, will put their agenda above reason every time.

As the midterm elections of 2014 approach, continually sagging polling results will negatively affect Democrat candidacies across the U.S. While such collateral damage is expected and, in many cases, deserved, Benenson’s proposition would shelter these leftist hopefuls.

Polls have long been an integral part of campaigns. When the results are unfavorable, however, ideologues like Benenson will do whatever it takes to protect their allies.

B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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  1. Americans need to hear the polls and about O

  2. Wiseoldlady says:

    We can only wish that people will wake up and when they do your poll numbers should be about 18 the lowest of the low which is what you are.

  3. In a recent poll it was reported that Joel Benenson's suggestion that the media should not report polls was absurd and idiotic beyond belief. 98% believe he is a total moron and 96% think he is a total idiot!

  4. Maybe these poles will wake some of these clueless Americans.

  5. How about this for a Poll question. Do you think the government (Both Congress and the President) have conspired with big industry to eliminate or export jobs and production in the US for their own personal gain?

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I would have to answer that poll question with an absolute 'no'.
      Historically, it's been the government and unions that has eliminated or forced exportation of production and jobs to overseas. It's far more lucrative for a company to invest in their country and communities of home.
      Only the market can dictate pay scales, not government mandates. Overburdening regulations and taxation take their toll also.
      Everyone that works does so for personal gain. The problems stem from the groups that feel entitled to be fast tracked to the top without the sacrifice required.
      No market can support a $15/hr position flipping burgers.

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