Obama Picks Rabid Anti-Gun Advocate To Be Surgeon General

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    All this half black bananas picks are people who don't believe in the Constitution.He has more terrorists in his government then FDR had commies in his.Dumb low informed voters elected this socialist because he promised to rob from the rich and give to the welfare bums.

  2. The whole administration is rabid from WH down

  3. overkills says:

    what do you expect. the communist muslim in charge has a pen and a phone. he can do what he wants. the only way to kill a rabit dog is to kill it know . thank you. people support the CONSTITUTION and FREEDOM.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Let's see a doctor with general 8 years experience gets the highest medical position in the land, and it nothing to do with his organization "doctors for obama". obama failed once to take our guns, but sand monkey will go behind our backs. When the United States joins an international treaty, may Congress pass laws toward its implementation that violate the Constitution? obama says yes, once a treaty is signed by Obama and ratified by the Senate, Congress has the power to pass any law necessary and proper to implement the treaty. ANY law! The constitutional limits on Congressional power may be ignored at the whim of lawmakers. As a result, the United Nations would effectively make the laws by which the American people are governed. The UN Small Arms Treaty would wipe out the 2nd Amendment as international police acquire authority to order, even carry out, the disarming of the American people. The Bill of Rights will become the former law of the land. Express an opinion insulting to pro-Islamic UN doctrine, and an American citizen could be imprisoned (or, should the terms of a treaty call for it, perhaps even be beheaded as an infidel!) For elected DC representatives may fashion and pass legislation based solely upon upholding the terms of any treaty with any nation for any purpose. John Roberts (being blackmailed by obama) has already betrayed the American people by ignoring the Constitution in his decision on obamacarelessjobkiller. Will this corrupt and cowardly justice now participate in a majority ruling that would put that document to death and finally take our guns? FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!!! If Reid gets a win with 51 votes to approve this unworthy "doctor", then America should lie about having guns and if they use the background check database, tell them you threw the gun away, we need a class action law suit.

  5. Why are the american people just standing by? We have to get the military to stop the blindly following of orders and see that the biggest threat to all of us is the democratic party and their leaders. The military is suppose to protect american citizens, not just the current adminastration. Remember the Nazi soilders who blindly followed and killed millions on the orders of one power crazed monster? Wake up military and america we now have the power crazed monster inthe white house and the only people he is protecting are our enemies and other criminals. The democratic party is the party of satan and everything evil. If i owned guns he would never get them. I have never HATED anyone more in my life than that racist coward who lied and fooled his way back into the highest office in the land, who respects this office now? Just his cult like followers. This vountry is heading for a civil war. Hey Texas, anymore talk about leaving the U.S. and bevoming your own cojntry? If so I am moving to Texas.

  6. overkills says:

    mark you dont own any guns?

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