Obama Phone Ladies, Crackheads, And Black Professionals On Life Support

The Black Democrat Coalition is a startling sight!

There are Obama phone ladies elbowing crackheads out of the way in neighborhoods more dangerous than Baghdad.

Maybe the view improves when we look toward middle-class Black liberals, who love Obama phone ladies and crackheads so much they live miles away from them!

“Between 2005 and 2009, the year the Great Recession officially ended, the average black household’s wealth fell by more than half, to $5,677, even as their white peers held about $113,000 in assets. Nearly one-quarter of African-Americans have no assets besides a car,” -Salon.com

Nope, not looking much better there either. The same article in Salon.com states that according to a “…Pew report released in July ( 2012), nearly 70 percent of blacks raised in families at the middle of the wealth ladder fall to the bottom two rungs as adults.”

Hmm, looks like the kids of black professionals have a great shot at becoming Obama phone ladies and crackheads.

Wow, what a beautiful picture,

This is what Black progressives and their pale Politburo offer: the chance to vote to be a slave with no quality of life.

This is an even more bitter irony given that our ancestors were forced to be slaves. They didn’t run to the polling place to elect “massa” and brutal overseers.

It seems Black America can anticipate another term producing even more Obama phone ladies, unemployed thugs, crackheads, and Black professionals on economic life support.

“Progress” like this is fatal!

My not voting for Obama either time offers small comfort.


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  1. Obama IS a CRACKHEAD!!!

  2. Ironic, predictable but ironic… And now this lunkerhead is asking that his Cabinet become an Ol' Boys (old, white, liberal, looser) Club – the same as the last several GOP Presidents have been accused of, yet their cabinets were FAR more colorful!!!

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    This true story explains it all.
    I was working for the railroad and held a union position. This was before oblameo was elected the first time. It was during the high foreclosure rate. I was sitting in the crew room talking with others.
    We were talking about the high rate of foreclosures and how the CRA of 1977 and the Oblameo argued ACORN vs Citibank suit had started the crash. This fact wanted to be argued. There were a couple of people who actually BRAGGED they had an "interest only" mortgage and the home was more than they could afford. This on a railroad salary! (We're paid well) They saw nothing wrong in paying on a 30 year mortgage and never owning the property. As they said, it's not only their right to have what they want, it shows that they are a "top dog". (My translation)
    By the way, they were black, I am not.
    They could never relate how having a mortgage you can't afford can crash the economy. To them, it was just the big bad white men coming for what they have.
    This is the fundamental difference between the blacks and other races. Blacks seem not to be fiduciarily responsible. Add to this parental neglect in almost every home.
    Until they change these two serious flaws in their communities, they will never as a group rise above poverty.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You made a good point and if I'm not mistaken they want to try again to give houses people can't afford.Most blacks don't knowthe first thing about money hell most of them can't add.Whenn they're always looking for handouts why would they learn how to manage money.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Everyone should jump on since we know you get bailed out every so often. Purchase some rental property.

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