Obama Pegs Gay Athletes For Olympic Delegation

Photo credit: Stéfan (Creative Commons)

With the winter Olympic games less than two months away, leaders from around the world are deciding who will represent their nation at the ultimate sporting event.

Since the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are being held in Russia, however, the heads of at least two major countries – France and Germany – are boycotting the games because of the host nation’s perceived bias against homosexuality.

While Barack Obama has not added America to that list, he appears to be making a statement of sorts in selecting his presidential Olympic delegation.

The man referred to by friends and foes alike as our nation’s “first gay president” is making a concerted effort to send openly homosexual athletes to represent the U.S. in Sochi. In a White House announcement earlier this week, Obama confirmed that he slated Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow – both lesbian sports figures – as part of the delegation.

These women will be among a select few who will represent America during the upcoming event. Though no objective observer would argue that athletes should be prevented from becoming delegates because of their sexual proclivity, many contend that it is equally wrong to use such criteria as the primary basis for selecting them.

A delegate should be chosen based on his or her willingness and ability to represent America, not to reflect any particular social ideology.

As proven in countless situations before, though, Obama is eager to turn any public display into a political ploy. Russia’s policy toward homosexuality is certainly not as accepting as that of the U.S. or many other Western nations. The fact that Obama and other prominent leftist leaders will lambaste that nation while ignoring the atrocities gays face throughout the Middle East, however, illustrates a glaring hypocrisy.

It is easy to cite examples from Russia that rally homosexual lobbyists for a common cause. When faced with the brutal torture and murder gays face in nations ruled by Islam, however, these same voices are silenced.

In the end, Obama’s selection of this delegation is nothing more than mere lip service paid to a politically expedient voting bloc.

B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Stéfan (Creative Commons)

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  1. carpkiller says:

    Yea, its lip service alright.if someone does not find a way to rid our country of this devil soon,we are left with no choice, but revolution.Sent because they are homosexuals. What a screw up mind. Blowing crack, blew his mind.

  2. Since when did they start including sodomy and other depraved acts, such as men performing fellatio on one another, or women performing cunnilingus on one another Olympic events ???

  3. Robert Browning says:

    If Russia had any sense, they would ban any homo from entering their country. The President obama is just showing how stupid he is by sending homos.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    I can't wait to see an Arab wrestle a faggot.The reason Obutthole sent fudge packers to the Olympics is because he is AC/DC remember Rahm is a 3 dollar bill. Even the Grape Ape knows he is a pillow biter.

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