Obama LOST His Citizenship By Not Registering For Selective Service

Obama for treason Obama LOST his citizenship by not registering for Selective Service

The matador’s bright red cape and his agile moves to anger and tire the animal are the outstanding metaphor used by Attorney W. L. Albert. Moore, Jr., who is bringing an Amicus Curiae in support of lead appellant L. Dean Johnson in the request for an Alabama Supreme Court oral argument in yet another case dismissed by lower courts in the Barack Obama eligibility saga.

Moore ( no relation to Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore)  is a nationally certified fraud attorney who has a completely new angle on the American political nightmare that just will not die. Moore told CiR in a very lengthy phone interview on September 3 that the real issue is not the eligibility clause (2-1-5, US Constitution), but the fact that Obama would not or did not register for Selective Service, thereby signifying his LOSS of US CITIZENSHIP!  The issue is not Obama’s status at birth–Obama probably is an NBC–but rather, his abrogation of US CITIZENSHIP, Moore said.

The longtime lawyer extended his metaphor by adding that Obama handlers are more than willing to let truth seekers twist in the wind by running at the false red flags of lack of natural born citizenship status and other sidebars of this unbelievable case.  The crux of this case is a little known noun called fealty.  Of Old French linguistic derivation, fealty asks “does Obama have allegiance to serve the United States of America?”

Absent the impanelment of a grand jury with its subsequent subpoena powers, Moore doubts he has the ability to obtain epithelial evidence of just who is the father of Barack Obama (nee Barry Soetoro)! Moore is of the opinion that the sitting president may just well have NBC status and that Obama very well could be the direct offspring of the man named as the Obama grandfather, Stanley Dunham.  Other web commentators have brought up this theory (i.e. that the grandfather is really the father, the mother is really the 1/2 sister, and Toots, Obama’s beloved grandmother who died shortly before her grandson’s first inauguration as U.S. President, was the only true legacy grandparent!!)

Here is Attorney Moore’s outline of his Amicus Curiae:  1.  Status at birth was verifiable by the statements of  Dr. Chiyome Fukino, M.D., former director of Hawaii’s Department of Health.  She said: “Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics. . .have personally seen and verified that the (HDoH) has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record. . .”

Part 2 of the Amicus Curiae alleges for court deliberation that by refusing to register for U.S. Selective Service, Barry Soetoro-Barack Obama relinquished his U.S. citizenship status!  The original birth certificate allegedly was amended by a second birth certificate to reflect the young man’s adoption by Stanley Ann Dunham’s new husband, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro.
By the way, Soetoro-Obama had to be listed as an Indonesian citizen to be registered in the elementary school system in that Islamic country.

Incidentally if epithelial evidence can ascertain that President Obama is not now, nor ever has been, an Afro-American, the blow done to the media, the Democrats, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Black Grievance Industry (BGI) will be palpable, to say the least!

Now, Attorney Moore further alleges that not only did Soetoro-Obama fail to register for Selective Service; the now Commander in Chief allegedly entered the United States as Barry Soetoro under an Indonesian visa at or around 1983.  This five year time frame, 1980-1985, are called the “lost” years by researchers unable to tract this very cosmopolitan young man.  “Obama admitted his loss of American citizenship when he failed to apply for Selective Service,” says Attorney Moore. No evidence of repatriation apparently has ever surfaced!

A Part II analysis of the Moore interview will follow.

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  1. If this is true then why have the people of the United States been screwed over by this man, if you can call him that.

  2. My understanding is that another effect of failure to register is loss of eligibility for any Federal appointment including either US Senator or POTUS – can anyone confirm that?

    • MuslimLuvChrist says:

      Registration is the law. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years. Even if not tried, a man who fails to register with Selective Service after age 18 and before age 26 may find that some doors are permanently closed.
      STUDENT FINANCIAL AID: Men, born after December 31, 1959 (he was born in 1961 supposedly), who aren't registered with Selective Service won't qualify for Federal student loans or grant programs. This includes Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), Direct Stafford Loans/Plus Loans, National Direct Student Loans, and College Work Study.
      CITIZENSHIP: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes registration with Selective Service a condition for U.S. citizenship if the man first arrived in the U.S. before his 26th birthday.
      FEDERAL JOB TRAINING: The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) offers programs that can train young men seeking vocational employment or enhancing their career. This program is only open to those men who register with Selective Service. Only men born after December 31, 1959, are required to show proof of registration.
      FEDERAL JOBS: A man


      and the U.S. Postal Service. Proof of registration is required only for men born after December 31, 1959.
      Some states have added additional penalties for those who fail to register. See State Legislation.
      Selective Service wants young men to register. It does not want them to be prosecuted or denied benefits. If a draft is ever needed, it must be as fair as possible, and that fairness depends on having as many eligible men as possible registered. In the event of a draft, for every man who fails to register, another man would be required to take his place in service to his country.
      Because of Chicago style democratic politics, he was never vetted for Senate, why not?, so for the 2008 election everyone thought he was vetted. The issue I have is why congress is not trying to reverify *(BC, school records, Kenya relations, Muslim Brotherhood connections, passport, now selective service).

    • MuslimLuvChrist says:

      Investigators examined Obama’s Selective Service registration card bearing Obama’s signature. They concluded that there is a high probability that Obama’s selective service card was recently created as an attempt to cover up the fact that Obama failed to register for Selective Service as required by law in 1980.

    • My understanding is that the only question is does failure to register mean loss of eligibility for any ELECTED office.

  3. The brain less elected the evil in sheep's clothing

  4. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    so what no one is going to do anything anyway.

    • Finally! Someone echoes my sentiments! Been saying this all along. He does what he wants, when he wants, to whom he wants, for as long as he wants…And no one can do $hit about it!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      In my comments I've been saying this from the start .As that witch Hitlary Clinton says who cares and damn if she isn't right.It's to bad we don't do what Colorado did recall these cowardly lawmakers.

  5. He's never been a citizen of the USA.

  6. please read the latest post by Mr. Klayman: http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/obama-come-out-with-yo

  7. robert iverson says:

    please why all the talk if this is true he should be arrested and ALL laws , bills and REGULATIONS OVERTUNED PERIOD Eather HE is OR ISNT ….. WHA T IS IT PUT UP OR SHUT UP bob

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