Obama Loses It, Grabs Tea Party Woman to Shut Her Up (Video)

by Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Barack Obama is currently on a “listening tour” of the Midwest to bolster his uphill re-election campaign. When two average Americans dared to ask him about his administration’s harsh rhetoric against its opponents, Obama got testy before repeatedly putting his hands on a woman to try to stifle her.

At a Monday town hall meeting in Decorah, Iowa, Obama met two of the millions of Americans who disapprove of his performance as president. Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes and an unnamed woman asked why Joe Biden was calling conservatives terrorists. The exchange clearly got the best of Obama:

(Story continues after video)

Obama is visibly tense throughout the exchange. Let’s look at that video again, more closely this time. Notice how Obama listens until the woman starts to speak — and then he decides to reach out and touch someone:

(Story continues after video)

Obama showed his thuggish tendencies in this video. The One is the most criticism-averse president in history; the Affirmative Action baby has gotten steadily promoted beyond his competence between orgies of adulation that he is “brilliant” and “articulate.” When anyone raises even the faintest criticism of his efforts, he gets bent out of shape. In this discussion, he could not take the mild questioning anymore and attempted to physically break this conservative woman’s line of thought, physically intimidate her, or at a minimum decided this little lady needed to be steadied because of her little feminine case of the vapors.

Where is the outrage? Where is the feminist movement? Remember the conniption they threw when Rick Lazio allegedly invaded the “personal space” of Hillary Clinton during their 2000 Senate debate?

(Story continues after video)

Obama ended the trio’s encounter with his typical condescension. “It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in listening,” he said. But Obama is the one on a “listening tour.” So, shut up, listen, and get your hands off of us.

This incident invites us to think about a possible scenario in the 2012 presidential race. Imagine for a moment if an unapologetic conservative woman were on the debate stage with him, either at separate podiums or at a town hall-style debate with no barriers between them. Imagine she had the guts to call Obama out for his record of failure and his terrorist pals. If Obama is able to keep his hands off her, he will boil over until he loses his cool in some other way. The flustered president will go down in flames — and the Left’s toughest champion will be beaten by a girl.

Update: This story was picked up by DailyKos by a diarist named qannabbos. Curiously, today we have seen a whole group of new people login, all posting a variation of the same comment: “While I do not support Obama, he did not grab her. We’re better than this! We Tea Party conservatives shouldn’t lie, like racist scum….” The new members then all like each other’s comments. The hate posters on DailyKos lack the subtlety to make their deception stick and lack the civility to lecture anyone about anything.

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  1. Get Your Paws Off Me 'You Damned Dirty Ape'.

  2. NativeVeteran says:

    Wish she would have bitch slapped his muslim ass in front of God and everybody for touching her!!!!

    • Where did you get "bitch slapped" from? You think it's cool? I think it's as dirty as Obama. "ass" you think it's ok to force me to read your foul mouth print? Especially when you have nothing new to add.

    • If she had slapped him four or five SSagents would slammed her to the ground put hand cuffs on her and she would be in prison ,not jail , and this video would be confiscated and disappear

  3. Why hasn't he been impeached yet!
    What is Congress waiting for!
    Him to finish distroying America!



    • What are YOU waiting for? You know Congress is not going to do anything, they have been complacent all along. You want him impeached , I want him impeached. His approval rating is down to 39%, a lot of us want him impeached. A civilian lawyer should start the impeachment process.

    • That is an excellent question. I have been asking my congressman that question for over a year now and I still have not got an answer yet; I gave up asking the question. I don't think they are going to do anything about him. I think they are hoping the election will take care of our problem and they won't have to dirty their hands.

  4. Seriously? I want him gone too, but to call him putting his hand on her arm a "grab" and trying to sensationalize it puts you in the same gutter with the libs who create false hysteria. Really. This is exactly the kind of BS we are fighting against, and you defeat the credibility of the freedom movement when you stoop to cheap tactics.

    • I agree, this was nothing, especially when there is so much out there to get rid of this guy for. I did not agree when bohner was voted speaker, I believe that we should have gotten an actually conservative, This guy would have been investigated an impeached already

      • This is so neat Karen. I hadn't read your comment before I commented about the same thing. Only you said it better and in fewer words. We both agree 'grab' was a bit overboard.

      • Gail Cohen says:

        I agree that you are creating a tempest in a teapot over this — doing this type of things will not help us when we address the real issues that are grounds for impeachment.

    • alegalcitizen says:

      SORRY, Roy is right, read my answer.

  5. GoTellBigDaddy says:

    I think you guys do a great job most of the time.

    Obama is clearly not grabbing this woman and I don't see him "losing it" as described.

    Clearly he is arrogant and doesn't want to waste time arguing with someone that does not support his view.

    I wouldn't use this against OBUMMER— there are numerous other real issues that he needs to be accountable for but "grabbing this woman" is not one of them.

    • He has absolutely NO right TOUCHING ANYONE! She did not reach to shake his hand, and his actions were somewhat subtle but absolutely a psychological method of SHUTTING HER UP! And it worked! He didn't even touch her once, it was repeated!

  6. ANASTASIA says:

    it's only a bad thing to react like this if it is a conservative invading a liberal lunnatics space–the double standards are so LOUD!

  7. ANTICRIME says:

    I am TOTALLY anti-Obama, but let us be fair and honest; I did NOT see Obama GRAB anyone, period! ~ It is common for some folks to put a hand on a person, as a friendly gesture, while talking to them! ~ Let's leave the "sensationalism" to the Democrat-Liberals and we Conservatives "tell it like it is", as HONESTY is always the best policy to adhere to! ~ Never forget; ONLY Fools are fooled!

    • As a woman, I wouldn't want a strange man (emphasis on strange) grabbing a hold of me, friendly gesture or not. Doesn't matter if he is the President of the United States. He needs to keep his hands to himself. When I am meeting someone for the first time, I don't put my hands on them and and I definitely don't want their hands on me. I find that to be very condescending and dismissive.

  8. Wake up America! We had better get rid of this Muslim bankrupt President or the next generation will never recover.

    • How about you writing and asking Trump to start impeachment as a civilian that your will back. I'm sure we would all back him. As you said, it's important.

  9. I agree w/ "GotellBigDaddy" and Karen…"we the People" do want to stoop to their levels! Tell it like it is or don't tell it! I have no love for this "Usurper" but two wrongs will never make a right! I view Floyd Reports diligently and I expect to see and hear good journalism and truthful reports not misguided and bias information! I want the imposter "outa there" as much as anyone but I want to maintain my Christian and patriotic demeanor as well!

  10. Wyoming-Cowboy says:

    Well, the fact is joe "hoof in mouth-bite me" biden DID NOT say the TEA Party are terrorists before he DID say they are terrorists but he really didn't say it because everyone on Planet Earth heard him say they are. Remember, on joe "hoof in mouth-bite me" biden's home planet of Beta Reticulae IIIB, you only THINK you heard him say what he didn't say when he said it. Is all that perfectly clear? Okay, how about a link or two of joe "hoof in mouth-bite me" biden "not" saying what he said:

  11. This guy is a miserable failure I've said time and time again. His actions with this woman is exactly who his is and has always been. Face it America you voted in someone bent on shaping this nation into his own vision which is failure when compared to what we have right now. Godd job you stupid fucks that voted this Primate into office. Imagine that: DON"T TELL ANYONE THIS: Our first African American president has been an absolute failure. Think not: show me where he's doing a good job for me and the other 50+ % of Americans that pay taxes, only to keep the slugs he aspires to that live off of me. Stupid Fucking AMericans my Mother included. What a looser this Primate is and we all suffer because of the ignorant left in our society. HOW IS THE " HOPE " and " CHANGE " WORKING FOR ALL OF YOU. It's not working for anyone.

  12. Come on – you are sounding like the liberal MSM. Not necessary to go there. He obviously didn't grab the woman. I read a story today about Gov Perry's speech in Iowa about the Fed. The title was "Rick Perry Wants to Execute the Chairman of the Fed" when Gov Perry simply said "Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treasonous in my opinion." DUH…I appreciate you all & read probably more of your email, articles, etc than any other group; but let's not get down in the gutter with the MSM. You lose credibility… :)

    • Agreed. I know we are all frustrated and have fear about the future of our country, but to succumb to lies and exaggerations, lowers our credibility and integrity.

  13. Sorry, I'd have told him to get his $&%!*! hands off of me!!

    He flat out called a group of CHRISTIANS, who were merely asking for him to support family values, HATE MONGERS! NO LIE! This happened in a gathering outside the white house. My cousin went and they were joined by Martin Luther King's niece. All they were asking him to do is support family values. His words to them were, "You're NOTHING but HATE Mongers!"

    I suppose my detest for the man makes me a HATE MONGER…and it has NOTHING to do with his race…just his lies, deception and corruption! Not to mention selling us down the tube!

  14. Oh PLEASE! Bummer did NOT GRAB the woman. We all know he wants not only her but every real American to shut up but STOP with the lie! Bummer did NOT GRAB the woman. He’s done enough already to be arrested for Treason (the first running for President and knowingly not being a Natural Born Citizen) but he did NOT GRAB the woman!

  15. Sorry, I'd have told him to get his $&%!*! hands off of me!! While he didn't "GRAB" the woman, he clearly touched her and reached for her in a subtle psychological method of shutting her up and guess what…IT WORKED! He has NO RIGHT touching ANYONE. She did NOT reach to shake his hand and he didn't touch her once, he did it repeatedly! It intimidated her and she stopped speaking. If it had been reversed, he'd have had her arrested!

    He flat out called a group of CHRISTIANS, who were merely asking for him to support family values, HATE MONGERS! NO LIE! This happened in a gathering outside the white house. My cousin went and they were joined by Martin Luther King's niece. All they were asking him to do is support family values. His words to them were, "You're NOTHING but HATE Mongers!"

    I suppose my detest for the man makes me a HATE MONGER too…and it has NOTHING to do with his race…just his lies, deception and corruption! Not to mention selling us down the tube!

  16. I've posted 3 times but it doesn't seem to be posting…sorry if this repeats :(

    Sorry, I'd have told him to get his $&%!*! hands off of me!! While he didn't "GRAB" the woman, he clearly touched her and reached for her in a subtle psychological method of shutting her up and guess what…IT WORKED! He has NO RIGHT touching ANYONE. She did NOT reach to shake his hand and he didn't touch her once, he did it repeatedly! If it had been reversed, he would have had her arrested!

    He flat out called a group of CHRISTIANS, who were merely asking for him to support family values, HATE MONGERS! NO LIE! This happened in a gathering outside the white house. My cousin went and they were joined by Martin Luther King, Jr's niece. All they were asking him to do is support family values. His words to them were, "You're NOTHING but HATE Mongers!"

    I suppose my detest for the man makes me a HATE MONGER too…and it has NOTHING to do with his race…just his lies, deception and corruption! Not to mention selling us down the tube!

  17. I had forgotten just how good Rick Lazio was. We need a few more like him!

  18. ANTICRIME says:

    AGREED! ~ What I'm trying to point out is the "sensationalistic" tabloid-style subject title: "Obama Loses It, Grabs Tea Party Woman to Shut Her Up" which is clearly not the case once the video is viewed! ~ When first seeing the subject title it gave me mental pictures of Obozo attacking the woman…which of course was NOT the case! ~ It's bad enough being misled by the Liberal Democrat media, who have lost credibility, then to now start to have to second-guess the "headlines" of our Conservative media! ~ JUST TELL IT LIKE IT IS….nothing more, nothing less!!!

  19. You are so right, Lee. He touched her to shut her up and it certainly WORKED very well for him, and he KNEW it would work! He didn't want to confront her questions or answer any of them. And you are right again, if it had been her touching him, the secret service would have arrested her for terrorism, and HE ALSO KNOWS this. Seems like he can do what he wants to us, but we can't do the exact same to him. He should have never touched her. He wasn't grabbing her, but he sholud have kept his hands to himself. He would have turned the tables on her if it had been her because he calls us American born citizens terrorists and we are innocent but treated like terrorists. He is a terrorist but is treated as a president. I don't believe in sationalism, either, but that's what obama is all about. This was a wrong call, but it should have been treated as a confrontation that obama didn't know how to handle because he put himself right in the middle of this when he should have been in the White House WORKING to fix all the mess he's got us in.

  20. bob marangelli says:

    the people elected him because he was black..I hope he gets beat not because he's black but because he's useless,corrupt and a liar!!!!

  21. kansas city says:

    If I was at work and a male coworker kept putting his hands on my shoulders I could report it as sexual harassment. The way they all kiss the women on capital hill is sexual harassment as well. No one can do that kind of stuff at work at get away with it!! If Obama did that to me my involuntary reaction would have been to use my own arms to knock his hands off of me. And for that I would have been shot. I wouldn't at all say he grabbed her, but his touching her WAS an act of pursuing male dominance over her. I doubt he would have touched a man like that., He's a sicko sicko sicko among other things.

  22. Let's be real for a moment. obama is out there pressing flesh for one reason and one reason only, another 4 years to finish the job he started, destroy America. We should all focus on one thing! getting this man out of our White House, period. W can do it! Stay focused.

  23. These Tea Party people were right on target and caught Obama by surprise… God bless them! However, criticizing Obama for touching the woman's shoulder is overkill and not where we should be going. He did nothing wrong in that manner and we will be criticized for even bringing it up. Instead, concentrate on his weak response and the leftist tactic of calling Tea Party people names they do not deserve.

  24. Hillary C. just one more fraud! Obama is the cheif fraud! It is a good thing the man wasn't in front of me with my wife! I would not have been intimidated!!

  25. Sure BO was uncomfortable with the questioning, but he didn't grab the Tea Party gal. I didn't vote for BO, nor do I approve of his presidency, nor will I vote for him in 2012, but let's be real.

  26. countrybird57 says:

    Come on you guys, obama didn't do anything to that woman. He was just trying to send that same tickle that chris matthews got going up his leg!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  27. Debbie Warren says:

    He should not have put his hands on her to shut her up..period. He did not just touch her once…he repeated the gesture and it was pure manipulation and control. She should have immediately moved away and asked him not to handle her. If she had put her hands on him in the same exact manner; she probably would have found herself on the ground with a SS boot in her back. That's how they handle people who speak a little louder or show their anger or reach for the scum bag. It was inappropriate on a number of levels. She is not his 'friend' or an adoring constituent. I would spend the next week trying to wash the scum off my arm if he touched me with so much as a fingertip. He is so narcissistic that I'm sure he thought that was a gesture she would enjoy or treasure.

    I would have knocked his hand off of me and warned him not to do that. It's not prudish or feminist or anything else; it's about respect.

    What a filthy scum bag.

    • alegalcitizen says:

      Your are so right, would he have done that to a man, lmao, a "MAN" might just have hit him. There is a saying & Obama fits it to a T, "You have to be a man before you can be a "gentleman". and he sure isn't even a man.


  29. c'mon from the title of this article "Obama Loses It, Grabs Tea Party Woman to Shut Her Up" Damn!! i pictured obama doing something terrible. he didn't grab the woman or anything crazy. There are way too many other things to go after obama on. Let's stick to the facts. don't start reporting BS like the Liberals would dojavascript:%20hideMsgBox();

  30. countrybird57 says:

    Did you notice the three BIMBOS at the end of the video asking for an autograph? Those are the ones that have ruined our country . They don't know what the heck is going on in our world today. Painting their pretty fingernails so they can take pictures of themselves on their little phones. Texting their freaky little friends and telling them……OH I TOUCHED THE GREAT ONE! Thats ok, when their mommys and daddys can't afford OBUMMERCARE they will have to take care of them. One good thing about OBUMMERCARE is that it will be too expensive for these liberals to breed! Yah, Love it!

  31. IfTruthBeKnown says:

    Well, I watched the video about Obama and saw nothing "thuggish" about it. He seemed to pat the lady's arm, not grab it. ……..and I don't even like Obama. But fair is fair. He does enough wrong as it is without our side trying to trump something up on him. Believe me, there is no trumping needed!

  32. "I would have knocked his hand off of me and warned him not to do that." Yeah, & you'd be instantly taken down by the Secret Service for doing so…When anyone is within reaching distance of any person in public, they issue a standard warning that you don not offer to shake his hand, let the President offer his hand first, because if you lift your hands above your waist (when NOT accepting a President's handshake), they will take you down & charge you with assault.

    But I agree, taking Obama's action as more than it actually was is going over the top…We need to concentrate on the real & serious reasons to get him out of office instead of drumming up BS like this.

  33. I love the way the woman didn't let him talk her down, but honestly and above all, not defending this guy, I didn't take it that way of trying to shut her up. He was talking and touched her shoulder a couple times. Sometimes people have habit of doing that being personal and sometimes probably like in his case ttrying to show friendlyness and caring, which of course we all know that's a big put on and lie. He' probably thinking I'm having her looked up and send CIA after her……LOL

  34. He pawed her, it's a physical jester to distract, I, have seen and been confronted by this jester, it's a domaneering trait by those who need to be in control. It's a suttle way of saying shut up or I'll knock you out. He wanted to muzzel her, there is only one truth and that is Obamanation is the rule, all others keep quite. I, will bet the FBI, and secret service will be tracking her for some way to punish her. That's the way of the Brown Shirt, Union thug, Acorn types. And he's there master of disaster in charge.. I, would have felt better if she would have slaped the dog sh*6 out of him, because that's what he's full of.

    • alegalcitizen says:

      You are so right, his touching her was a CONTROL gesture, this is part of the "training" of "CON ARTIST" plus, Obama is so "in to himself" he acturally thought if he put his hand on her she would MELT WITH DELIGHT. LMAO, HE IS DISGUSTING AND A LIAR.

  35. alegalcitizen says:

    I want my REFUND on the taxes that he paid for that damn ugly black RACIST BUS, plus a deduction on my taxes for the nights that he sleeps in a hotel instead of the bus, just what the hell did he get a bus for anyway, oh I remember, Sarah Palin had one, big difference, we taxpayers didn't pay for her bus, yet Obama, up to his spending again, making us tax payers pay for his, again, I HATE THE COLOR I WANT MY REFUND.

  36. alegalcitizen says:

    Well, look at this way, if the woman was working in an office & another male employee touched her in that way, HE COULD GET FIRED. SAME THING FOR A SCHOOL TEACHER, YOU DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE.

  37. alegalcitizen says:


  38. alegalcitizen says:

    Wrong, employees are not allowed to "touch" other employees, etc., teachers are not allowed to touch others, etc. etc. what Obama did was NOT ALLOWED, but he thinks he can do anything he wants. I can just see him as a boss or etc. in an employment, always touching the ladies.

  39. alegalcitizen says:


  40. alegalcitizen says:

    GOOD FOR PERRY, sadly, "they" are already "on his back" for his remark. GOOD FOR HIM, & HE IS RIGHT.

    • Perry is not right..
      Misleading headlines, misleading statements. Let's get to the meat of this.
      Perry is for leaving the Fed alone, he likes the way fake money is working. He says no more fake money "at this time" to qualify his statement because he is actually behind backing the Fed but right now doesn't want to appear that way.
      Get It? He's a clever slime ball going for your votes. Don't let this loser go any farther, step on him and scrape him off your shoe.

      • alegalcitizen says:

        You know, it is to the point, my vote will go to "whoever" is left standing against Obama. Regardless, I LOVE IT WHEN ANYONE PUTS OBAMA & HIS GROUP IN THEIR PLACE.

  41. alegalcitizen says:

    Get upset over this news people, the U S Department of Education has awarded more then $5 MILLION in Grants to operate 19 Special Education Parent Training & Information (PTI) Centers in 13 States & PUERTO RICO. SINCE WHEN IS PUERTO RICO ONE OF OUR STATES??? I knew Obama in the past wanted to include them as a State, DID I MISS SOMETHING OR WAS THIS ANOTHER BEHIND CLOSE DOORS WITH THE "KING" ORDERING IT TO BE DONE? THERE GOES OUR DEBT LIMIT, LMAO.

  42. george tullius says:

    It is her perogrative at this time to file a complaint of Assult against Obama, he does not have the right to touch or assult her in any way, and if I were her I would do it immediately.

  43. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    as usual Obama doesn't listen to sanyone but himself. Some "listening tour"

  44. I agree with Lee, and she should file charges on OB for Assult, which is exactly what he did by grabbing her more than once, and Assult is a criminal charge that will definately start impeachment proceedings.

  45. Yes it was condescending and dismissive. That's all! That's not a crime. Obama didn't GRAD her. Please stop it!
    Yes, he should be impeached for Fraud, not for this B/S.

  46. how can anyone touch him? or how can anyone let him touch them?

  47. Unwanted touching is an assault – his familiarity is rude and gross!

  48. When I read the headline in my e-mail "Obama Loses It, Grabs Tea Party Woman to Shut Her Up" I thought , Wow! Then I watch the vid. Wow again! He gently put his hand on her shoulder. Hardly a grab! Don't get me wrong, I am 100% for getting rid of Obama but I really don't think that we need to stoop to the liberal's tactics and use misleading headlines.

    • Ok! I put my name on my comment so how about the person who gave me a thumb down do the same and tell me why he/she gave me a TD.

      • Because you are a liberal paid troll!!! What you going to spend your 30 pieces of silver on?

        • My video flash player isn't working but from what he said and and the accuser said. I'll go with "a misleading headline meant to attract attention". I've been noticing a lot of these article writers taking cheap shots like that and I would like to put them back in their place.

    • Teeseeree says:

      He may not have grabbed her, as they insinuated, but he definitely ignored her after the first line or so out of her mouth, and went on to greet the butt kissing liberals who came to touch hands with "the anointed one". He is a sick, depraved, smug scumbag and should be thrown out of office, BEFORE his term ends. One of the biggest criminals in history, and arrogant as well.

  49. Gail Cohen says:

    You a creating a tempest in a teapot – this is so trivial as to be laughable — there are so many things that Obama has done that are impeachable — this was not aggressive — he may have been irritated but that goes with the terriotry

  50. I saw the video, and I am not an Obama fan or supporter, not by any means, but I saw Mr. Obama touch the lady as they spoke, but I saw no show of force or disdain. If you'll notice many of his other video's which include the public you will him touching many people! The purpose, dastardly, I highly doubt it. I believe it is his way of showing his attentiveness to the person and making it a more personal experience on the whole. (Or maybe he has some kind of powers and is going around influencing people in his favor by touching them! ) LOL. I agree that we don't have to stoop to making something out of nothing! His track record more than speaks for itself! What happened to the alleged impeachment, how much evidence do you need?

    • My apologies for previous typo's, happens when in a hurry and fail to proof read before submitting, my bad! I have said and will say it again, Obama is strictly in office to destroy these United States, he has no reverence for God or Country, our beliefs, our Constitution, the will of its people. They impeached Clinton for lying under oath, well how much longer must we endure the lies he has told one on top of the other! What is the Hold Up? Is there not more than enough supporting evidence to get the job done, and Obama out of the White House? He and his cronies, (Allibama and his more than 40 thieves!), are like a cancer eating America alive – from the inside out! PLEASE, WAKE UP AMERICA! May the all mighty God and Creator of mankind, look upon this humbled country, and please God Bless America, again! Amen.

      • I think we need a civilian to start the impeachment, the politicians are just stone walling the movement by not acting on it.

    • I like you do not support in anyway, and feel this tittle makes us sound as stupid as the liberal idiots. What I want to know is why he and Holder are not up on charges for Fast & Furious, these two authorized it to go foward ,but it has stoped with the head of ATF who swore under oath that he reported to the top at the White House, and he didn't mean the top chef

      • In obama's own words( The only people who don't want to expose the truth are the people with something to hide).Mr. Obama we call on you to expose the truth about yourself and all your lies. We demand that congress impeach you asap.

    • I agree with you. how many petitions do we have to sign. Or how many phone calls do we have to make to our representatives. If any republican president had done just a few of the things he has done to this country and We The People they would have been screaming for his impeachment a long time ago. But he is so special they just keep letting him get away with what ever he wants to do even if it destroys this country and bankrupts all of us.

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