Obama Leaves Another American Citizen Behind

Photo credit: Robert Reed Daly (Creative Commons)

Pastor Saeed Abedini goes on languishing in an Iranian prison in poor health as President Barack Obama touts his peace plan with Iran to the public. The centrifuges have slowed, but the subterfuge is on the rise as Obama’s latest foreign policy farce is heralded as the best deal with Iran in a decade.

The nation and those who represent Saeed Abedini (Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice) and the wife and children of Pastor Saeed have all been cast off like they meant no more to Barack Obama than a few good soldiers and an ambassador to Benghazi.

Now the miserable mess known as ObamaCare has been assuaged, or at least toned down as Obama makes swelling statements on how he and John Kerry have made history together.

Saeed was arrested after trying to start an orphanage in Iran and for supporting home-based Christian churches from 2000 – 2005. His only crime is practicing his Christian faith.

We can only wonder if he was a Muslim, if Barack Obama would work for his release. It seems easier day by day to see that those who say Barack Obama is a self-centered borderline narcissist are not using hyperbole to make their point.

Iran is probably laughing at Obama’s gullibility while the cries of Saeed’s children are heard daily in the Abedini household. Naghmeh Abedini, Saeed’s wife, has reported that his children are calling for him more than ever before, and now they are about to see another Christmas pass without the presence of their father.

Fox News reported Tuesday that Saeed’s name was never mentioned at the table with John Kerry and the Iranian officials.

Obama’s quest for a deal with a nation that has sworn death to all Americans looks like more pure nonsense from a leader who hasn’t done a significant thing for this nation since he took office. Now, rather than bowing to Saudi Kings, he is throwing decent American citizens to them in lieu of some leadership with some backbone (and at least a tacit showing of care for American citizens.)

Jay Sekulow says that Obama has clearly “betrayed” Pastor Abedini to gain a little recognition from a foreign policy move that has procured nothing for the U.S. or Israel and allows Iran to come out from the weight of severe sanctions at no cost to them.

Diverting the attention from the ObamaCare disaster and saving face for an otherwise miserable showing as commander in chief may seem like a pretty sharp move for a president who hasn’t much to brag about; but for many Americans, many Christians, and many ministers of the gospel, leaving Pastor Saeed behind without a word from Obama is an act of selfish cowardice.

Yes, we have always expected our president to wield the influence of his office on our behalf, and we always will. To the same degree that Mr. Obama is showing his pride for his feigned and fickle foreign policy achievement, we are feeling shame for his abandonment of yet another decent American citizen.

Hasn’t this president, who claims to be a Christian, ever read these word spoken by the great prophet Isaiah?

“Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.” (Isa 1: 17)


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Photo credit: Robert Reed Daly (Creative Commons)

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  1. F. Stookey says:

    B. Obama and John Kerry (among many others in our gangster government) have a lot of explaining to do to our Heavenly Creator.

  2. Obama should be beheaded

    • Like it or not, he is the president! You can't say things like that! Be careful!!!!

      • No he is NOT our President. He is a usurper! Be careful, why? Because he will track us down and kill us like he has done to so many others.

      • Seriously,….who's side are you on?

      • we the people,who are the real government.1st off ovomit/satan isn,t a president he is an ineligible treasonous traitor.he has never been vetted,and can,t be verified.he has a wh internet live birth form,which is a computor generated{layered forgery}treason/fraud/felony}.2nd ovomits ss# belongs to a dead 119 yr old connecticut person{fraud/treason}3rd ovomits father was born in kenyan,making the ineligiblle treasonous traitor,ineligible to be president{treason/fraud}4th ovomit ignored a georgia supreme court subpoena{shows his contempt for our laws{felony/treason}5th ovomit has all his records hidden/sealed,and spends millions to keep them hidden/sealed,we can,t research much of his past{threat to we the people,and the constitituion.6th ovomit left 4 dead americans in bengazi,and never sent a rescue attempt,and only the president can give the stand down order{war crimes/treason}7th ovomit sent addtional throops to afganistan without congress approval{war crimes/treason}8th ovomit and ag holder would not prosecute 2 black panthers,who stood in frt of a philly polling place,and one of them had a bat or a baton in his hand,and both ovomit and ag holder said,because there black,we will not prosecute{racial hate crimes/racial injustice/felony.good bless sheriff joe and coldcase posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico

      • He may be Your "President" but by no means is the usurper in chief occupying our Whitehouse My "president"

      • Linda From NY says:

        He is not my president, I did not vote for this coward traitor, you are the one that needs to get a Grip moron!!!

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Linda he is not mine either.Remember when Bush was selected almost every democrap said he wasn't their president especilally the Hollyweed people.Now all of a sudden we must come together for Sambo,how ironic

      • Linda From NY says:

        Hey Getagrip, Obongo won because he stole the election twice, dead people voted and many illegals voted too. We all know he is incompetent to be our leader, the man is a loser and is bringing the Country down. In 5 years he has done nothing to help the Country but spend trillions on wasted money on his B.S.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Obutthole should not only be beheaded but he should also have his balls cut off.Sorry I forgot he has none.

    • USA is FREEDOM says:

      LOCKED-IN-A-STOCK so we may throw rotten tomatoes, TARED & FEATHERED, RUN-OUT-ON-A-RAIL, then BEHEADED, then by horse drawn chariot ripped apart limb by limb.
      THERE YAH GO… I SAID IT. So, does the truth hurt? This IDIOT is not for America or it's citizens, he's working to destroy us = TRAITOR!

  3. Frances Haase says:

    Obama cares only about Obama. He wants his legacy to read that he was the only person on the planet who could bring "peace" between Iran and the U.S. Any thinking person knows that will never happen. But Obama will claim it, because he says so. He should have made Abedini's release a pre-condition to the "peace talks". Iran probably would have agreed because they want all their sanctions lifted. But Obama was afraid that demand might have "annoyed" the Iranians, thus jeopardizing the Obama Legacy. Heaven forbid we annoy an enemy who wants to destroy us.

  4. Obama has nothing but hate for America and Americans. He must be removed from office and put on trial for Treason.

  5. Obama only cares about how low he can drop America into the third world cesspool he crawled out of. He is no more an American than Castro is not a Communist. His lies are piling up so fast and so high I do not know what the hell we have a congress and a supreme court for when he remains untouched in the Whitehouse

  6. The Pastor should have been a Muslim and then Obama the Muslim Plant would have done everything to free him.We have a non Christian in WH,remember that

  7. Sad commentary on obama, isn't it. He is not the least bit concerned about the welfare of Pastor Saeed languishing in a 'death prison'. obama needs to be impeached on this and so many other grounds. When will be see the release of the pastor and when will we have answers on Benghazi? My guess: never.

  8. How many times must Obama display his absolute, complete, total and utter contempt for America and Americans before the mainstream-media calls him out on it?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Racer excellent question and the answer as I see it is when the media starts to ask this knucklehead on where he plans to take the US.So far we're a laughing stock to big and small nations.No ally can trust the US anymore.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    With the Obutthole administration any third world country can take 1 of our citizens because they know this mongrel spook will do absolutely nothing another Jimmy Peanuts Carter.He send Lurch Kerry to try to appease these people like that fat little butterball from N Korea.This evil president has other ways to deal with the N Koreans or these other shitheads the Iranians but as long as they don't interupt his vacations or his California trips he could care less.


  11. I can only hope that in the future we will hear a federal tour guide say. "Welcome to the Obama presidential library of Fort Leavenworth Kansas". " This ten page booklet will explain all that he accomplished both in his senatorial and presidential careers". "And now if you will step this way you can see the ex president in his sell where he will be until he dies". And a small sign above the cell would read. The price of presidential incompetence. God Bless America. Obama will always be remembered as our shame. May those who supported him be forgiven and learn from mistakes made.

  12. History will show that Obama was the worst mistake the American people ever made!

  13. USA is FREEDOM says:

    LOCKED-IN-A-STOCK so we may throw rotten tomatoes, TARED & FEATHERED, RUN-OUT-ON-A-RAIL, then BEHEADED, then by horse drawn chariot ripped apart limb by limb.
    THERE YAH GO… I SAID IT. So, does the truth hurt?_____ This IDIOT is not for America or it's citizens, he's working to destroy us = TRAITOR!

  14. The Free Loader in Chief-Wanna Be Dictator hates America and anything American EXCEPT the American $$$$ he begs for from those Evil Rich People. I wish him & anyone else who hate this Great Country would get the hell out. He certainly DOESN'T deserve to be protected by our Brave Military who he also hates …. He's the Enemy w/in

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