Obama Lays Groundwork To Begin Disarming America

Miss America w shotgun Creative Commons Evil Erin Obama Lays Groundwork to Begin Disarming America

Last night, at a memorial service for the twenty children and eight adults killed in Connecticut by an insane, twenty-year-old madman, President Obama began laying the ground work for massive new gun control laws.

Senator Diane Feinstein is already crowing about a “new ” ban on military-style semi-automatic rifles, along with high capacity magazines for both the rifles and handguns. No mention of changing laws that would allow the involuntary hospitalization of people with severe, or violent mental illness. No mention of re-examining medications given to such patients, or the need to change a system that lets these mentally ill folks voluntarily take their medications? Nope, once again, it’s the gun’s fault. By the way, what ever happened to the government program that paid for for having law enforcement officers in schools? That’s a question the Left won’t answer and won’t bring up.

One more time the Progressive’s answer to senseless killing is to strip the law abiding citizens of their right to be able to defend themselves and their families, not only from the insane and bad guys, but from the government as well.  What would Feinstein, and the anti-gun Progressives have done if Lanza would have walked into the school with a suicide bomb strapped to his chest? How about if he had done what the boys in  the Columbine High School killings did: prepare a couple of propane bombs—not very effectively, I might add. Would Feinstein have written legislation to ban all shotguns if that would have been this mad dog killers choice of weapons? If a crazed killer carries one thirty-round magazine, or three ten-round magazines, what the heck is the difference? It is not the weapons that they carry, but the intent in their minds of what to do with them.

By the way, Mr Obama, what are you going to do about the “botched” gun running operation, “Fast Furious” that you and your buddy Holder ran down in Mexico? The story is circulating that you and Holder tried to set this little illegal gun running operation up to set the stage for stricter gun control, but you boys blew it. Does the fact that thousands of Mexican citizens, and about a dozen American citizens have died (including at least three federal agents) make you an accomplice to murder, or maybe a co-conspirator, Mr Obama? Is that why you had to hide the details of the operation under the cloak of Executive Privilege? What would the public have to say if they knew the details, Mr. Obama?

How about Benghazi, Mr Obama? Four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed in Benghazi, Libya, despite their please for help? There were enough resources in the area available to have rescued our people, but someone gave a “stand down order” to those forces. The questions are who and why? Word keeps leaking out from various source that it involved you and your Progressives running guns illegally to Al Queda, and the Libyan and Syrian rebels? Is that why officials in the know are suddenly developing amnesia, or are suddenly “unavailable” to answer questions about the fiasco in Libya, Mr Obama?

Senator Feinstein, why don’t you stop trying to disarm law-abiding Americans and start doing your job? Why aren’t you, and your other gun-hating Progressive colleagues trying to get to the bottom of a couple of other massacres, that might have been the direct result of our governments actions? You want to control guns in the U.S. and yet you can’t even control our borders, where a massive amount of illegal weapons are coming in to this country). The United States government is fighting an active shadow war right here at home with radical Muslims, yet you want to disarm law-abiding citizens. Why don’t you spend as much time getting to the bottom of what happened in Libya instead of your domestic anti-gun crusade, Senator Feinstein?

Obama is pushing this country over a fiscal cliff, but now his priority is gun control? I’m getting real tired of this President, his Administration, and Senators like Diane Feinstein letting blatant corruption go unchecked, while they try to figure out ways to strip the rest of us of our Constitutional rights! The priorities of this administration, and the entire Progressive movement are so screwed up because all they want is the power to control our lives. Nothing more, nothing less.

The killings from Columbine to Sandy Hook in Connecticut are all horrific. They are all the more horrific in the sense that they could have been prevented! Armed and trained personnel in the schools, whether it be a police officer on permanent duty in the school, armed and trained school personnel, or a combination of both, these children might all be alive! You strip guns from trained and responsible citizens and the United States becomes one giant shooting gallery. If you want proof just take a look at Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.! These three cities have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, but these are also the cities with the highest homicide rates in the country? Ask yourself why?

The memorial for those children last night was not the place for politics, but as always, Obama couldn’t resist using the raw emotions of the moment to try and further the Progressive agenda. Those beautiful babies all died because of one man’s evil heart and intentions. The guns were the tools that this freak employed in his quest to shed innocent human blood. So do you punish everyone else in America for what this maniac did, or do we collectively try to find a way to make our society more secure? I hope and pray that we never leave our little ones open to this kind of horror again. I, personally, would rather die with a gun in my hands trying to protect my loved ones than to be helplessly on my knees watching them die.

I said to those who asked me how I would feel if I ever had to use my guns. My answer is this: If I never have to fire my gun in anger then may God bless, and if I do, then may God forgive me. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Connecticut, Aurora,  Colorado, Columbine, Arkansas, and anywhere else that evil has visited in these United States. May God’s love comfort you during this trying holiday season. God does know what it is like to lose a child.

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  1. Preston Jemmott says:

    Americans will never give up their rights to bear arms and Feinstein and Obama and all the rest might just as well realize that. Do they really think that they in what they consider almighty power can disarm 100 million gun owners and are they really stupid enough to think the bad guys are going to walk in and say here you go Obama you can have my guns also. It took Obama exactly 10 minutes to start in on gun control at the memorial service, Granted he did not say it in so many words but all of us used to his BS knew exactly where he was headed. He should be ashamed of politicizing this gathering but again those that have grown accustom to him know he has no shame just arrogance and agendas for the destruction of the America that we know and love.

    • Isn't it ironic that the "weepy" illegal president uses a massive and horrendous heartbreak to the citizens of this country to further his agenda of cancelling out our 2nd amendment in the Constitution? What was needed in that school was trained teachers carrying guns (as they have in a Texas school) who might have been able to save lives? How can Obama talk about gun control when he has endorsed partial birth abortions and abortions in general? Millions of children are murdered. How can he talk about gun control when his children are protected on an hourly basis by men with guns? What about Fast and Furious? Benghazie? with four murders on his hands? When is this man going to be thrown out? We all know voter fraud got him the election and the Republicans are too damn wimpy to do anything about it. He will never be able to take guns away from Americans…

      • artinthewild says:

        That says it all Jacy – not just good – but GREAT! You've said it all….I live 3 miles from the Mexican Border – no one is getting my gun……

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You said it all our spook claims to be against killing but don't mind seeing a killer doctor take forceps and squeeze the head of a baby in the womb who could live.

  2. O'hilter can go to hell, the US citizens will not give up their guns

  3. I have said it before and I will say it yet again, "FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!"

  4. If Obama thinks he is going to disarm the citizens he is out of his mind. Oh, we know that already.

  5. artinthewild says:

    I heard that political pause – I knew he'd politicize it. At one time I would say that we don't really need assault rifles but I don't trust our commander in Chief – remember that the first thing Hilter did was to disarm the citizens of German and you know the rest…..not saying Obama is a Nazi but he is a Marxist and socialist……

  6. 10 or 15 years ago I would have told anyone that the idea of our government going rogue was impossible but somehow we have fallen into the twilight zone where right is wrong and depravity and perversion are preferred over any morality or decency. Our so called representatives have abjectly turned their backs on their Country and her people. I truly expect our regime of rulers to try to disarm the American citizens in the name of saving the children even if it means war on American streets. They want total control without resistance. But in their delusional fantasy world where there is no crime because there are no guns and there are NO criminals because everyone obeys all laws, we have to allow THEM and only them to make ALL our decisions. They are sadly mistaken about our giving ANY more of our rights up to pacify THEIR paranoia and delusions of grandeur. A goodly portion of the democratic party has publicly admitted they are clinically insane by their action and deeds. God help us all.

  7. Seeks_the_truth says:

    All I can say is they can THINK they are going to disarm American citizens, but the TRUTH is far from it.
    Some may be idiots and turn in their firearms, but the MAJORITY knows better.
    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
    Just call me an outlaw now.

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    This igger Obutthole has been trying to disarm America since the day he took office.Anyone who has a gun of any type turns it into hitler and the gestapo congress is out of their minds.You don't see Sambo wanting to take the secret services guns away but God forbid we protect ourselves.This igger is going to be protected the rest of his dead ass life thanks to that ass Trey Gowdy. Who gives a damn about these turds once they get out of office most of the people don't care about some when they're in office.

  9. I hate this son of a bitch. This sorry peice of shit that ran down the leg of the sow who birthed him! Why didn’t this whore have an abortion, thus saving this nation from having to look at that ugly, APE face everywhere they turn? Even on this site, this ugly baboon face is plastered on the top, in the middle, and at the bottom! Are YOU TRYING TO MAKE US SICK? Someone DO something about this ugly face, put a big O WITH AN X OVER IT, JUST COVER THIS UGLY THING UP SO WE DON”T GET ANY SICKER THAN WE ALREADY ARE! Let’s face it folks, this jungle escapee is bad to the bone, from the marrow on outward, this ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! His fondest desire is to either see us all under his control, or DEAD! And anyone with half a brain knows this very well! I hate him! I hate him with more passion than I ever beleived possible to feel for anyone, or ANYTHING THAT UGLY! God HELP US ALL! Right now, GOD is the ONLY help that would work, providing He would help us, that is! We have shat upon God, so I wonder if He will even bother to LISTEN TO US ANYMORE!!! I am SO SICK OF THIS REGIME OF ENEMIES IN WASHINGTON! ALL OF THEM, NOT JUST THE APE IN OFFICE, BUT THE WHOLE BUNCH OF ENEMIES WHO PLOT OUR DEMISE! Washington NEEDS A FLUSH AND THE SOONER THE BETTER, AS THE SEPTIC TANK IS SO FULL OF SHIT THAT IT IS RUNNING OVER INTO OUR LIVES FASTER AND FASTER EVERY SINGLE DAY AND EVERY SECOND OF EVERY HOUR! The only “drano” to use, it would seem, is A REVOLUTION, with plenty of LEAD DRANO TO DISSOLVE THE EXCREMENT FROM OUR “PIPES”! God, WE NEED A ROYAL FLUSH!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pissed off american says:


  11. As a person who defends our basic right to bear arms in defense of personhood, privacy and property from intrusion, including intrusion by the malicious use of industrial technologies in private businesses, property and residential property, I have reported suspicious “Democratic Strategist” guests on Martin Bashir MSNBC within 12 hours of breaking news reports of Adam Lanza’s Sandy Hook School massacre in Newtown Conneticut.

    Clearly, Mr. Lanza’s assault on his own mother, a teacher at Sandy Hook School, in her own home before he arrived at their campus massacre site, signals a serious situation that points to a schizo in a town of 10,000 who just happened to carry assault weapons while wearing fatigues. The failure is one to effectively enforce existing laws and to screen for disintegrating behavior patterns by those with access to schools.

    Curbing magazine ads for sale/distribution of weapons would not reduce risk of criminally insane individuals finding access to weapons. Transnational contraband weapons trafficking is wholesale war apparatus. A legal establishment selling any weapon is likely to create more public structures of checks and balances in addition to regular institutional law enforcement background checks. Foreign companies manufacture for profit just like American weapon companies.

    Who frames headline issues for Impeach Obama’s right margin articles on this site? The word disarming is used to suggest it carries intent to reduce murder by guns. It would do the opposite for failing to see that evil lurks in FAILED implementation of existing laws. It presumes the evil is in gun possession, rather than a corrupt background check system. It’s a criminal justice problem.

    Transnational drugs are in a symbiotic relationship with transnational illegal weapons. Unlike drug afficionados, legal gun owners do not have the same psychological behavior patterns as those dependent on psychoactives or stimulants. Gun owning culture has it’s own checks and balances, unlike drug cultures as has been seen and proven for many years. Gun ownership does not intersect with larceny white collar crimes, while drug corruption influences all hubris in corporate and government contracting.

    “Gun control” is like NY City Mayor Bloomberg saying they’re going to pass a law banning the sale of Big Gulp to reduce sugar intake in movie theatres. Honestly, he said that in a press conference recently. Being a person that sees no evil in simple carbohydrate consumption, I think protecting basic rights to personal choice and safety is the issue. I do not feel safer with “gun control” framing of thoughts in news groups.

    If existing laws are not implemented due to lack of competence or malice, any Zero Tolerance policy should be for failed school management and background check systems for gun purchase and license records. Why would curbing magazine sales/distribution change how black market contraband weapons reach schizos?

  12. Backup your website's contents once a day and keep them anywhere else not in your home, thank you for your efforts , keep going..

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