Obama Law Requires $1 Abortion Subsidy From Every Insured American

abortion is not health care1 Obama Law Requires $1 Abortion Subsidy From Every Insured American

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The controversial “individual mandate” in the ObamaCare health diktat, which requires Americans to buy health insurance or face a hefty fine, also requires something else: The insured party, thanks to a finalized version of the mandate, must pay a $1 premium to fund abortions.

That fee will be the heart of one key argument against the law from the Bioethics Defense Fund, which has joined the fight against the Mephistophelian law with an amicus curiae brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in February. The high court will hear the case against the law on May 27.

An amicus curiae brief is a pleading filed by a party that is not involved in a lawsuit to help the court decide the matter.

You’ll Pay for Abortions, Like It or Not

The heart of the BDF’s brief is this: Requiring…

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  1. RacerJim says:

    Scan a $1 bill into your computer, run it through OCR, optimize it, save it as “$1.pdf” and send the following email to whitehouse.gov/contact:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Attached is “$1.pdf”. It is my certified $1 health insurance premium for abortion.

    (your name)

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