Obama Kids Enjoy Third Luxury Vacation In Past Month

Barack Obama speech 4 SC Obama Kids Enjoy Third Luxury Vacation in Past Month

Matt Boyle reported earlier today that Sasha and Malia are spending the 2013 sequester season in the Bahamas.

This is will be the third luxury vacation for the Obama offspring in the last month. Over Presidents weekend, Michelle took the daughters to Aspen.

The first week of March, Malia was hanging out at a “hip” restaurant in Chelsea with 8 of her friends. (Most references to this vacation were sent down the memory hole, the Daily Mail and the NY Post have dissappeared the story.)

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  1. Nauseating to say the least

  2. SPOILED BRATS. They will get what they deserve, in short order.

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    So not only the taxpayers are paying for obama's kids vacation, now the taxpayers are paying for their friends too? This family all they do is abuse taxpayer's money. I do not know of any taxpayer that has had 3 vactions in less then 12 weeks. Now we know where our hard earn money is going to.

  4. jon graham says:

    hell they've been on vacation for the last 5 years

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