Obama Just Got Slapped In The Face By This LA Street Artist

Photo credit: Nick Knupffer (Flickr)

When President Obama stops by the LA home of “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes for a $32,400-per-plate fundraising dinner on Wednesday, he’ll be greeted with a list of some of his own “Scandals” as part of a campaign by an LA street artist.

Photo Credit: Truth Revolt

Photo Credit: Truth Revolt

Bus benches adorned with Obama’s face and the words “Benghazi,” “NSA,” “Fast & Furious,” “Solyndra,” and other controversies started appearing near the studio where the ABC television show is produced.

Some initially thought it was the work of Sabo, the artist Glenn Beck brought to his audience’s attention last month.

Sabo, however, denied that it was his work but does know who did it.

“I literally trained them how to do it,” Sabo told TheBlaze. “They showed me the art a couple of weeks ago and I thought the branding was weak and told them so.”

Sabo said he provided some technical expertise, including the size and type of poster to use.

He said the crew who put up the artwork told him he would be involved in the installation, but they changed plans suddenly and started the campaign a day earlier than planned.

Photo Credit: Truth Revolt

Photo Credit: Truth Revolt


“I honestly thought I was going to be on it and do it… but for whatever reason, they did it early. I just could have helped them do a better job,” he said.

Sabo told TheBlaze he is currently working on several new political art projects, including one called “Ted Cruz, Vampire Slayer.”

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