Obama Is Setting Us Up

Angry Obama SC Obama is Setting Us Up

In the days since the November elections, the pace of Obama’s destruction of America has increased significantly. Now that the Marxists have secured the executive branch for another four years – thanks to massive voter fraud, a cowardly Republican Party, and a couple of million self-righteous fools who refused to vote, apparently preferring a Muslim Marxist over a moderately conservative Mormon – Obama and his lawless unindicted co-conspirators have thrown caution to the wind. Every day, new outrages are proposed, all aimed at the destruction of the Middle Class and America as a free, capitalist, constitutional republic. However, in our efforts to recognize and combat the internal attacks – the tax increases, the land grabs, the granting of citizenship to illegal invaders, the undermining of private property rights, etc. ad nauseam – we are failing to notice the external threats that Obama’s policies are abetting. The re-militarization of Russia and their much more aggressive and threatening attitude is of great concern; but there are other, much less publicized ones we need to be aware of.

China has made trillions of dollars off us, thanks to massive interest payments on the uncontrolled borrowing by the Obama administration as well as a huge and ever-increasing trade deficit, where they export to us way, way more than we export to them. During the Obama “presidency,” China surpassed America as the world’s leading economic power. They have used this money to radically increase the size and sophistication of their military to the point where it is very questionable whether we could do anything should they move to start taking over other Asian countries, like the Philippines, Japan, or South Korea.

This is not an irrational fear, either. The dispute with Japan over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands appears to be a test by China to see who will do what as they aggressively move to take territory claimed by Japan. Chinese admirals, who never speak without government direction, have threatened World War III to “protect” Iran. But ultimately, it is the good ol’ USA that is their target. Does anyone remember when Russia was selling off military equipment after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and China bought every last one of their attack subs that were specifically designed to target the US Navy? Since at least the 1990s, the Democrats have aided and abetted China in the upgrading of their military capabilities – remember the technology that Clinton sold them that allowed them to get their missiles to actually hit what they aimed at? Obama has been carrying on this tradition, allowing formerly restricted advanced technology to be sold to the Chinese military. And just a reminder: the Panama Canal, vital to our national security, is, thanks to the Democrats, run by a company – Hutchison-Whampoa – with ties to the Chinese Military, as is a port facility 50 miles off the East Coast in the Bahamas that has an 11,000 foot-long runway, capable of handling the largest of military aircraft.

Add to this the fact that the North Koreans, who have nuclear weapons, are testing missiles capable of hitting American cities. They appear to believe that the US and South Korea are gearing up to attack and invade them, based on beefed-up war games scheduled for next month and may very well make a preemptive strike at one or both.

Iran, a constant threat due to its active support of Islamist terrorists worldwide, is very close to producing nuclear warheads to arm its already large stock of long-range missiles. Obvious targets, besides Israel, will be our military bases in the Mediterranean and Europe. Only the self-deluded believe they will not use them.

So, with all these real, dangerous, and growing threats to America, why are Obama and his Democrat storm troopers upping the pace of their rendering of the military incapable of defending us? They have pushed the military to accept open homosexuals and women in front-line combat units, in spite of documented growth of serious problems that have resulted and will result from this. They are actively pushing to make devastating cuts to the military budget. In spite of condemning overseas intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, has just committed troops to Niger, joining those already in as many as 35 other African nations . We were told some time back that our military no longer has the capability to fight a two-theater war. Why then, is Obama spreading them even thinner? And with the growing nuclear threats, why is Marxist Obama moving to unilaterally make drastic reductions to America’s nuclear arsenal?

Seen in this context, the moves by Obama and the Marxist Democrats to disarm We the People, the law-abiding American public, take on an even more sinister caste. It is looking very much like hardcore Marxist revolutionary Obama is trying to set up America, and We the People, for takeover somewhere in the not too distant future by role model and debt-master Communist China. Time to wake up?

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)

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  1. Terry Thompson says:

    I'll take this a step further. obama is also in control of our nuclear launch codes and if he should be on one of his many vacations/apology tours abroad when the shoe drops whose to say he will allow them to be used in retaliation. I'm convinced his ultimate goal is to destroy the US as the world knows it.

    • I'll go one step further Terry. Obama is in controll of everything and no one is stopping him.

      • Terry Thompson says:

        And it's a crying shame too. I'm sure my father and the rest of my departed family are turning in their graves. The situation has all but given me an ulcer.

      • That is the problem, giegie, The panies in congress are to chicken to impeach or arrest Obama. WE THE PEOPLE will need to to rid Washington of ALL slimeballs.

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    As this article saids, we are being set up to fail, my guess is that obama is purposely making our Country indefensible with the devastating cuts to the military budget and committing our troops to Niger and putting more of our men in harms way for a war that has nothing to do with us.

    I believe that once the USA can no longer defend itself, he will call for the UN military to come to the US and take away our guns by force. As I said, this is what I believe, does not mean that it will happen this way. I don’t trust obama and I would not put anything pass him, because he is dirty. Congress is useless and they are letting obama destroy our Country.

    May God Help Us.

    • You're exactly right! Obama is fulfilling his agenda created by evil people a long time ago. He's a pawn in the bigger picture. Obama and Hillary signed the UN agreement so as you said, they'll confiscate our weapons. The release of illegal criminals is proof of his hatred toward America. The list of his acts reach far and deep. They should have been deported upon arrest instead of taxpayers footing the $164/day to imprison each one? The bigger question is why didn't Obama deport them instead of releasing them in the USA! He can't use any law to say he couldn't because he never follows the law or the constitution. Impeachment?? H. Con. Res. 107 never even received a roll call. Obama is untouchable! So what will it be- Revolutionary War, Civil War, or will Iran and S. Korea just nuke us?? The state of our economy makes this nation weak and he is successfully accomplishing that. Congress crumbled too many times to his pathetic agenda. Bottom line Congress is the most guilty for letting Obama ruin us. Divide and conquer!! As for me, I WILL cling to my Bible and guns. They can take it from my cold dead hands, but I will take a few of them with me!

  3. tusense96761 says:

    Isn't it strange that our own president is working to destroy us, who are his partners because they certainly can't live in this country? What about the 1000's in gov't if Obama gives away or destroys America it is their American too.

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