Obama is a Traitor!

Barack Hussein Obama, our president, is a traitor. Finally, his hatred for our nation and his plan to destroy it are crystal clear. He must be forced from office – legally – before our entire country goes down the drain for the final count!

Much has gone on in the last three years to show Obama’s true colors, sympathetic not to Judeo-Christians values and culture, but Islam and its surrogate-controlled states.

First there was his canceling the White House National Day of Prayer and instead feasting the Muslim holiday of Ramadan – using the latter as an occasion to endorse the building of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City…

In this regard, Freedom Watch recently scored a big victory in court in our case against the radical mullahs in Iran. A federal judge in Washington, D.C., ordered that evidence be presented into the atrocities committed by the Iranian terrorist regime. These atrocities are being committed each day with Obama’s apparent blessing! This trial, to be held in the next few months, will, like the Nuremberg Nazi trials after World War II, expose the horrors of the Islamic Iranian regime, which is obviously supported by Obama. I believe that Iran has paid off Obama with campaign contributions to win the next election, just as China paid off the Clintons with illegally laundered campaign contributions so they could win the 1996 election…

This could well turn out to be the terrorist trial of the decade.

Just as I was instrumental in exposing the bribery of the Clintons by China during their administration, concerned citizens need to be hard at work uncovering the bribery of Obama by the Iranians. I for one am investigating this likelihood. Bill Clinton and his criminal wife, Hillary, were the “Manchurian Candidates,” but Obama and Hillary are now the “Islamic Iranian Candidates,” an analogy the movie that depicted how Chinese communists infiltrated the highest reaches of our government. The primary explanation for Obama and Clinton rolling over for the Iranian Islamist mullahs is that they were paid off, that is, bribed. This occurred during the Clinton years with communist China, so it is not farfetched that it is happening now. Obama and Clinton need the campaign cash to win the next elections, just as Bill and Hill needed it in 1996 to defeat Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole…

We cannot depend on the compromised, hapless and flawed Republican candidates to win the next elections. Indeed, the Republicans have largely stood by and watched Obama harm our national security, not to mention our economy, and have hardly spoken a word, much less sought to do anything about it. That’s because it’s one big establishment club in Washington, D.C.

Read more from Larry Klayman at WND.com.

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  1. Impeach Obama, proseute him, EXECUTE him!

    • Billy Mills says:

      An Illegal Immigrant can NOT be Impeached, He has to be Arrested as an Illegal Alien by Dedicated American Law Enforcement that is Willing to Uphold OUR Constitution and OUR Laws !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Obama is NOT even an American citizen. His life, records and birth certificate are either hidden or fraudulent.
    What real American president would have had several different names, fraudulent social security number, sealed all records, phony and unsupportable birth record, mysterious passport history and gone to ivy league schools without having worked a day? Mmm???? And how about that strange propsensity toward islam and hatred for anyhting Christian? He should not be impeached. He should be arrested, tried and thrown in front of a firing squad as he is not a valid president. He has been propped into position by George Soros to destroy America.

  3. melvin dominey says:

    All these congressmen don't realize that when obama completely destroys this country, their fat retirement benefits will evaporate in the wind.
    Doesn't at least one have the guts to initiate impeachment proceedings against this Kenyan muslim who is not even eligible to be president. We have the most corrupt government in the whole wide world. The USA is on the verge of becoming extinct. I think God has turned his back on this country. We are in serious trouble. Stock up on food and ammunition. I can see it coming up the road||||||||||||||||

    • They are in on the deal. There will be no election, if there is it will be a sham because it has already been decided he will "reign" from now on. WE are goners…the NDDA bill gives him the right to use the military and the cops to detain us for however long they choose without a trial….just don't take the microschip! They will be making people choose to take it or DIE…get your hearts right with the Lord, and tell them you choose Jesus! They can only kill you one time, but hell is eternal punishment….choose life with God! It is written, so shall it be….we are done.

  4. Billy Mills says:

    It's strange that people are just now hearing and knowing about this Illegal Arab African Immigrant that is Occupying OUR White House. All I hear is TALK, NO ACTION. Congress has the Majority to Arrest ANY and ALL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES, why haven't they done that ???? Are they Part of the Domestic Enemy, What about the Senate ???? Everything the Congress sends to the Senate, it's Blocked by a Senile Old Brain dead Professional Criminal, Harry Reid and his Mate, Nancy Pelosi that have gotten rich from Criminal Activities that helped put this Illegal Immigrant, KNOWINGLY, in OUR White House. It is the Responsibility of Congress to Correct this wrong and Bring TREASON Charges against them. Our Whole Government, including the Secret Service is GUILTY of MISPRISION, Knowing of a Felonious Crime Being Committed and Not Acting on it. GOD Have Mercy on Your Country and Peoples !!!!



  6. There's not going to be a trial, because none of that ever happened. I like how you have accepted that President Obama will be here for another 4 years, but you're going a tad over the top now.

  7. barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) is DEFINITELY AN ALIEN !!!! That America HATER NEEDS IMPEACHING but so far there are only serious cries for impeachment by conservative web sites and newsletters on the INTERNET !!!

    The Republicans in Congress HAVE NO REAL CLUE WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT !!! The party with the most common sense is AFRAID of the LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY !!! They are being MOWED DOWN but those DIRTY FIGHTING COMMUNISTS but they continue to play the 'NICE GUY" CARD !!!

    Those Republicans keep SNIPPING each other on stage in front of a LAUGHING MASS MEDIA CULT and their COMRADES !! They are going to snipe each other until one day they turn around and see that barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) HAS WON AGAIN !!!!!

    FACE IT, barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) WILL WIN AGAIN because that MASS MEDIA CULT is on his side !!!


    "Stupid People are Breeding"

  8. This may come to pass soon. The REAL Birth Certificate (verified by Snopes) is out and circulating the internet with copies going to many state and federal reps. There is clear cut evidence that at the very least, Barry Sotelo lied and is a friaud. Stay tuned, this could get interesting!

    • I heard that Snopes is owned/controlled by Soros. dont know if thats true or not.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You dare to believe anything from Snopes? If you read about Obammy on Snopes, he's glorified. In fact, they say the social security number he uses is an authentic one issued to him. Do you really believe this?

      I have just looked on Snopes about Obammy's birth certificate. According to them, he has already released an AUTHENTIC birth certificate showing his birth in Hawaii.

      Snopes is a misinformation, propaganda site. Just like most of the major media outlets.

  9. Someone get a rope! Actually,,,,,,, get several ropes!!!

  10. Braveheart says:

    I can't believe not one Republican in Congress has the courage to run an investigation on obama. When they all took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, THEY LIED!!!!!

  11. DanStewart says:

    Impeachment is NOT the way to do it. To be impeached, a president must be LEGAL, obummer is not. Anyway, impeachment must happen in both houses, can you imagine the liberal dumocrats in the senate signing off on this. If he is illegal, which I, & most of Americans believe, then arrest him & bring charges. This is the only way to get him out. There are enough DUMB people that along with the massive voter fraud the dumocrats are famous for, this FRAUD could be reelected. GOD help the US if this happens, with another 4 years, this commie muslim will completely destroy our country.

  12. Take a good look at that JACKASS with his snoot up in the air. He has not as yet completely destroyed this country (which I am sure has been his goal all along). 4 more years and we will be paying all his bills AGAIN @ $15.00 a gal. TREASONIST BASTARD THAT HE IS!!!!!!

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    Most people knew he was a traitor but they over looked it because the press never delved into his treacherous ways.
    All he had to do is promise the lazy that he would rob the rich and give it to them.

  14. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    The thing that still sticks in my “craw” is the fact that that name, THAT NAME was the thing that stopped me COLD when I first read it and read that it was going to run for PRESIDENT! I’m sorry folks, but this alone, this name, alone should have stopped the ignorant, and gullible fools who voted for it! Traitor? Hell, I’ve known that since before it became “president”. it may be other people’s “president”, but let me assure you all, IT IS NOT AND NEVER WAS MY PRESIDENT! IT IS A MUSLIME, BENT ON THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! IT SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM THE WHITE HOUSE IN CUFFS AND TRIED FOR HIGH TREASON AND HUNG! OR SHOT BETWEEN THOSE LYING, TRAITOROUS EYES! I don’t have an ounce of patience or forgiveness in my heart for a filthy, lying traitor, and just about as little of either for a lying, stinking, filthy muSLIME! And for one who wants to do my country, and my fellow country men and women, harm, or worse, I have even less of any kind of sympathy or empathy for this peice of filthy garbage! Hang or shoot all traitors, starting with the ONE IN CHARGE! Get this TRAITOR OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE AND MAKE IT TRULY A WHITE HOUSE WE CAN BE PROUD OF AGAIN!!!!!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Oh, is this too strong for you? Well, if anyone really wanted to know the true temperature of the “man on the street”, maybe you’d be surprised if you asked, and wanted such an answer, one that is not in the least Politically Correct! I do not, nor have I ever, claimed to be Politically Correct. That is too close to censorship for me………..and that is UnConstitutional.

  15. happy holidays!

  16. Redjemstone says:


  17. B*** S***!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hotnike says:

    He must be forced from office, legally? That may no longer be an option for long.

  19. I believe Obama is a traitor. Why would anybody want to transform the greatest country in the world. Obama has transformed America into a third world open border illegal immigrant military weak debtor nation where our enemies do not fear us and our allies do not trust us. No bigger traitor do we have in America than Obama.

    • Trump For President says:

      Well said, our Country is in trouble and I pray that we get through this year without any False Flag.

      • Well saided says:

        I could hardly tell you were 'Oduma' and then responding to yourself. You might try doing that on stories that aren't 4 years old, your desperation is palpable.

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