Obama Ignores The Rational Answer

Barack Obama 6 SC Obama Ignores the Rational Answer

What do Al Hunt of Bloomberg News, David Gregory of “Meet the Press”, and President Obama have in common — besides their liberal politics?

They all send their kids to Sidwell Friends School.

With campuses in Washington, D.C. and Bethesda, Md., the highly selective private school is where the Clintons and the Gores sent their kids, along with Joe Biden’s grandchildren.

It’s also where the local 1 Percenters and the government-media elites who can afford to shell out about $32 grand a year to send their children to be indoctrinated — excuse me, educated — and to be safe.

Unlike parents across America who are worrying about how to protect their school kids in the wake of the tragic shootings in Newtown, Conn., Sidwell parents spend their days worry-free.

Their children are better protected than the printing presses at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. And it’s not because of the heavily armed Secret Service detail posted on campus to protect first-kids Sasha and Malia Obama.

It’s because Sidwell Friends — a Quaker school, by the way — is defended by guards with loaded guns. In addition to the Secret Service with its Uzis and large ammo clips, Sidwell has its own security staff of 11.

I didn’t hear President Obama mention Sidwell Friends’ solution to school safety on Wednesday when he announced his sweeping plans to reduce gun violence by banning assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, instituting tougher gun-registration laws, and taking steps to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

None of Obama’s measures would have prevented the slaughter of innocents in Connecticut, but that’s not the point. The point is pure politics, and the president and his crew want to take full advantage of the Newtown shootings to advance their anti-gun agenda.

At his White House media extravaganza, the president used lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and children as his props. The kids, drawn from across the U.S., had written letters to the president saying they were worried about gun violence and school safety. You can bet there were no Sidwell kids on stage with him.

While Washington’s grand-standers and anti-gun nuts prepare to fire their latest round of ineffective, politically correct, feel-good federal laws at law-abiding gun owners, at least six states are preparing new legislation that will allow teachers to carry guns into schools or require several teachers in the building to be armed.

Putting guards with guns in places that need to be protected from bad guys or crazies is not a radical idea. It’s perfectly sensible.

Politicians and celebrities use armed bodyguards all the time. We have armed guards in banks, jewelry stores, and malls. After 9/11 we armed airline pilots and armed federal marshals posing as passengers.

Only politicians and hysterical celebrity dummies like Piers Morgan can’t understand why making schools gun-free zones attracts mass-murders and reduces the chances that anyone with a gun will stop them to zero.

The president never thought of using Sidwell Friends as an example of how armed guards at schools can make them safer.

He was too busy trying to score points by attacking the NRA, dreaming up laws to further oppress law-abiding gun owners, and making fun of the people who know the Second Amendment isn’t about protecting duck hunters’ rights (it’s about the right of the people to protect themselves from their government.)

Meanwhile, here in Los Angeles, the Catholic grade school where my daughter teaches didn’t wait around for the president or Joe Biden to come up with complicated new laws to allegedly ensure the safety of their children.

The officials at my daughter’s school decided for themselves the best way to make their campus safer. Taking a cue from the smart folks who run the Sidwell Friends School, they did a simple, effective, and rational thing. They hired an armed guard.

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  1. Texas Vet says:

    Perfectly sensible Michael. As the saying goes "if you outlaw guns" etc. That also stands with any regulation whether it be size of magazines, number of bullets you can buy whatever. The jeanie is out of the bottle, pandora's box has been opened and forcing regulations on law abiding citizens will get us all killed. I don't want to go up against someone with a 30 round clip if mine is only holding 7 rounds. I equally don't want to fight guys with "assault weapons" with a shot gun. This is all about making us all beholding to the government for every aspect of our lives as well as removing any possibillty that once we have had enough we will have no recourse other than to bow to the dictator.

    • defender3 says:

      I want to have the ability to buy any and everything that the enemy has. The right to have a gun is to protect ourselves from an oppressive government. Obama knows well the intentions of our forefathers. He reportedlty taught constitutional law. Therefore any attempt of this want to bd dictator to disarm up most certainly is a treasonous act. He took an oath to defend and suport our Constitution. Why in the hell are the Republicans, who we trusted and voted fo,r continuing to turn a blind eye to this foreigner who is on a path to rule over what was once the greatest country in history. Rememer all these turncoats when this country falls!

  2. yes indeed the truth is Obama just wants us to know what reporters cover-he does not want the whole truth to be revealed-it makes him look like the illegal alien crook he truly is

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Like all these liberal democraps they send their kids to private schools with armed guards but your kids can go to school without protection.I'm surprized that Obutthole didn't use little coffins when he had the kids behind him to promote his gun agenda and screwing with the second amendment.

    • I'm a democrat who's children did NOT go to a private school. Please try and be educated when spewing your venom. I am a gun owner, and do not believe the 2nd amendment is being "screwed" with. You may want to read it – I find nowhere in the amendment that it guarantees anyone the right to own or possess ANY firearm they choose. No one is trying to take away your firearms – not even if you currently own an assault rifle. The future sale of these TYPES of weapons should, however, once again be banned. There is absolutely no use for the general public to possess such a weapon.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Good Grief debbie have yoou ever heard of Hitler and seen the footage on newsreels where he posed with kids like Obutthole to turn in their parents if they have a gun.So you own a bb gun but if you can stop the sale of one type of gun then next it will be a different type of gun and soon it will be your bb gunit doesn't surprize me that you think like this when your a liberal demo.I'm refering to the rich liberals like Obutthole & David Gregory.who send their children to private schools with 11 armed guards.So is it your contention that your children shouldn't be protected like rich kids areYou maam like all good liberals especially Obutthole spew more venom then I ever will.Go to your Huffington post or any Soros backed website and then have nerve to talk about spewing venom.I'd give you a list like Ed Schultz,Al Sharpton but it would take me all night.

  4. Elsie Paroz says:

    Not everyone's child can afford private schools with armed guards. But who in DC, REALLY cares about those kids. No one except to try to push their agenda on to the public!!

  5. Yep–rational, reasonable, and highly effective. No wonder BO doesn't like it except in defense of his own…
    How about BO give up all the security guards at the school–at the WH—and his personal guards–FIRST; to set the example! HA! In our dreams!

  6. tiredofthedeception says:

    What really disturbs me is that Obama is using the youth of today as props and pawns to steal their (and subsequent generations) future. As I read the paragraph of this article:

    "At his White House media extravaganza, the president used lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and children as his props. The kids, drawn from across the U.S., had written letters to the president saying they were worried about gun violence and school safety. You can bet there were no Sidwell kids on stage with him."

    I instantly recalled this Obama Campaign promotional video featuring singing children:

    Americans should be angry with what's going on here. Obama is playing on our emotions, and using our children as a means to "steamroll" us with yet another hot button issue. Emotions are still high from mourning the tragedy of Sandy Hook, and the hypocrisy involved in Obama's positioning on this matter smacks of the typical narcissistic BS he flaunts so shamelessly. People usually don't make rational decisions when they're highly emotional – so I would suggest people think carefully about any potential changes about gun laws.

    – tiredofthedeception

  7. If people are truely concerned that we have a gun problem I just cant see it. I'm more inclined to beleive the
    people are truley the problem. A man could have all the guns in the world and not be a problem to anyone.
    Then a sicko does somthing realy bad with a gun and people holler well we need to ban the guns. we need to just stop and think about the ture underliying problems that we have as people not guns. Guns cant act on there own. And I really beleive that if we dont stand up for are 2ed right then we will end up in a bad place where all rights have been takeing away. I dont have an assult rifel but it's nice to know I could get one if I have to fight now if bans are put in place I conseder that an attack on my 2ed right and now I can't get what I need to fight and they have the better guns. and sickos are still killing kids in unprotected schools so now who wins?????? when you lose you rights you lose a nation.

    • What if I told you I had the right to be a pedophile? I wonder if you'd agree with me if you're so big on rights. Whenever a right conflicts with the ultimate right,' the right to be safe', then the latter wins heads and hands down. If you want to kill people, can't you just kill with knives or poison? And it'll be harder than guns so you'll have a challenge. The NRA are a bunch of serial killers, 4 million Martin Bryants who love killing little children. Shame. Pedophilia? Will that be a future step?


    I have never understood the point, logic, or reasoning for a second term inaugural celebration. You got your party the first time, there's no reason to waste time, resources and money on a second one. Shame on anyone who spends a dime of taxpayers' money on this travesty!

  9. The only thing is that it would cost money for an armed guard and some schools don't have that money. Another solution is to outlaw all gun-free zones and allow responsible, law-abiding staff to have concealed-carry handguns to stop any would-be murderer in their tracks.

    • I think if Ovomit would remove our military from countries that have been fighting for 1000's of years and will never have peace or freedom, we could bring the troops back home and place them as school guards for their tour of duty. That way we spend no more money than we are now and not have to raise taxes.

  10. Go F*** yourselves. Just a bunch of sore losers who have no legitimate reason to no like him other than you don't like his alternate opinions. You call him a tyrant but tyrants don't suggest and ask people when they want to do something, they go in and do what they want regardless of public opinion.

    • you say a tyrant does not care about public opinion, Why dont you ask tyrant obama how many executive orders he signed in his first term regardless of public opinion. More than any other president in our history. What do you think he will do to control guns in the lives of lawbiding american citezens. Answer. I bet he will sign a executuve tyrant order regardless of public opinion. He is the worse president in american history and shame on every ignorant American for electing him twice. We will suffer for it.

      • Actually Shawn, I'm not a BO supporter AT ALL. I'm for impeachment ASAP….but you are a tad incorrect in your information. He has not signed any more EO's than other presidents. I'm all for any black mark we can give him, not that he needs help! He HAS signed more against public opinion than other presidents. You mention surffering. We will be recovering from this Sociopath for a very, very long time if he is impeached now. If he continues, I'm sad to say that we might not ever recover America.

    • tiredofthedeception says:

      Wow just wow, Chris.

      Your amazing tact and articulation is incredible. Are you by chance related to Rahm Emanuel?

      Tyrants have used children to tug on the heartstrings of people, and this is just another prime example.

      Obama's lack of transparency is staggering. It spills over into every facet of commerce in this country.

      But Chris, if being a blind follower of Obama helps you sleep better at night, so be it. Go ahead, wrap yourself up in your blanket of delusion and sleep tight in your B.O. underoos.

      – tiredofthedeception

  11. Patricia Martin says:

    How does banning assault style rifles and high capacity magazines take away the right for a school to hire armed guards? I doubt those gaurds would be carrying assault style rifles with high capacity magazines. Children of presidents and other high profile people are at much greater risk of violence and/or kidnapping. Of course they can't safely attend public school. Not only would they be at risk but so would all their schoolmates. The Republican fanatics should get off their high horses and show some common sense. How many unregistered guns do they need?

  12. Good grief, you people are nuts. This is exactly why our country is in such a pickle. You can either work TOGETHER to part of a solution, or you can continue to be part of the problem. Nothing President Obama has done has been illegal or rises to any level of impeachment. If you don't like him, that's fine. There are probably people you work with that don't like you, but it doesn't mean you should be fired. Get over the fact he's been reelected and let's get down to doing what's best for the country – that includes ALL of us. You do not speak for me, so please don't be self-rightous and think you're belief is the 11th Commandment. Deal with it, get over it, and let's move on.

  13. Sickening you ask call yourselves so righteous. Wrong on so many levels. This is sad the disrespect. Was there Assn k impeach Bush site. Did you bigots talk about Bush this way. He won so get over yourselves. Find a life other than President bashing. You will tsp what you sow my frrinds I bet you thunk.you are Christians. Not hating like this. The authorities that are in place are placed and allowed by God. Read you bibles, you all are actually hating another human being as a hobby.Get your lives.

    • Sorry for all the errors above, authorities that are in place are only there because God allows them. You have to abide by the laws of the land. The election was fair because had President Obama (respectfully) not won the voter suppression attempts that failed would have been successful….and although your thinking is skewed to believe that is ok it would not have been. Really why am I trying to speak to haters. Wake up out of it….Get a life…study the Bible…love your neighbor…judge not lest YOU be judged. That includes all people. God is not partial. What God do you serve..corrupt politics??? Get out of here.

  14. The Obama Elitists in this country could care less if we , the peasants children are in danger . Obama's concerns are not about protecting the children but about banning Americans from having the ability to resist their oppressive agenda . The 2nd Amendment is about protecting the 1st Amendment. It's about the citizens ability to overthrow their government in the event of tyranny by a despot . It was written to handle this very time in history ! If people would take the time to open their minds and look at the illogical solutions proposed by Obama and the gun haters , perhaps they could question them with distrust. Obama is the most dangerous president in U.S. history , because of his race , because of his charisma , Americans are blinded to the truth. Whether by Islamist , communism or economic collapse , Obama's agenda is to take America , the America we all love and treasure , DOWN !Americans have re-elected a man who has a fraudulent social security number , a fraudulent birth certificate because of his elegance and charm . Americans have allowed this destroyer of our country four more years to take us all down. May God forgive those who threw freedom to the wind for a cult of personality.

  15. The establishment GOP has to be made to understand that they can’t win without a strong Libertarian wing.

    Mark Willis for GOP Chair 2013!

    Sign the petition at StepDownNow.com

  16. Every single post here trashes Obama. Makes you wonder how he got re-elected!

  17. Happy Liberal says:

    HI – I'm a tolerant, fun loving socialist wanna-be. We can all get along – as long as you see things my way. If you have your own opinion or if you disagree with me, then you're a racist, a bigot, a terrorist, and/or an extremist. We can protest in front of the capital, but if you do then you're a traitor. We can initiate election recalls when someone tries to upset liberal mantra, but if you want a recall, then you're the problem. We love it when liberals make millions in a capitalistic economy, but demand wealthy republicans show their tax history. We allow illegals to have as many rights as legal Americans, but insult states that have voter ID laws. We can pass gun laws and spend millions in 3 weeks just to insult legal gun owners, but can't pass a federal budget for 4 years. We can bailout failed, bankrupt companies, yet demand the successful wealthy pay more tax. We insult fellow citizens that defend Second Amendment, but we use the First Amendment to do it. Yes – we're socialist wanna-be's. We're tolerant….and we're right until we're wrong.

  18. There are many offenses that need to be added.
    1. Helping terrorist organizations such as the weatherman and Bill Ayers.
    2 As senator proposing bills that gave billions to the owners of hospitals where his wife soon gained a very lucrative position.
    3. Voter fraud. When he ran for senate every cemetery in Chicago voted 3 time.
    4. As president residing over U.N.
    5. Running guns to the Mexican Mafia in operation "fast and furious".
    6. Suing a sovereign state on behalf of a foreign State. Obama sues AZ.
    7. Funneling guns to Al-Qaeda in Libya, Syria and Egypt. As well as the death of a ambassador and other Americans.
    8. War crimes . Bombing of innocent children with drones for unspecified terrorist.

    These are are just a few that I know of I'm sure there are many more.

  19. Cindy Hatcher says:

    IMPEACH THIS CRAZY BASTARD N O W! It’s high time Americans cleaned out the white house & take this great country back. Keep your guns cause you’re gonna need them we’re on our way to a civil war if this S.O.B is not stopped. Innigguration? I think not! Treasonous bastard needs to be skinned alive & hung to.dry.before burning his ugly ass. No burial just let the US people shit all over his corspse!! :-)

  20. Obama has read the playbook for Adolf Hitler, he also confiscated guns in Germany in 1935 ..how else could you kill over five million people without them fighting back at least a little!!

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