Obama: ‘I Don’t Watch TV News, Generally, Or Cable Shows’


The President was in Minneapolis on Thursday at a townhall meeting, claiming that he doesn’t get his news from TV or cable shows. “I don’t watch TV news, generally, or cable shows; but I suspect if you are out here going to work, picking up your kids, taking them to soccer, or at night sitting there paying the bills, and you just turn on the TV, sometimes it must feel kind of discouraging…”

What? He doesn’t watch the news on TV? Isn’t that how he said he has learned about all these various scandals? Fast and Furious. The IRS. DOJ capturing the phone records of the Associated Press. The ObamaCare website problems. Is Obama the most out-of-touch person, let alone president, there is?

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  1. Out of touch? Well, more of a liar than anything else. What he says one day, he'll gladly take back the next and say he never said what he said the previous day. He lives in his own little world and surrounds himself with people that will not refute him no matter what he asserts. They don't help. He says one thing and they all nod their heads, "Yessir, Mister President. Absolutely. No contradictions what-so-ever. You're right on everything. Those petty citizens are all wrong." With that in mind, it makes you wonder if he even knows what the truth is on any subject. I think he's insane, personally. So, in his mind, the only thing that's true is what he says to be true and he expects everybody else to take his word on it when he makes it public.

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