Obama Hijacks Census To Whitewash ObamaCare’s Failure

When Barack Obama assumed office in early 2009, one of his first acts involved seizing control of the nation’s Census Bureau. At the time, numerous conservatives recognized the potential for corruption inherent in a deeply partisan administration gaining operating power over an ostensibly nonpartisan census program.

Two Republican representatives, Darrell Issa and Patrick McHenry, penned a letter to Obama at the time to voice their concerns.

“Requiring the Census director to report directly to [then-] White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a shamefully transparent attempt by your administration to politicize the Census Bureau and manipulate the 2010 Census,” the letter stated. Unfortunately, any plans Obama had to skew the census are now secondary concerns compared to the latest attempt to use the decennial population tally to his benefit.

As the ObamaCare law continues to limp along despite the concerted effort of administration flaks to hype its apparent benefits, it is apparent that only some heavy-handed manipulation will ever reshape the public’s opinion. Recent reports indicate that is exactly what Obama intends to provide.

The New York Times reported that the now-White House controlled Census Bureau was instructed to revamp its verbiage regarding healthcare, ensuring analysts will not be able to compare current results to those of the past 30 years. As a result, ObamaCare’s success – or, more likely, failure – in increasing Americans’ insurance enrollment will be impossible to assess.

Furthermore, the bureau’s own health statistics chief indicated the pointed questions now included in the census questionnaire will have the effect of artificially inflating the number of insured persons compared to previous forms. “We are expecting much lower numbers [of uninsured] just because of the questions and how they are asked,” Brett O’Hara said.


Policy experts and journalists, many of whom are notoriously unsympathetic to conservative sentiments, have expressed outrage over the partisan move.

As Noah Rothman of the left-leaning Mediaite concluded, this is “another crazy conservative conspiracy theory” that “is proven to be not so crazy after all.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Census Bureau

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    You cannot put anything past Obumhole. He will do anything to get his way. This thin skinned half black mongrel will do anything to gat his way.

    • Hi Edward,
      You notice this clown wasted no time, right from the start he was up to no good, it is too bad for us that the low information morons didn't see right through this clown. Till this day my sister a well educated moron a teacher who voted for him, will NOT admit any wrong doing no matter how much she gets screw by the clown

      Many of these same people that are complaining about him are the very same ones who voted for him, I myself did by best to warn them but they would NOT hear of it including my own dumb sister

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    2012 election controversy that miraculous drop in the unemployment rate from 8.1% in August 2012 to 7.8% in September. Unemployment numbers were manipulated during that time period and the Census Bureau, which conducts the unemployment survey, was aware of the fraud. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who was labeled an “unemployment-rate truther” and ridiculed for skepticism, a guy that we used to think was a hero, patriot, genius, a guy that everybody tried to be like, he said ’Those numbers aren’t real.’ And obama tore him apart for it. Two years before the presidential election, the Census Bureau caught employees fabricating data, which is the most watched measures of the economy. The deception escalated at the time Obama was seeking reelection in 2012 and continues today. Today, if the unemployment is 6.7% then why do we have to extend unemployment benefits, go figure.

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