“Obama Held Serve” A Phrase We Will Hear Ad Nauseam From His Media “Corpse”

Obama Communist SC “Obama held serve” a phrase We Will hear ad nauseam from his media “Corpse”

Tonight’s debate will tell us many things. When Barack Obama steps on the stage to face Republican challenger Mitt Romney, we will see and hear how Obama defends his stewardship of our economy.  We will hear Romney question why our economy is drowning in a sea of red ink and 44 straight months of 8% or more unemployment.

The liberal Democrats moderating the event will be rude to Romney and bend over backward to give Obama more time and probably even help him answer questions.

We will hear “Bain”  “Bain” “Bain.” We won’t hear tough questions for Obama.

Equally predictable will be the shopworn and all too predictable post-debate “analysis” from Obama’s media “corpse” as he would say the word.

Make no mistake, the media’s comments are already loaded, saved, and will be sent out two minutes after the debate concludes. My guess is that we will hear these comments from these people.

“Obama did what he had to do. He held serve.” “Holding serve” will be the comment of choice from those who still have any particle of integrity in them. When Obama gets his head handed to him, a small number of “commenters” will use this one as the best they can say.

“Romney seemed surprisingly ill at ease. His command of the facts was not in Obama’s league.”

You see, “facts” they don’t like – like people they don’t like – don’t exist.

“You had to almost feel sorry for Mitt Romney tonight. He was up against the master communicator.”

“Obama was Reaganesque in his ability to connect with the average American, laying out the facts and explaining why four years is not enough to fix the mess left to him.”

“This whole thing was over before it started. Romney needed a home run and hit a weak single.”

And guess who will say this? “ The moment Barack Obama walked onto the stage, my leg started to tingle; and I believe all of America saw a Barack Obama we haven’t seen since 2008.”

My suggestion is to watch it on C-SPAN and avoid all the liberal party-line talk. It’s better for your blood pressure.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Forget C-Span, watch it on Fox News.

  2. I'll be choosing between Fox and CSpan. It will be difficult enough to stomach seeing and hearing BO as it is. Oh-oh I just ate, better find some stomach pills and tranquilizers quick – its starting soon.

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