Obama, GOP Senators Plan A Second Dinner

Barack Obama 8 SC Obama, GOP senators plan a second dinner

WASHINGTON— President Barack Obama is keeping up his congressional charm offensive, with a second dinner with Senate Republicans planned for next month.

Obama dined with a dozen GOP senators earlier this month at a hotel near the White House. The dinner was aimed in part at seeing whether the parties could restart talks on a grand budget bargain that has eluded them throughout Obama’s presidency.

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  1. If these so-called Republicans do go to another dinner hosted by O, they are complete idiots!!!!!! I do not buy O's "niceness" for one second and I hope those who will attend do not fall for his b.s.

  2. Gustoff Obamadoff says:

    Picture this… The 2016 presidential election – Hilary Klintoon vs Jeb Bush.. Wouldn't that be just charming !!
    Personally, I think the US dollar is gonna collapse long before November of 2016.. and if that happens then it
    won't really matter who the next president is, we'll all be down-and-out on skid row

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    obama knows how to charm people, he got the gift of gab and he is a pro at it. That is why he's got a lot of people fool, and many of these fools re-elected him, not taking into account that the Country is going down the toilet. He reminds me of a snake and he is dangerous.

    Lets hope these politicians won’t fall under obama’s spell, he’s already got a few of republicans on his side, like John McCain the traitor.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Add to that Linseed Graham.Linda you are also right Obutthole a has the tongue of a silver tongued serpent and by far the best backdrops while lying to the people.I guess all muslims are good at that.

  4. As I have said before, the entire political system is like the WWF. Each seem to fight against each other on camera but when the cameras are turned off they are best friends and the out come is known far in advance.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    The republicans he invites are RINOs,ones he knows will eventually give into him.He should let that lanky niglet daughter of his be his food tester.

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