Obama Golfs, Kerry Kayaks, Egypt Implodes


Obama+golfs Obama golfs, Kerry kayaks, Egypt implodes

With Independence Day falling on a Thursday, President Obama looks to be making a long weekend out of the holiday.

As the Egyptian military begins to exert itself amid escalating violence in that country and the crisis drives up the price of crude oil, the president hit the golf links on Friday.

“One day after July 4, and one day before the weekend, Obama took a motorcade to Joint Base Andrews for a round of golf with long-time friends Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker,” reported USA Today.

And after an exhausting 18 holes, the president is scheduled to board the Marine One helicopter for a trip to Camp David, where he will spend the weekend.

Is it possible that Secretary of State John Kerry is manning the fort on theEgypt crisis while Obama pursues recreational pleasures?

Read more at BizPac Review. By Tom Tilison.

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  1. Do you REALLY expect them to do ANYTHING other than DESTROY the COUNTRY????

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      No not really.Remember old Lurch Kerry didn't want to pay taxes on his big ass sail boat so he docked it and registered it in Rhode Island with that Schmuck Gov.His excuse was he didn't know,how dumb does he think we are.What's new about Obunghole golfing that is what he does best that way he can plead ignorance about what is happening and the stinking press will cover for the shithead.

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