Obama Gives Pay Raise To Federal Workers, Union Complains

Barack Obama 6 SC Obama Gives Pay Raise to Federal Workers, Union Complains

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Friday to end a three-year freeze on federal pay scales and give federal workers a one percent pay raise.

Union boss J. David Cox Sr., head of the American Federation of Government Employees, called Obama’s pay raise “inadequate” and “pitiful” but a step in the right direction.

“Although the 1 percent is a pitiful amount that doesn’t begin to compensate for the furloughs and three years of frozen pay, it is a welcome development,” said Cox. “To call this raise inadequate is an understatement, but it is good news all the same.”

The pay increase will not presently extend to blue-collar federal workers, reports the Federal Times, but negotiations are ongoing.

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  1. So the union is upset that it was not more money? While the nations unemployment increases exponentially and the effects of Obama care still rising the affects the Union scoundrels do not care as long as they get their 30 pieces of silver!

  2. Pay to federal workers? What about social security?

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