Obama DOJ Ignores Denver Outrage

Eric Holder official portrait SC Obama DOJ Ignores Denver Outrage

A gruesome beating is the apparent result of Mr. Alexander Landau’s lawful refusal not to allow Denver, Colorado police to search the trunk of his vehicle four years ago.

The trio involved alleged he tried to grab one of their service weapons. A botched cover up ensued (a sure sign of wrongdoing), and a jury awarded Mr. Landau nearly a million dollars.

They won’t lose their jobs for this outrage; but one has since been fired, and another was reinstated after termination for alleged lying in another brutality case.

These scenarios usually end with a drug dog being summoned and walked around the vehicle. If he doesn’t smell any contraband, the driver is allowed to leave.

Compounding this travesty is the fact that the Obama Justice Department refused to prosecute the officers for civil rights violations.

I guess he’s not a “Black Face in a High Place” (like the president’s prized progressive professor Henry Louis Gates) and doesn’t merit attention.

The city of Denver should terminate these officers and file state charges against them. Here’s a cause tailor-made for liberal civil rights activists and conservative civil liberties advocates to unite around.

A citizen, specifically a Black male, was beaten within an inch of his life for following the law regarding a warrantless search of his personal property.

Add to it a liberal DOJ washing its hands of a gross miscarriage of justice with potential racial overtones, and I’d hope the streets will be packed.

I support good cops, but very little good has emerged from what these officers did to this young man. Cases like this heighten tension between cops and urban males, not to mention sour liberty lovers of all colors.

But, in this strange era of tribal loyalty to a disinterested chief executive of color, “little” Black people are routinely sacrificed to save face- especially in 2009, when reducing possible reelection blowback was top priority.

Just a reminder that America’s first pharaoh has feet of clay on issues his tribe foolishly feels he champions.

Not in this case.

And many more like it.

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  1. Allow that I share for those who know that one communist Alinsky methodology is to "ignore" a talented, capable brilliant person, assassinate their character, abilities values, and beliefs. The commies also ignore truth which is why it is so easy for them to say up is down etc etc. The trick of "ignoring" has grown OLD. Obscumbo is illegally in the white house and DOJ moron Eric Holder is a criminal for his arming drug cartels and complicit in the murders of several ICE and Border agents. I no longer care that a moron in a high place want to buy time by pretending to be oh so lofty to attend to what is legal. Incarceration and then give him a fair trial.

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