Obama Deceives The American Public Using Orwellian “Newspeak”

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Barack Obama’s lies have gone way past ordinary political deviousness. He is a reflexive pathological liar, and he is destroying America by use of George Orwell’s “1984” newspeak.

You name it; this guy has lied about it. He has been aided in his lies by equally mendacious Democrats and a media that has put its soul on the altar of socialism and sacrificed it to their god King Barack.  Democrat lies and media support of their lies are of course nothing new. The party was born of Aaron Burr and Andrew Jackson’s lies.

What’s new is that these soulless Democrats have lost touch with the consequences of their lies. They don’t give a damn what damage their lies do to America.

No honest person believes Hillary Clinton or Obama’s lies about Benghazi. Anyone except the willfully blind acknowledges that Obama directed Fast and Furious and used the IRS to crush TEA party groups. These are Joseph Goebbels –like stunts.

Recently, we were reminded that Obama reports his fake unemployment numbers the same way Hitler’s Propaganda Minister used to report how his war was going: Tell the lie over and over until it is accepted as truth. This way, each new Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  lie about the unemployment number becomes easier for his stupid followers to believe.

Even the bottom-feeding creatures of MSNBC have had their fill of the lie that unemployment is going down and started to challenge the lie. They are telling people the unemployment rate’s drop is traceable to the fact that people who have lost their job have stopped looking, so they are conveniently no longer counted as unemployed. Orwell’s “Big Brother” would be proud of this lie.

Obama’s use of “Big Brother’s” newspeak has made the unemployment number meaningless; it’s been “lied” to death.  As if we are children who needed our heads rubbed for reassurance that “everything will be alright”, the BLS tells us the unemployment rate dropped a stunning .3% to 6.7%, so don’t be scared.  The Democrats actually expect us to emit shouts of joy in praise of their god King Barack.

The unemployment percentage number is now as meaningless as judging the health of our economy by the Dow Jones Index, which is supported by bribes from the Federal Reserve.

To get our economy working again, we have to reject Obama’s fake newspeak unemployment lie and focus on the raw number of Americans who are not working. It’s now almost 92 million, and that is a scary number.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Big Brother is Watching You praising his lies.
    It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words and statistics.
    Ignorance of stupid followers is strength.
    Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of Big Brother’s choosing.

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