Obama Civil Rights Commission to Investigate Whether States are Violating Illegal Immigrants’ Rights

Only in the Obama administration does it make sense to spend millions of dollars for the privilege of spending billions more on non-citizens, yet that is precisely what the administration is doing. The Obama administration’s civil rights division is investigating whether states that deport illegal immigration are violating illegals’ civil rights or making them less likely to live off welfare in an effort to paint their opponents as “racists” and further eviscerate the law.

In the latest in a series of high-profile lawsuits designed to stop state and local law agencies from deporting illegal immigrants, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) voted unanimously on November 18 to investigate several states that have passed immigration enforcement acts for potentially violating the civil rights of illegal aliens. The announcement was held until last Tuesday, when the holiday news dump assured it went largely unreported amidst Thanksgiving plans, stories of Occupy Wall Street protests, and brawling Black Friday shoppers. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the commission “will study laws in several states, with emphasis placed on Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.” Another report specifies, “In particular, the commission will examine whether the state-level immigration laws foster discrimination or contribute to an increase in hate crimes; cause elevated racial and ethnic profiling; affect students’ rights to public primary and secondary school education; and compromise public safety and community policing. ”

The chairman of the USCCR, the appropriately surnamed Martin R. Castro, said, “I believe that the enactment of these state immigration enforcement laws presents a pressing national civil rights issue that affects immigrants and U.S. citizens alike.”

That is, the Obama civil rights division is concerned states are violating illegal aliens’ rights by denying them the “right” to education. Its members will use the tried-and-true tactic of “disparate impact,” claiming since most of those deported are Hispanic, the laws must be racially motivated and thus unconstitutional.

The civil rights kangaroo court comes after the administration has filed lawsuits against every state attempting to control its exploding illegal alien population. The most recent defendant is Utah, which the Obama administration targeted last Tuesday. The state’s Republican governor, Gary Herbert, signed a tough enforcement bill in March.

The Utah case was filed the same day Sen. John McCain announced a GAO report proving illegal aliens set at least 30 wilderness fires in Arizona alone over the last five years.

These federal nuisance suits cost the taxpayers, who must pay to defend themselves against “their” own government.

Arizona became the test case with its S.B. 1070. The Arizona Republic reported on November 11th that it has cost Arizona taxpayers more than….

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  1. EXCUSE ME, but since when do ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have ANY rights here in a country that they chose to INVADE and be ILLEGAL in??? What part of ILLEGAL DO THESE Socialist-Dem-Liberals NOT GET??? IF a person goes to a country that they have to cross a border ILLEGALLY to get into, and then they comits fraud and other ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES to remain in said coumtry ILLEGALLY, what rights do they have according to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??? NONE!!!!!! NONE!!!!!! NONE!!!@ get that,, you stupid idiots, NONE!!!!!!

  2. Show me where the law is that says "ILLEGALS have rights" SHOW ME THE LAW!!!!

  3. Excuse me. I am having trouble getting around the concept of “civil rights” for non-citizens. In order to qualify for rights granted under the Constitution, a person would have to be a citizen subject to the same Constitution. Since illegals are citizens of other countries, it would seem to me that they have no rights beyond basic human rights. We are giving illegals better rights and liberties than citizens. THIS IS WRONG!

    Rather than worrying about illeagls feelings and “rights” let’s start showing some concern for the millions of American citizens directly harmed by the presence of these uninvited “guests”. These Americans do indeed have rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The illegals? Nada.

  4. Illegals do not have rights. Stop giving them welfare and medical care and they will go home.. We can no longer afford to take care of people who do not belong here.

  5. Ernest Brown says:

    Tell me how would US citizens be treated for slipping across the border? I didn't know illagels had rights in the U S.
    do we have rights in Mexico if we are there illagel? Why do have to cater to illagels, they take jobs with minumon
    wages and send it to Mexico, don't pay taxes, live off welfare, free medical treatment. what the hell is wrong with
    the U. S. to let the goverment give them tha hard earned money we worked for. all illagels should be deported and
    get them out of our pockets, send the illagel president with then.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    I don't understand why people can't get together and tell their reps to make sure no illegal alien can cast a vote,it's bad enough we support them in education and medical.We know Obummer is for illegals to vote because he counts on these votes.I can't believe colored politicians say it will hurt colored people do they think the colored people are stupid and won't vote for the democrat.Most colored people on welfare are in the bag for dems and the ones that work will be on the conservative side

    • I have told my rep. what I think, only to fall on deft ears. If were lucky enough to have a election for 2012, I'll not vote for any of the congress men that I can! Were paying them and they are doing nothing, but to ignor us!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Your right here in SC we voted in a hindu princess to be our governor and she promised everything, now she fired an investigation team that looks into companies that hire these illegal bananas.plus all emails are to be deleted between her and the staff.She like Obummer ran on transparency.however we did the right thing so far electing Tim Scott to congress.

  7. These lame brained IDIOTS can't even grasp the FACT that these people do NOT have ANY rights in this country and neither do our legislators or so called leaders. Civil rights are ONLY good for AMERICAN citizens. They became CRIMINALS when they entered OUR country with out OUR paperwork ALLOWING them to be here. THEY ARE CRIMINALS and federal criminals to boot.

  8. Americans cannot TRUST their own president !!!!! How sick is this !!!

    • The liberal's are defending a corrupt president that is not only slitting the republicans throats, but the democrat's too! Liberal's are blind and deft when it comes to there Lord and master!

    • Further to your rceent blog on the human rights arguments of both sides of the pro and anti-war on Iraq divide I thought the following article would be of interest:I also think Robert gives the right the benefit of the doubt without any justification on this issue. The right (including New Labour) only employed the human rights argument as a tool to further their real agenda (regime change) and mollify middle class critics. We saw the same ahead of the invasion of Afghanistan when Cherie Booth and Laura Bush were wheeled out to suddenly speak up for the rights of a group of women in which they had previously taken nil interest. By according the human rights ‘concerns’ of the right a respect they don’t deserve, I think Robert helps to muddy the argument – which is exactly what the right want, of course. Indeed, I think the neo-Con’s attempts to co-opt human rights concerns is one of the most dangerous rceent political developments. It needs to be exposed rather than accepted at face value.

    • TP7VFS jwgfljoledrd

  9. TELL ME PLEASE: what rights does an ILLEGAL Alien have in this country? Who the hell gave anyone Illegal and crooked thief any rights? Would this be the same thing as a thief coming into your house illegally and getting a reward for it? Someone has his head screwed on so bad, he needs to see a preacher and get exorcised!! That is truely liberal stupidity!!! What would happen if an Illegal came into the W.H. Illegally? Would you give him a subsidyor arrest his butt? Same thing stupid!!!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You seem to forget we DO have an illegal alien who came to the W.H. illegally. And what are they doing about it? Nothing.

  10. Obama's an idiot or thinks the public is made up of idiots. Illegal aliens may have human rights, but they have no civil rights!

  11. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Huh???? Say what? Illegal rights violated? This does not even begin to make sense. But then, putting an ILLEGAL whatever into office, as President of The United States of America doesn’t make sense either. It was stupid, idiotic, lame brained, and it still has most of us who did not vote for this disease scratching our own heads. And if the Disease in Office thinks that the American people are stupid, maybe the fact that he is in office as “president” is exactly why he thinks so. So, the solution to the problem, and the cure for the disease now infecting every aspect of our nation and her people is to do our best to get him, and his disease ridden “administration” out of our business and out of our capitol, and make it OUR CAPITOL once more, if that is even possible. If the Majority rules, then the Majority needs to get out and vote for ONE candidate and put them into office, even if it is Smokey the Bear! OR, Micky Mouse. We have to start somewhere. Getting this Illegal himself, and his family of diseases out would be the first step in that direction. We have GOT TO BE UNITED for someone, or we are surely going to have another 4 years or longer, if he has his way, of the same old selling of our country to the highest bidder, he is selling us and our nation to the known, and unknown enemies of America, and the American CITIZENS! Or, maybe I should say, GIVING IT AWAY!
    When you think about it, it is OUR own CIVIL RIGHTS THAT ARE BEING HORRBLY VIOLATED EACH AND EVER DAY THAT PASSES BY THIS THIEF! And his fellow thieves. And it is not the rich that are suffering, sales for CHRISTMAS ARE OVER THE TOP, it is we POOR FOLKS WHO ARE SUFFERING THE MOST, and it seems to me that there are more poor people in America than there are rich ones, so why do we not come together and do what is truly best for our country, and by doing so, help ourselves? Really, if we were all rich, we’d not have a problem. Our own Civil Rights are violated simply because we are so divided as a people. Does anyone out there see any cohesion at all amongst us? The only togetherness I see is on this site, and those like it.

  12. Michael West says:

    Dear Mr. Obama

    RIghts granted by god Guaranteed by the Constitution to American Citizens can NOT be conferred upon ILLEGAL ALIEN non Americans.

    Frankly Im quite concerned with your inability to understand the simplest of Constitutional Points.

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