Obama Caught Off Guard, Not Prepared To Cheat In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania SC Obama caught off guard, not prepared to cheat in Pennsylvania

In this morning’s piece, Coach is Right suggested that Mitt Romney’s surge in Pennsylvania caught Barack Obama’s election team flat-footed. And it looks like Dick Morris agrees, although he puts his argument in a different way.

As Morris sees it, “team Obama was so focused on the swing states that they ignored the semi-swing states which could come into play.” Certainly, it never occurred to Obama that he might be required to allocate campaign resources to the very blue, very union-oriented state of Pennsylvania. After all, he had won the state by a 10 point margin, 54-44, in 2008. Clearly, it would be best to pay attention to REAL swing states like Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and Iowa.

So the millions of dollars worth of attack ads against Romney never appeared in Pennsylvania. And as a result, “the only Romney [Pennsylvania voters] saw… was the very presentable and attractive one who showed up in the debates.” They had not been introduced to the greedy capitalist caricature of team Obama’s ads.

When Romney’s fortunes began to turn after the first debate, his team began to put money into the Pennsylvania market. Paul Ryan campaigned in Pittsburgh. And Obama was caught unprepared.

According to the Pennsylvania based SPR polling, “Barack Obama’s performance in every [Pennsylvania] district had dropped significantly from 2008 — an average decline of seven points — and all three of the re-elect keys showed under 50% (head-to-head, favorability, job approval).” These results are from a just-concluded poll that will appear later today.

Dick Morris believes that Obama was caught unprepared in Pennsylvania, and so does Coach is Right, although in a different way. From Ohio have come stories of voting machines registering a vote for Obama, even though voters had “pushed the button” for Romney. And Somalis have been driven to polling places and, unable to speak English, are told by interpreters how to vote and presumably for whom.

The point is that voter fraud takes time and planning. It doesn’t happen overnight. But the Obama campaign had not made arrangements for voter fraud in Pennsylvania, just as it would not in New York or California. What would be the point?! And why take the chance—small as it may be—of getting caught in a state that is presumed to be in the bag?

So having been caught flat-footed by a sudden, late Romney surge, many of the tens of thousands–perhaps even hundreds of thousands–of Obama votes generated by illegals or the dead might not only be missing but sorely MISSED on Election Day.

We all know that Democrats practice voter fraud wherever and whenever they believe it necessary to maintain political power. In Ohio, such criminal activity has been and will be rampant right through Election Day and probably beyond, considering the potential provisional ballot disaster awaiting voters after the election.

Maybe the American people will be spared a bit of the Democrat Party’s standard election fare in Pennsylvania.

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Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Creative Commons)

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  1. mr_bad_example says:

    obama is so full of himself, he takes everything for granted. if it was solid blue in '08, why bother? blacks, why bother? he manages to piss off people in the following 4 years, black evangelicals, regular democrats… he don't care. he's pandering to single women and college students, the college students of 4 years ago are wiser now, his "vagina monologues" of today have a very narrow audience, herr fuhrer Obama is now grasping at straws on his final, terminal decent into the incinerator of history, good riddance to bad rubbish, you have been issued your "burn notice".

  2. Well said!!!

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