Obama Can’t Slither Away from His Record

Being a man of his word, our beloved president has set out with a passion to keep one of his widely-ignored-by-the press campaign promises. He is laying the groundwork for his EPA to cause our energy prices, exactly as he planned, to “necessarily skyrocket.”

Along with climate change apologists and medical mandate pushers Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, Obama is perfectly happy to cripple our economy on two fronts: our health care system and energy industry.

This is not being done in the name of science. It is an agenda created to purposely destroy America and her advanced position in the world, to turn us into a Third World country dependent on the UN and others for our rules and survival.

Once America collapses like Greece, Obama will circumvent our Constitution by the dictates of the IMF and the UN, as Greece has been forced to change.

It is Obama’s goal to strip America of her First and Second Amendments, and that can only be done by making us grovel before the international community for help, like Greece, a collapsed, broken nation.

Spain is a perfect example.

Obama has repeatedly stated that theirs is the “green” model he wants for America.

They swallowed the garbage put out by pseudo-scientists and environmentalists, people pushing unproven radical theories, like those of Penn State’s climate charlatan Michael Mann, (who has done as much for Penn State’s academic reputation as Jerry Sandusky has for their football program), and his fellow conspirators, like data manipulating “Professor” Phil Jones of Britain’s Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

As a result, Spain’s unemployment rate has zoomed over to over 20 percent, and they, like the rest of Europe, are on the brink of collapse.

Meanwhile, Obama’s EPA is about to throw thousands more Americans out of work, and, at the same time, drive electricity rates up by shutting down at least 32 coal-fired power plants, with another 36 similarly targeted.

Obama is not satisfied with his destruction of the Gulf oil industry. That is not enough to cripple America. He needs to continue his high-tax, pro-union, anti-jobs, anti-energy, anti-American policies as fast as possible, to do as much damage to America before he is thrown out of office. Like Wilson, FDR and LBJ before him, he needs to push his progressive policies into our system so they can never be excised.

Obama’s charges of that a Republican do-nothing Congress is the cause of the damage he has caused doesn’t stand up. The House Republicans that have passed tax cuts, energy bills, jobs bills and budget bills that Obama and his party refuse to allow to come up for votes because the bills violate their strict progressive ideology. And they get cover from….

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  1. How are these rules being enforced. These czars are not vetted or elected or constitutional. If we stand up we go to jail or worse. When is enough enough? We need to be careful this year and not let it return to office.

  2. kenny1801 says:

    NOBAMA= The SORRIEST PILE of HUMAN WASTE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Just because HE and his SOW came from a SEWER doesn't mean he has to drag OUR AMERICA down with him!!

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      I just cleaned up a pile of dog crap that smells better than this pile of human waste, excrement. Seriously, I just did! Funny that you should put it so appropriately! Thumbs up for you and your comment. And, I grew up on a pig farm, long ago, and that farm smelt better, far better, than those two piles of S H I T !!!!!!

  3. ProundPatriotToo says:

    If the media is now saying that he can't slither away from his own lies and stupidity, than why are we waiting to impeach him? He is a usurper, illegal immigrant, Marxist, tyrant Muslim. What more proof do you need. What part of this is not adding up for you dumb down masses out there. Alabama isn't going to allow him on their ballot, because he can't come up with a real birth certificate. He can't run in the general election. I say, if Alabama can do it, so can the rest of the normal, American thinking states follow suit. Go call your reps and your official voting officials and demand that they do not ALLOW his name on the general ballot. Call, petition, email, twitter, what ever you use to get the message out. Do it or loose this country and your freedoms.

  4. SEAN MURRY says:

    He is a pile of dog crap.

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