Obama Campaign Sues Over Ohio Early Voting Law

Barack Obama American flag SC Obama Campaign Sues Over Ohio Early Voting Law

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is suing Ohio’s top elections official in a dispute over a state law that restricts early, in-person voting during the three days before Election Day.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Columbus follows a series of election law changes cleared by the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature and signed by its Republican governor, John Kasich.

Read More at OfficialWire. By Ann Sanner.

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  1. If things dont go Ovmits way he want to sue everyone It makes me sick are president wants to sue are states he needs to be kicked out now

  2. e1313ruth says:

    Obama has declared war on the states of America….If he is reelected it will only get worse, much worse..

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Oshamo wants to prevent Investigator Susan Daniels, who is running for office, and who has filed an eligibility lawsuit to remove Oshamo from the ballot before the case can be heard – -he wants to stall any lawsuit and there are plenty to come..

    Here in Nevada we need to recall Dirty Harry — blocking every single bit of legislation from the House to be voted on..He's a criminal of the nth degree!! NEVER, EVER vote for any Democrat — they cannot do the right thing when it is RIGHT in front of their faces..They are all shameless and ought to be paid only one buck for the dismal job they do!!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is the way big ears operates if he doesn't like what is happening he brings in Witholder to sue or uses executive priviledge to circumvent congress.This is the most corrupt president we have ever had and that includes the treasonous Jimmy Peanuts Carter.

  5. michael says:

    This moron should be pulled from being allowed to run for another term. The man is a liar and a forger. His birth certificate posted on the White House web site is proven now to be a forgery. Obama's selective service card is also foprgered and he uses a CT social security number while never having lived there and issued to Obama when he was living in Hawaii at the age of fifteen. What the hell else does congress need to begin nullification of this president? Damn cowards. With them doing nothing about this fraud they are JUST AS GUILTY and should face charges of treason for doing nothing to stop the forger in chief.

  6. Ohio needs to be careful …. the O-Tide is obviously seeking ways to commit voter fraud there again, but it looks as if the Republicans may have improved their laws to prevent the kind of voter fraud problems Ohio had in 2008. Other states need to be on the alert, also, and should not be cowed by these litigeous, states' rights-hating people.

  7. Disgusted says:

    So far, just how many states has he and his criminal buddies sued? And for what reasons? Seems to me that he is doing what e1313ruth and Edward say, to hurt us, (destroy us) and wants a war with the entire nation. Even if he declares martial law, it will do no good, because the citizens of this nation are armed to the teeth and beyond, and that alone will give him more than he bargins on in starting shit with us. I expect some really bad, bad days ahead…….years possibly. This is going to get serious and seriously ugly. If he isn’t voted out, the crap is going to hit the fan and spread from one end of our nation to the other. There is no peaceful way to avoid this, from the sounds of it. With black mobs attacking whites and asians and others on the streets already, the “pot” has already reached the boiling point for most of us, especially with this baboon and his thug, “little black hitler” running the show. They are instigating this mess, this war to come, and are not going to be happy until it blows up in all our faces, which hopefull, will blow up in THEIR faces more so than in ours! I had hoped never to see such things in my life! Well, there goes that hope……………

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