You Won’t Believe What Obama Said About VA Secretary Ric Shinseki

Amid calls for his ouster over the ongoing scandal within his department, Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has at least one public official on his side. In a speech Tuesday morning, Barack Obama responded to mounting allegations of postponed treatments and fabricated records within VA hospitals that have potentially led to dozens of veteran deaths.

During his prepared remarks, he insisted he “will not stand for” misbehavior within the VA. Obama also noted that, instead of heeding the advice of veterans’ advocates who have requested Shinseki’s resignation, he instead decided to put the VA secretary in charge of the internal investigation.

Following his address, Obama took two questions from previously selected reporters, one of which sought to determine whether he believes Shinseki should bear the blame for actions that took place under his watch.

He called the embattled leader a “great soldier,” declaring that “nobody cares more about our veterans than Ric Shinseki.”

Obama listed several accomplishments, including Shinseki’s efforts “on homelessness, on 9/11 GI bill, [and] on working with us to reduce the backlog across the board,” noting that he “has taken it very seriously.”

The VA secretary is now tasked with investigating allegations within his own department and reporting back to the White House.

In his speech, Obama declared that he wants to “see what the results of these reports are,” asserting “there is going to be accountability.”

He concluded that there should be “significant improvement in terms of how the admissions process takes place in all of our health care facilities.”

Shinseki, Obama believes, is capable of overseeing that progress.

“So I know he cares about it deeply,” he said. “And he has been a great public servant and a great warrior on behalf of the United States of America.”

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  1. FRUSTRATING to watch try to cover his behind with all of his scandals

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    He can't afford to fire the little asian because Shinseki must have something on him.The little slanty eyed gook being a general should take care of his men not help kill them.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama Calls VA secretary shinseki A ‘Great Public Servant’, like obama is a ‘Great Usurper’. Remember the VA is government healthcare for our Vets, just like obamacare will be for all of America.

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